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22 Oct 2012
Weird feelings at Deportivo after a game with nine goals; Oltra was content with the performance of his team, though he’s aware that the team needs to improve. At Barca, as always, complains with the performance of the referee.

Coach José Luis Oltra was the first one surprised with what he saw at the Riazor, “I am having weird feelings, this is a strange result and to allow five goals, not matter it’s Barca, it isn’t pleasant. I don’t remember the last time Barca allowed four goals. In any case I´ve the feeling that the fans went home satisfied with their team.”

“In their three first opportunities they scored a goal because they are pretty good, and been 0-3 after just fifteen minutes it demands a strong mind to face it and try what the team has tried. We hurried up our options until the end and they ended up suffering, facing several difficulties, locked at the back and with Deportivo seeking the draw until the end.” He added

Later the Valencian coach was emphasizing the things that he liked from his team, “The team competed at the top; we’re fixing some issues and there are some common things compared to last season; I´m convinced that the team will improve, because it has the possibilities to do it. We need to improve in all facets. Just like last year, we need to improve the fact of been allowing so many goals and it’s the starting point for us.”

Finally, he reaffirmed the positive reading of the game, “The outcome was negative, but to have options against a powerful Barca it speaks greatly of this team and it demonstrates that we can. I am calm and will stay like that. I would be worried if the team wouldn’t have arguments. Taking apart the games at the Bernabéu and at Vallecas, we’ve competed. We’ll improve, because we have the skills to do it.”

Ayoze claimed the spot at the left-back position; the Canarian was sad with the result, but felt also happy for the reaction of the team, “It’s a pity to score four times at home against Barca and still not winning the match.  So it was weird. The defeat is tasteless. I would have loved to obtain a positive result. It’s a weird feeling, because the team reacted after all.”

Meanwhile, Carlos Marchena commented that, “It was a very pretty game, but the point is that we lost. The team reacted, but also committed some errors at defense. We must work hard in order to fix these errors ahead of the coming matches.”

Pizzi scored a brace and was content with the performance of the team, “It’s necessary to analyze the performance of the team, and the true is that we have gave a hard battle to Barcelona, which is the best team in the world, so we must remain with that. The whole team made a very good game, and we must remain with that. When we were down 0-3 all the people at the stadium where thinking: what’s going on here? But later we scored and we were fine. Nobody thought we could have equalized the game after the 0-3.”

In any case, the Portuguese winger is aware that Deportivo is facing several problems at defense, “I do believe that the whole team needs to improve. We are the team that has allowed more goals and the players must bring more aids and at the same time it needs to be more aggressive.”

Even president Augusto César Lendoiro was having weird feelings after the game, “You can’t celebrate a defeat, but what you can celebrate is to have a full stadium and to see this performance from these two great teams. It’s going to be hard to see this happening again. There were a lot of scoring opportunities. The television should pay twice for games like this one.”

At Barcelona, coach Tito Vilanova was commenting the game, “We had the match under control. We completed a first stretch as we never did before and had the opportunity to score the 0-4. Later the referee whistled a penalty, which I won’t say if it was it or not, that’s your job. Later it came the 2-4, the expulsion… the game couldn’t have been crazier.”

“After winning all the things we have won, it’s admirable to witness what these players have done. I don’t remember since landing at Barca to have played so many times with ten men. It happened at the Bernabéu and also tonight. Messi was coming from a long trip and he ran a lot. I won’t talk of the referee. People comment things after watching the plays on TV. What do surprise me is to see us scoring and the referee showing a yellow card to a player for the celebration [Fabregas].”

Precisely Fabregas didn’t want to talk to reporters as he was pretty upset, but Lionel Messi, who scored a hat-trick in the game, was demonstrating the dissent with the referee, “Neither was penalty nor Mascherano should have been sent off, but these are things of football. The referee saw the contrary and it happen what it did happened. We won, which is difficult after all the games with the national teams, because you arrive tired. This is important.”



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