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08 Oct 2012
As it could have been expected there was criticism towards Deportivo after the third straight defeat in liga; the papers pointed to the first half an hour as the cause of this new setback. The media criticized the lack of intensity of Oltra’s team.

La Opinión A Coruña: The left side. It was the worst first half of Deportivo. It defended poorly as the team didn’t apply the principles of good swaps, coverings, splits and permanent aids; both goals of Rayo came from this reason. In addition you cannot say anything nice about the output of the  ball. The pressure, anticipation and defensive intensity were null. To make things worse there were only two shots on target: a free-kick of Riki and Pizzi's penalty, which means that there were no scoring opportunities. The changes, contrary to bringing help, it just turned the game into insanity. With the departure of Evaldo, Depor had more ball possession, but safely. We must find collective solutions to the left side of the defense, to play with the first and second touch to take advantage of the time factor, and above all to improve the defensive intensity. Luis Rodríguez Vaz

La Voz de Galicia:  Deportivo La Coruña fells in Vallecas. It was ugly and fair, though it had a chance to tie, because the opponent also did its part. But Depor suffered its third straight loss in an exercise of nonsense at defense and disorganization in the attempt to rescue a point from the chaos. Riki and Nelson Oliveira could have achieved it, but Depor lost before a Rayo that didn’t waste half an hour of defensive frailties by Evaldo’s side, who once again was pointed out. The Blanquiazul outfit didn’t find anything like the football that always try to propose, and only the very weakness of the opponent, a Rayo as well intentioned as equally permeable at defense, enabled it to arrive with options to the end of the clash.

Depor seem sometimes to be fighting against nature. The idea is one thing, but the reality imposes a different end, and in that tension the Galician team isn’t finding a pattern to solve its problems. The bet on the ball possession and offensive football, the vaunted model of Oltra, is meeting with the stubborn evidence of Depor’s defensive gaps, which gives too many facilities to theoretically smaller rivals. Rayo Vallecano seized it in the first half with two goals that could have been two more if it wasn’t for Aranzubia, who was again decisive with two good saves to Delibasic and Piti.

Not even the defensive reinforcement of Alex Bergantiños putting Juan Dominguez on the bench appeased the tempers of Piti and Jose Carlos, duo that made a hole on the left side of Deportivo’s defense, side where Evaldo sank loudly while Pizzi forgot the lessons gave by Oltra on midweek, the coach reminded him to accompany his partner on that side. Both goals arrived by the side of Evaldo, the logical consequence of the soulless game practiced by a Depor that was drought by the pressure of Rayo’s defensive line, unable to find Valerón and Riki in order to seize the gaps created by the rival’s strategy. Only once Depor did this, but the team found Galician Rubén, who was very attentive to cut Riki's run. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: Two sides, no points. Perhaps you can give away half a game at Segunda División, but at Primera it is an unaffordable luxury for the vast majority of teams. Among them, Deportivo, side that disappeared yesterday in Vallecas until, at the edge of halftime, it met a penalty without seeking for it , something that put the team back in the fight. Thanks to that isolated play, plus the saves of Aranzubia, it was standing until the end. Nefarious first half for the Galician team, side that always had things against them, because of their defensive mistakes, especially on the left side of the defense. It was enough for Rayo to seek for Evaldo’s tickles to sentence the match. Goals from Piti (18’) and José Carlos (29’), both with a certain dose of fortune but also avoidable, awarded the local team without doing anything special to find out a 2 - 0. After the penalty from Pizzi (41’) half-time arrived and then Depor improved. It was impossible not to do it after a first half so pitiful. Oltra risked sacrificing a defender, Evaldo, to get a striker, Nélson Oliveira. Much risk, but without reward. Eugenio Cobas

Marca: Rayo cut the bleeding. It won the side that sought for it. At least throughout the full 90 minutes. Because what Depor did, you see, is not acceptable. If you are Barca or Madrid you can spend 45 minutes sleeping and later wait for the second act to resort to heroic. But the rest of teams can’t do that, because the reaction is usually late and sterile.

Also worth mentioning that Rayo ostensibly improved comparing the situation to recent appointments, especially in defensive duties, so much that Depor barely found cracks in a defense that only one week ago appeared to be very soft. A little more was needed by Rayo in order to open the scoresheet, because football, real football, wasn’t sawn in Vallecas, general tone of a league that depreciates every year, so nobody takes hands to the head .Tomás Campos

AS: Piti and Jose Carlos rescue Rayo against Deportivo. Rayo showed up on time to the game and in half hour it accumulated enough income to claim the win. Deportivo came late to the meeting, because it barely showed signs of existence in the first half and when it appeared in Vallecas it was too late. By then, Piti and Jose Carlos had squeezed the drowsiness of the Galician team to come to the rescue of a Rayo that had lost the three previous meetings. Oltra’s team was dragging two straight losses, but not even in that way it assumed that any delay often take its toll.

This entrance into the struggle for the victory came due to a penalty rather than by its game, an action that Pizzi transformed into a goal four minutes before the break. Before, the only one that seemed to be focused from the start was Aranzubia. Deportivo’s goalkeeper stopped first a dangerous shot of Delibasic and later another one coming from Piti. Rayo was the owner of the ball and the game. Deportivo, meanwhile, never gave problems to the rival’s defense, which yesterday was composed by four men. The penalty put the team back into the game. Then it began to show signs that it was in Vallecas.

The full distress came in the second half. Oltra unleashed Nelson Oliveira and played with two strikers and benched Evaldo to end performing with three defenders. The modification in the draw had an impact, at least in the game. Deportivo started having more ball possession, a factor inversely proportional to what happened to Rayo, outfit that was affected by its inaccuracies with the passes and in the transitions. Still, Aranzubia was again the hero who solved coldly a dogfight with Delibasic and another one with José Carlos. F. J. Garrido

Rayo Herald: Little brilliance and many points. No brilliance but with 10 points in the bag after just 7 games. This is the balance of Rayo Vallecano in its new adventure at Primera Division, after a start to the season better than last year, when by now the Madrilenian side only had 6 points on its tally. The match against Deportivo La Coruña perfectly summed up the image of a team that falls, but that’s convincing in terms of results despite a number of limitations that were evident.

Far from changing the crew of the ship that sank in Valladolid with a crash, Paco gave continuity to those responsible for the disaster. The bet worked out from the beginning, with a changed impression in terms of ambition, seriousness and struggle. That's what this team can offer, their standards, and they clung to a first half-hour that made us forget what happened in Pucela. J. Gómez



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