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29 Oct 2012
Oltra and the players were content with the result, though they are also aware that Depor lost a good opportunity to clinch the victory before a rival with ten players. At Celta there were complaints against the referee.

Coach José Luis Oltra was firstly saying that Depor deserved a better faith in this game, “I believe that we deserved a better result. We were the team having the ball possession and the control over the game. I liked my team, especially in the first half, lesser in the second. The team that wanted to win the game until the final whistle was Depor.”

But later he was saying that the result was fair, “Possibly the result can be considered as fair; we needed to add points, so this point is good. In any case, I insist, the side that wanted to win until the end was Deportivo, so, for this reason, maybe we could have deserved more.”

Then the Valencian coach said that Depor is morally reinforced after the meeting, “Let’s hope that this game is going to be a point of inflection for Deportivo and that for now own we are going to show our best version. The game was demanding as Celta is living a great moment, therefore the point is good and my team is leaving reinforced.”

Finally, questioned for the modifications, Oltra assured that he was always trying to win the game, “I just make decisions thinking in what’s the best thing for the team. Will you now think that I didn’t want to win the game?”

The players were content with the final result, though they were also aware that Depor could have done better; left winger Pizzi stated that, “We tried to win and it wasn't possible. They were locked at the back for second half and in the end we are content with the draw.”

“Now we must prepare the game in Copa and the next one in liga; we’ll work hard in order to defeat Mallorca. The draw might be tasteless, but Celta have a strong team and we couldn’t beat them. We didn’t brought danger to Javi Varas, but are walking out reinforced. What we wanted was to add points.” The Portuguese played added.

Valerón was praised for the great assist that he made; the Canarian playmaker was also satisfied with the result, “It’s positive, we cut the negative streak. It would be wrong to assure that the team is down at the standings for doing the wrong things. We are walking out reinforced. The team was fine playing in a complicate field. Truly we need to improve, but are confident that the team can revert the current situation.”

About the game, El Flaco said that, “We reacted after the first goal, which is always complicated as it was a quick goal. The goal brought tranquility to them, but we tried to play and combine and were able to equalize. The second part was more difficult despite they ended with ten men. The worst part was that we didn’t seize the opportunity as we were playing with one more man during the second half."

Riki seemed upset when he was replaced early in the second part, but said that he was content with both, the coach’s decision and the final result, “You walk away upset, but nothing more. I am no one to criticize anything. The draw was fair. Celta brought more danger playing with ten. We are leaving content, because a point in a derby is always important.”

Juan Dominguez was resting importance to his goal as he emphasized the assist of Valerón, “My goal was almost a goal of Valerón. The difficult thing was to put the ball there, later I just had to drill the ball into the net. “

The Galician midfielder was also expressing the contradictory feelings of the players as they were content with the result, but also aware of losing a chance to win at Balaídos, “Our idea was to go out for the game and bring home the three points. It wasn’t possible, but we’re content. It was a great opportunity to leave the relegation zone, but we are content with the point. Perhaps you can talk of a wasted opportunity, because the team saw a great chance to win as the rival was reduced to ten men.”

Meanwhile, Álex Bergantiños commented that, “A draw away from home is always good; the fact of having one more man was positive, but we lacked patience and they were locked at the back. The game was equal and perhaps we had more options. We took the ball away from Celta in several opportunities. Now we must continue on this lane and try to defeat Mallorca at home. We didn't feel comfortable with their counterattacks; it was harder in the second part as they were locked at the back."

At Celta, coach Paco Herrera was convinced that referee Undiano Mallenco didn’t apply the rules in the same way for both teams, “The game was turning into our side and the expulsion of Cabral was decisive. I think the sent off was fair, but it was the same play of Ze Castro, who committed a similar foul before. Truly those actions should be booked, those are errors of Cabral. The referee saw the expulsion, but the difficult thing to understand is why he didn’t act the same in the other situation. It was determinant in order to see us without options to win during the second part. For some people it was foul, for others don’t. Those fouls at midfield that stop you… I’m upset for the criterion of the referee. Someone have blown Ayoze and it was foul, but Borja [Oubiña] was pulled and no call was made.”

About the game, Celta’s tactician admitted that Depor was superior in the first part, “I am not content with the first part; Depor were the best side, they had the ball possession though we had more scoring opportunities. Last year we would have lost these games, so we’ve improved. Each day I am more hopeful regarding the team; I liked many things and I think that our future is positive.”

Centre back Andrés Tuñez was also complaining of the referee, “We went out screwed by the referee. He was very picky about the fouls; he whistled many that were minor actions. If he sent off Cabral then he should have done the same with Zé Castro. In any case we must be content with the result. We were able to carry away with the game and the final result is fair.”



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