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01 Oct 2012
A soft and disoriented Deportivo didn’t give any problem to a Real Madrid that found a placid rival, just what they needed before facing the Champions League match with Ajax. As it was expected Depor had a lot of problems at both sides.

Oltra made two changes to the squad of the previous match against Sevilla CF; Ze Castro was debuting on the season as he replaced Aythami Artiles, who wasn’t totally fit due to a muscle injury sustained at the end of the week. The second novelty was the presence of Álex Bergantiños at midfield.

It was a 4-2-3-1 figure, with Aranzubia at the goal, Manuel Pablo performing at the right-back position, Evaldo was on the left, while Marchena was joining Ze Castro at the centre of the defense. Álex and Juan Dominguez were the centre midfielders, Bruno Gama attacked from the right wing, Pizzi did it from the left, Abel Aguilar was the playmaker and Riki was the central attacker.

At Real Madrid, José Mourinho was presenting changes ahead of the participation in the Champions League; Raphaël Varane was part of the starting team moving Sergio Ramos to the right side of the defense. Both Luka Modrić and Mesut Özil were starters, with Gonzalo Higuaín, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ángel Di Maria as the references in attack.  There were around 400 Depor’s fans at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Gold medalist Sofia Toro was invited to make the kick-off.

Deportivo surprised as it scored a goal in the first scoring opportunity, but later it was clear that Oltra’s scheme was not going to work and by half-time mark the team was already losing by two. The worries at the sides conditioned the offensive game of a team that looked crippled walking throughout the pitch.

Nothing special occurred within the first ten minutes, just a wide shot of Di Maria (7’). Both teams were trying to move the ball at midfield, but they were missing accuracy, though with the passing of the minutes Modrić started to gain control of the actions. Álex Bergantiños was put on midfield in order to try to obstruct his game, but he had a lot of problems, while Juan Dominguez was off the entire clash.

So, the Galicians were relying on the counterattack, but they missed depth and accuracy. The first shot on target came at minute 11, Juan Dominguez lost the ball at midfield and the Madrilenians released a quick counterattack that ended with Cristiano Ronaldo firing a drilling and crossed shot from the edge of the area, Aranzubia made the save though.

And Depor was going to surprise scoring the first goal in the game in its first approximation to the opposite area, it was a combination between Juan Dominguez, Pizzi and Riki that ended with the Madrilenian attacker taking advantage of the slowness of Varane to face Iker Casillas one-on-one and score the goal from close range.

But the surprise just lasted a few minutes; Di Maria found out the deficiencies of Manuel Pablo at the right side and sent the first warning escaping from his mark to attempt a volley over Aranzubia, but he missed the target (18’). And five minutes later the locals were going to equalize the game through an attack from the same side.

Di Maria beat Manuel Pablo again and was escaping from him in order to enter into the area by the right flank, the Canarian committed a clear foul over the Argentine winger, though the doubt was if the foul occurred inside the area or not. In any case Cristiano Ronaldo scored the equalizer from the penalty spot.

After the goal, Real Madrid took total control of the actions and was displaying its offensive football over Depor’s area, at minute 33, Ronaldo picked up a pass of Khedira and was close to score from close range, but his shot was cleared by Aranzubia.

Depor’s main problem was that the aids ordered by Oltra, in the attempt to support the work of Manuel Pablo and Evaldo, were too much for Bruno Gama and Pizzi, both wingers combined just released seven crosses, the lowest number in this start of season. Besides there was no accuracy by the centre and therefore the whole offensive power of Depor was reduced to five shots on target in the entire game. The worries at the sides conditioned the game of the Blanquiazul outfit. For this reason Real Madrid never had any worry at defense and was more focused in attacking.

And the second goal arrived soon, again by the right side of the defense; Modric drilled a perfect pass and again Di Maria was quicker than Manuel Pablo to get the ball and score the goal from close range. Fairly to say that Ze Castro was also too slow to anticipate the move from the Argentine player.

The third goal also arrived before half-time, and again by the flank defender by Manuel Pablo. Di Maria got the ball and released a cross that was headed by Ze Castro, the ball went into the path of Sergio Ramos, who fired on target, Aranzubia made the save and  in the secondary play Ronaldo scored his second goal in the game heading the ball home before the late effort of Ze Castro.

Some reaction was expected coming from Deportivo; Oltra made changes, but the team never reacted. It was so disappointing that Real Madrid, side that was trying to hold on the situation, regained the initiative and pushed up front for more goals. Luckily for the visitors they only scored two more.

For the second part Laure debuted on the season replacing Manuel Pablo; there was a report from the club talking of a hamstring injury, though the Canarian was horrible throughout the first part. Kaka also entered in the attempt to refresh Özil ahead of the Champions League.

With the favourable score Real Madrid was still attacking, but the local team reduced the pace and was holding on at midfield; it gave more room to Depor, though the Galician side missed more punch and effectiveness. The Madrilenians realized that Depor was already dead and sought for more goals.

Then Oltra ordered the second substitution and Nélson Oliveira replaced Riki, but the best opportunities were again for the locals. At minute 57, Ronaldo was close to score in a corner-kick action, but he couldn’t seize the chance as he was backwards the goal, two minutes later substitutes Xabi Alonso and Kaka led a counterattack and Aranzubia cleared the shot of the Spaniard from the edge of the area.

Oltra’s changes never influenced in the game and Depor was still as soulless and disoriented team, more worried in not suffering a worse defeat, a clear demonstration was the fourth goal. Xabi Alonso threw a later free-kick and he put the ball inside the box, no one at Depor followed the play and both Pepe and Benzemá, who had replaced a disappeared Higuain minutes before, arrived on time and in the end the Portuguese defender sent the ball into the back of the net.

Then Ronaldo was close to score a hat-kick after collecting a pass from Kaka, but Aranzubia made the save. Deportivo completed its second shot on target until minute 68, it was Abel Aguilar after collecting a pass from Oliveira, but it was too easy for Casillas.

It was just a mirage and Real Madrid continued pushing; Kaka and Benzemá were close to score in counterattacks for their team, but Aranzubia was there to make the saves. At minute 77, Camuñas scored a goal after a drilling pass of Pizzi, but he was offside and the goal was disallowed.

 Cristiano Ronaldo was going to score his hat-trick, though he had to do it with a new penalty, this time as a cross of Kaka hit the hand of Evaldo when both players were inside the area. Once again the Portuguese star sent Aranzubia on the wrong way to score the goal. Abel Aguilar had the last chance for Depor, he collected pass from Camuñas, but his long-range shot missed the target.

Disappointing. No one expected for bigger achievements as a recently promoted Depor was visiting the current champion of la liga, but the true is that Depor was always a soulless team that just made easier the life of a Real Madrid that should have been nervous after allowing a goal early in the first part. Oltra’s novelties never caused any impact and the team 8as too focusing in brining aids to the side defenders. The result was another big defeat visiting the Santiago Bernabéu.

It’s the second straight defeat in a league competition, something that occurs for the first time at Depor since April of 2011. Deportivo is now fifteenth at the standings, just one point above the relegation zone. On Saturday the Galician outfit visits Rayo Vallecano (Estadio de Vallecas, 16h00 CET).

Real Madrid: (4-2-3-1) Casillas - Ramos, Pepe, Varane, Marcelo – Khedira, Modric (Xavi Alonso 58’)  – Di Maria, Özil (Kaka 46’), Cristiano Ronaldo – Higuain (Benzemá 65’).
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Manuel Pablo (Laure 46’), Marchena, Ze Castro, Evaldo – Juan Dominguez (Camuñas 70’), Álex Bergantiños  – Bruno Gama, Abel Aguilar, Pizzi – Riki (Oliveira 66’).
Goals: 0-1: (16’) Riki, 1-1: (23’) Ronaldo (penalty), 2-1: (38’) Di Maria, 3-1: (44’) Ronaldo, 4-1: (66’) Pepe, 5-1: (84’) Ronaldo (penalty)
Referee: Miguel Ángel Gayza Gámez. He showed yellow card to Manuel Pablo (23’), Özil (33’), Modric (50’) and Evaldo (84’)
Venue: Santiago Bernabéu (75,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (62% - 38%); Attempts to score (14 – 2); Total shots (21 - 5); Shots on target (12 - 1); Saves by the keepers (1 - 7); Corner-kicks  (12 - 2); Offsides (5 - 3); Fouls committed (16 - 9); Passing accuracy (88.54% - 81.03%)



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