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26 Sep 2012
Oltra was sad after the first loss on the season, but at the same time content with the performance of his men. The players admitted that Sevilla was a great rival, but also that Depor did the merits to deserve a better result.

Coach José Luis Oltra was sad with the final score, but at the same time content with the performance of the team, “This is a painful result, because it means a defeat at home, but I can’t reclaim anything to my team. I am satisfied with the performance of the players. The team did everything it could in order to win the match and I can’t complain of anything.”

“During the week I was requesting for courage and to be solidary, and the true is that the team was like that on the first part. At half-time I requested to make a step forward, but the rival scored once and later the second goal was an unfortunate play. You like to have good results, but people can’t leave the stadium unhappy from the sacrifice and the performance of the team.” He added

Later the Valencian coach was praising the performance of the rival, “Sevilla has a lot of quality and a great punch, and can kill you in any play. This is a team fulfilling the expectations, they will fight for the European competitions, even for the Champions [League] and we have demonstrated that we can face them. The team has made a lot of good things, but sincerely I prefer to not make so many good  things and to win.”

Finally, Oltra was trying to avoid the pressure from the tough calendar, this as Depor play against Real Madrid, Barca and Celta in the coming weeks, “We must face the next games with tranquility, trying to compete in each one of those clashes. Now we are going to Madrid and will try to do a great game.”

Centre back Aythami Artiles was commenting the match, “They released a lot of crosses and their players were never tired, we tried to counteract it and also had our own chances, including a penalty that wasn't whistle. Now we must think of facing the next game in the best possible way.”

Manuel Pablo was praising the level of the rival, “It’s a strong side with a high pace and I believe it was tough for us during the first half; in the second we tried to improve and perhaps we lost the ball in more opportunities, and they are more dangerous in the counterattacks. We missed aim in the second half and missed to create chances; in the end they had the reward of the goal and it was hard for us to attempt a comeback.”

The other captain at the team, Juan Carlos Valerón, was saying that the team is fine despite the outcome, “We are fine, especially since we believe in what the team is doing. It gives us strength despite the result was negative. There are a lot of things to polish and it isn’t easy, but we want to keep improving. The plan is to continue the same, and if we can find a better balance, the better. The feelings are positive and if we continue like this I believe we will win more games of the ones we will lose.”

Centre midfielder Juan Dominguez was trying to be positive, “We need calm after a defeat. The positive thing is the impression left by the team, because we played well, faithful to our style and I'm sure that, playing like this, we are going to win the games. I believe we have enough quality to win more matches.”

“It left the impression that the side scoring the first goal was going to claim the clash; it was an equal encounter and perhaps the fairest thing would have been the draw, but as I already told you: it was clear that the side scoring first was going to have more options. The match was equal as both teams were fine. The best thing would have been a draw.” The Galician player added.

President Augusto César Lendoiro said the result was fair, but at the same time that it wouldn’t be surprising if Depor would have picked at least a point, “It won't be easy to repeat this streak at home, but we never thought it was going to happen today. We can't say it was an unfair result, but we wouldn't be surprised if the result would have been different. Any result was possible, there were a lot of opportunities, balls hitting the posts, defensive plays and lack of luck. Sevilla just knew how to capitalize its chances."

At Sevilla, coach Michel was pretty happy with the result and the performance of the team, “We were at a very high level facing a rival that doesn’t give anything for free and that it was undefeated. The second half was pretty good, tightening and arriving to their area. The physical response of the players has been one of the keys for the match.”

“Today we have made a statement of what we are trying to do; we left the impression that the game with [Real] Madrid was already a positive anecdote; always knowing where the team is and where we can be. Each day the team is more convinced and this fact is translated into goals and scoring opportunities.” He added.

One of the scorers in the game, Álvaro Negredo, said that, “It was an important meeting in which we made good the three points achieved against Real Madrid. Now it’s time to follow this path. It’s hard to have two games against Real Madrid and Barcelona having Depor in the middle.”


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