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02 Nov 2012
Unattractive game in a night that didn’t invite to play a football match; the substitutes of Depor and Mallorca didn’t left a positive impression and the series will have to be decided until the second-leg to be played in Majorca.

One surprise at the lineup of Oltra for the game: Bruno Gama stayed at the starting squad, though he was performing on the left wing. Therefore Tiago Pinto was the left-back defender and Evaldo was on the bench.

Lux was the keeper in the 4-2-3-1 formation, Manuel Pablo covered the right spot at the defense, while Aythami and Roderick were the centre backs. André Santos and Jesús Vázquez were the centre midfielders, Saul performed at the right wing, Javi Camuńas covered the playmaking function and Nélson Oliveira was the central attacker.

At RCD Mallorca, Caparrós was also presenting novelties, Tomer Hemed was on the bench, therefore ex-Sevilla Alejandro Alfaro was joining Arizmendi in attack. Mexican Giovanni dos Santos was a starter on the right wing, while youngster Kenechuhwu Uchenwa ‘Uche’ was making his debut with the first team. It was a cold night in A Coruńa (13 °C), it was raining before the game and the attendance to the Riazor was poor (17,000).

Boring first part at the Riazor; Deportivo had a promising start, but later fell down before an apathetic rival that neither brought pace to the game; the result was to only witness two shots on target and a boring game practiced by the “B teams” of both clubs. The only concerns for both coaches were the injuries of Uche and Jesús Vázquez

However, the start of Deportivo was pretty strong; in three minutes Oltra’s team already had two corner-kicks in favour plus a polemic play in which a shot of Camuńas hit the hand of Uche when both players were inside the area, but no penalty was call. The first goal attempt of Depor was a pass of Saul that went into the path of Camuńas, who attempted to chip the ball over Aouate, but his effort went over the crossbar (4’).

Mallorca’s first attempt was a direct free-kick of Giovani Dos Santos in which the ball went wide (6’). Eight minutes later Caparrós was forced to make a substitution as Uche was stretched off after sustaining a muscle problem; he was replaced by left-back Pedro Bigas.

With the passage of the minutes Deportivo lost the initial impulse; the Galician team missed depth and control over the ball, but neither Mallorca was causing too much damage. The next chance for Depor came at minute 18, it was a shot of Saul from the edge of the area, but he missed the target,  the Asturian was one of the most active players at his team, at least in the first part.

At minute 24, Marti had a new free-kick attempt for Mallorca, but he sent the ball out. At this point the game was already boring as there was no excitement at both areas; the ball was passing through midfield without any difficulty, the problem was that both teams missed accuracy up front and therefore there were no clear goal attempts.

Depor had a goal attempt until minute 31; Oliveira picked a pass from Jesús Vázquez and tried to surprise Aouate through a drilling shot from the edge of the area, but the Portuguese attacker missed the target. The first shot on target for the locals came one minute later; André Santos picked a loose ball at the edge of the area after a free-kick, but his drilling attempt was saved by the ex-Depor goalie.

Then Jesús Vázquez got injured after he slipped and was accidentally hit in the face by the knee of Arizmendi; he was stretched off and was replaced by Juan Dominguez. He was rushed to the hospital and new scans will be made to him in the coming hours. Nothing more happened in a cold game without excitement.

Things didn’t change too much for the second part; both teams were soulless squads that didn’t bring entertaining to the few fans at the Riazor. At least the faithful fans watched two goals, one of them a great one as Manuel Pablo scored for Depor through an impressive shot from the edge of the area.

If Depor had a strong start in the first part, then Mallorca was the one that had a solid beginning in the second half; having one corner-kick and two free-kicks within the first three minutes; but those actions didn’t end in a shot on target. At minute 48, Saul had a goal attempt through a free-kick, but his drilling attempt went wide.

And if the game was needing something in order to wake up the public it was a goal, and Deportivo was going to score; and it was the most unexpected man: Manuel Pablo, who scored a wonderful to claim the lead for Deportivo- Saul released a cross from the right and Aouate cleared the danger before the pressure of Oliveira, but the ball went into the path of the Canarian veteran, who released a powerful shot directly into the left top-corner of the Israeli keeper. It was only the third goal of Depor’s captain in his career at Depor, and the first one he scores at the Riazor.

The goal cheered up the environment at the Riazor and also the will of both teams; Mallorca started to push up front, but Depor was also having opportunities, like the combination between Juan Dominguez and Camuńas that ended with the Madrilenian firing from the edge of the area, his attempt was too easy for Aouate (65’).

Then Oltra ordered the second substitution and Marchena replaced Saul, with the modification Camuńas moved his position to the left wing, Bruno Gama was on the right, Juan Dominguez was the playmaker and Marchena joined André Santos at midfield, an usual position for the Madrilenian as he played there with Valencia CF.

The visiting team was looking harmless, mainly as Roderick, André Santos and Aythami were doing a nice job at defense, but it was going to score the equalizer in an isolated play, just moments after Oltra was making changes at his draw. Mallorca had its first shot on target in this half until minute 70; Ximo released a cross from the right and Marc Fernández headed the ball on target, Lux was there and cleared the danger, but the Majorcans scored the equalizer in the resulting corner-kick. Gio released the cross, Arizmendi headed the ball at the near post and then defender Pedro Geromel just had to push the ball in from close range.

Oltra was forced to switch the draw again and Rodolfo Bodipo replaced André Santos, now Depor was playing with a 4-4-2 draw; the Galicians surrounded the area of Mallorca within the final ten minutes, but they just completed two shots that missed the target, the last one a crossed attempt of Bruno Gama (88’). The game ended with both Ximo and Tiago Pinto dragging muscle problems.

Boring game to open Depor’s participation in Copa Del Rey; not too much positive conclusions from the clash; both teams were full of substitutes and it was noticed as there was no attractive football at the cold pitch of the Riazor. Perhaps the best news is that the less habitual players like Roderick, Tiago Pinto and Saul got their first minutes, the worst part was the injury of Jesús Vázquez, who ended at the hospital after suffering a strong hit in the face.

The second-leg will be played at the end of the month; Depor need to score at least once in order to stay alive in the competition; on Sunday both teams are going to play again at the same place, though this time for la liga and surely with other actors (19h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Manuel Pablo, Aythami, Roderick, Tiago Pinto – André Santos (Bodipo 78’), Jesús Vázquez (Juan Domínguez 44’) – Saúl (Marchena 68’), Camuńas, Bruno Gama – Oliveira
Mallorca: (4-4-2) Aouate - Ximo, Fontás, Geromel, Kevin - Gio, Marc Fernández (Pereira 83’), Martí (Pina 53’), Uche (Bigas 13’) – Alfaro, Arizmendi.
Goals: 1-0: (54’) Manuel Pablo, 1-1: (70’) Geromel
 Referee: Miguel Ángel Ayza Gámez. He showed yellow card to Tiago Pinto (6’), Oliveira (43’), Geromel (45+2’), Arizmendi (62’)
Venue: Riazor (17,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (59% - 41%); Attempts to score (6 – 8); Total shots (16 - 7); Shots on target (4 - 3); Saves by the keepers (2 - 3); Corner-kicks  (7 - 5); Offsides (1 - 3); Fouls committed (15 - 18); Passing accuracy (86.18% - 75.32%)



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