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12 Jul 2006
The first players who have started training at Abegondo are youngsters selected by Caparr�s. For the first time in Depor's history, two players from the <i>Cadetes</i> category (David Rochela and Juan Dom�nguez), plus two from <i>Juveniles</i> (Marcos Caridad and Pablo L�pez Rivadulla) are participating in the pre-season with the first team. Without a doubt, it gives hope to the fans.

A small revolution has started in Joaqu�n Caparr�s' squad. The presence of the four youngsters has been complemented by the presence of Fabricio (the Fabril keeper) and Iago (the first player to be promoted from Fabril since arrival). These six players started training on Tuesday, while the 'veterans' and the new signings will start tomorrow.

The first task for the players was to pass their physicals in front of Javier Reyes (Depor's physical trainer). After the session, Iago spoke with La Opini�n a Coru�a and discussed how he sees the new season. "It was a short vacation, but it doesn't matter because we are starting a season that�s looking good for everybody.  It's a new challenge for me. It's always good to see new faces. It's a new phase and for that reason the new signings are fundamental. We made smart signings and it will increase the squad�s ability."

The Galician player also gave his opinion about competing with Valer�n for one spot in the lineup. "I guess the season will be the same for everyone. There are eleven places and at the beginning, every one of us will have the same possibilities. We have to work hard and see what happens. I know that Valer�n has a lot of skill and that he starts the season having more options than I do, but La Liga is a long competition and you don't know what could happen."

Fabricio was really happy with being in the first squad after spending only one season at the club: "I am really content. It's an opportunity to grow as a player and also as a person. You get used to being amongst professional players and that's really important.� However, the 18 year-old keeper has both feet firmly on the ground when it comes to his chances in the first squad.  "I know that the signings will come. This is just a small step to improve my career, because I consider myself a Fabril player and nothing more."

The following is a summary of characteristics of the four youngsters who will join Iago and Fabricio in Isla Canela during the pre-season stage:

Pablo L�pez Rivadulla: (17) He came to Depor from Conxo and is a right winger with velocity who idolizes one squad member in particular: "Valer�n. I always followed his career."  According to La Opini�n a Coru�a, Caparr�s fell in love with his style of playing when he saw him perform for the first time. It�s a good sign for his future.

David Rochela: (16) A central defender who has performed with Spain's U-16 squad. He is good in the air and follows the careers of Ferdinand, Nesta, Andrade and Coloccini very closely. He came from Endesa and knows the importance of this opportunity: "I want to take advantage of the chances I will enjoy during this pre-season."

Juan Dom�nguez: (16) He is perhaps Caparr�s� most interesting option.  According to the experts, he is most similar to Valer�n in the club. His idol is Kak�, whose style he admires.

Marcos Caridad: (17) He is another central defender. The youngster came from a team named Victoria and likes to help in the offensive tasks of the team. He explained who his idols are: "I love Andrade and Coloccini. But also Cannavaro, he had a wonderful World Cup. He�s a very complete player."

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