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24 Oct 2012
Paco Herrera and Oltra have several things in common; both are prudent with their declarations and still searching to succeed at Primera División after failed attempts. They are the ones responsible of planning the tactic for Saturday’s game.

Third Galician derby for Francisco Herrera Lorenzo and José Luis Oltra, two men that were responsible of clinching the promotion of their teams during the past season and that now are targeting to find some stability at Primera División, just what both have missed on their careers.

Herrera is the oldest one (58), and also is the one with lesser experience in the league; the Catalan man spent his whole life coaching at Segunda and his only experience at Liga BBVA was on the season 2000/01 with CD Numancia; he just coached the team for the first 12 matchdays losing 7 games in the period. He was fired, but Numancia couldn’t avoid the relegation to Segunda.

Oltra, meanwhile, had three previous experiences at the elite of Spanish football and in all of them his teams ended at Segunda. He coached CD Tenerife for the final four matchdays of the season 2004/05 after the exit of Schuster, but it was too late.  For the campaign 2009/10 he returned to Primera with CD Tenerife and this time the Valencian tactician stayed at the team for the full season, but suffering the same outcome.

One year later he arrived as an emergency solution to UD Almeria, but didn’t convince the club’s officials and was fired after 18 matches; the Andalusian team ended at Segunda too. Oltra’s balance is also negative after 68 games at Primera: 14 wins, 19 draws and 35 defeats. So, both men are trying to demonstrate that they can coach in this league without suffering the highest punishment: the relegation.

Currently both men are enjoying a solid position at their clubs; Herrera was heavily criticized on the season 2010/11 as his team failed bigly in the quest for the promotion at Segunda, but he fixed everything last year and it’s highly respected by the fans and the media. The same happens with Oltra, who just needed one year to put Depor back at Primera.

Anyhow the manners are different at both clubs; Deportivo is a more stable place for any coach compared to the major part of European clubs. Just to notice that since 1998, president Lendoiro has only had four different coaches, meanwhile in Vigo the fans already witnessed twelve different trainers within the same period.

Oltra and Paco Herrera during the derby held at the Riazor on the past Segunda season

There are other things in common between these two coaches; starting with the fact that both always try to avoid verbal confrontations during a derby; actually last year Herrera scolded Iago Aspas for what he said before the first derby of the season. Oltra is also monitoring what his players say before the matches, though on last year he didn’t have to correct anyone.

Even the tactical disposition is similar between these two men, because both like to play with a 4-2-3-1 tactic. Oltra has even used the same draw in the 53 matches that he has spent in A Coruña. Meanwhile, Herrera has used the 4-2-3-1 combined with the 4-4-2, mainly for the home matches; the Catalan man has also used the 4-1-4-1 scheme, though only in a few opportunities.



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