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02 Oct 2012
Mixed comments after the defeat at the Bernabéu; for some players Depor had a disappointing performance, while others justified the result due to the strength of the rival. Oltra was among the men that were unhappy towards the team’s performance.

Coach José Luis Oltra was aware of the poor impression left by Deportivo in the game, “I feel proud for the sacrifice, but not for the impression left by the team. We had to make a perfect game, because even in your best version you could end with a heavy loss. I’m leaving unsatisfied, because this wasn’t us, this wasn’t our best version; we never competed.”

“The ball was barely at our feet and never had arrivals. We never were an effective team and Real Madrid was feeling comfortable. They´re pretty good. They can defeat you at any time, but I would have loved to leave another impression with my team.  We never deserved to claim the lead; it was the only opportunity in which we stepped into the rival’s area. We didn’t deserve it.” He added.

In any case the Valencian coach believes that this big loss shouldn’t affect the morale of the group, “It shouldn’t affect ahead of the next games. It’s always painful to lose, buy you must get up and fix the things that were done wrongly. This result was possible, though I would have preferred to leave another impression, to have been braver.”

Questioned why Valerón wasn’t used throughout the game, Depor’s tactician said that, “These are tactical decisions that I don’t want to explain. I understood that this wasn’t the game for Valerón, but for other footballers. It may be a wrong decision, but I would do the same if we would have to play the match again. All the players should notice that they aren’t untouchable. I have confidence in them, because they are the proper ones for this game, and the day I see they aren’t ready then they won’t play. I don’t seek for an effect action-reaction. I am more content with some players and unhappy with others.”

Finally, Oltra admitted that the final result was painful, “It is said that this isn’t our league, that you have more to win than to lose, but I don’t buy it. For me this defeat is as painful as any other loss against a lesser important club than Real Madrid. Against Sevilla we deserved more and today we didn’t deserve to pick up points at the Bernabéu. The team still transmits confidence, so I believe in the group.”

Midfielder Juan Dominguez had a grey game; he commented that, “We started fine with the goal, but later they equalized and had more chances. We can't be sad, because we must realize that they’re the best team in the world. In the second part we tried, but we were unable to do anything. The true is that I never felt comfortable on the pitch. We weren't able to combine and missed accuracy.”

His partner at the centre of the pitch was Álex Bergantiños; he made his first appearance as starter and was unhappy with the outcome, “We went out in order to win, and in the end we suffered a big loss. We cannot leave content. You are winning 0-1, the team is feeling comfortable and was defending well, but it was a pity the first penalty. If we would have reached halftime with a shorter score then the game would have been different.”

Centre back Ze Castro made his debut on this season; for him the equalizer was the key for the defeat, “I was feeling fine, but [Real] Madrid have a lot of punch. I do believe that the penalty for the 1-1 was determinant. The 0-1 came too soon and a lot was still ahead. In the moment you think the team had to defend well they started to create a lot of opportunities. We should have been stronger at the back. There were a lot of counterattacks and it turned to be lethal for us.”

Riki confirmed that he was replaced due to an injury, “I wasn’t feeling comfortable and we decided to make the change, though there’s no problem ahead of the next game. We tried to be cautious” Later he was unhappy with the performance of the team, “It wasn’t what we wanted as we were trying to repeat the feelings of past matches, and the true is that we didn’t match the expectations. We should have been more together in order to defend, and we didn’t do it. We didn’t compete.”

Daniel Aranzubia had a lot of work throughout the clash, but he was trying to remain calm, “Neither were we so good before nor so poor now. We must remain calm and keep both feet on the ground. It was a tough stadium and now we must focus on next game. It wasn’t only for our errors; we must understand that it was also a merit of the rival.”

Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ was another player having his first minutes on the liga season; for him the needs at the local team were the key to unbalance the clash, “The coach told us to go out for the game , but you could notice that [Real] Madrid were really needing to add the points.”

Meanwhile, Abel Aguilar understands that Deportivo committed too many errors in the game, “We were fine at the beginning, but if you have errors and a lack of concentration then these teams kill you. We must travel to Vallecas thinking of winning, it will show of what is yet to come for us and of what we’re capable on this season. We must remain calm ahead of the next matches.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro commented what he saw in the game, “It could have been worse and can’t discuss that Madrid was the fair winner. At the end of the first part it was pretty clear that it was going to be difficult to keep the pace, but this isn’t our league. Now we face tough teams, against Rayo and later Barca, but we aren’t bored of meetings with these monsters of football, because these are the best two teams in the world.”

It called the attention that Depor’s boss, despite the heavy loss, is dreaming of a possible return to the European competitions, “We must try to practice attractive football, to enjoy as much as possible and to try to not suffer, and later to enter into the spots that give options to the UEFA… but it’s complicated, because there’s a group of teams that are really solid.”

At Real Madrid, Mourinho didn’t attend to the press conference, instead it was his assistant, Aitor Karanka, who addressed the media; he commented that, “We must keep growing and win more games, this without thinking of El Clásico. We must think of the conclusions tomorrow, because for now we can only focus in Wednesday’s game against Ajax.”

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in the game; he commented that, “The true is that there was apathy at the beginning, but after the 0-1 we achieved the comeback. We knew that we were able to do it. The team is fine and knows that we cannot fail and cannot drop more points. The goals are always important, but the most important thing is to help the team. With goals, assists, that’s what I try to do in every game.”



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