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02 Nov 2012
New disappointment for a Deportivo B that failed for the fourth time on the Tercera season; the result was fair and the team still facing problems to impose its game, once again too many errors at defense.

Winger Diego Vela ad centre back Uxío Marcos were the latest casualties due to injury reasons. Coach Devesa gave the first minutes on the season to striker Luis Fernández, who was out since the past campaign due to a serious knee injury. The other players out injured were centre midfielder Richi, right-back Adriá Gallego and winger Victor Fernandez.

The draw was a 4-1-4-1. Marc Martinez was the starting goalie; Iván Garrido performed at the right-back position, Ángel Martinez was playing on the left, while Róber was the partner of Pablo Ínsua at the centre of the defense. Oumar Sidibé was the lonely pivote; Teles and Juan Carlos were the two playmakers, Álvaro Lemos performed on the right wing, Jorge Cano did it at the left and Romay was the central attacker –a false 9-

The rival was A Coruña-based club Betanzos CF, team coached by José Manuel Pose and that was living a complicate moment, living inside the drop zone after suffering four straight defeats; actually it was the worst defense in the group with seventeen goals allowed before this meeting. The main references in attack were attacker Felipe Rodríguez and Valencia-born playmaker Javi Otero. Former Juvenil A playmaker Javi Vispo is now part of this team; he was a starter in the game.

New disappointing presentation of Deportivo B; once again Devesa’s team was too flat in attack and too soft at defense. It allowed a quick goal and later faced big problems to overcome the disadvantage. Fabril had three opportunities to score the equalizer in the first part, but it missed all the chances; the team went down in the second part and only reacted within the final minutes of the clash.

Devesa always like to present an offensive lineup, but it doesn’t necessary means that his team will play offensive football and neither that it will win the matches. And it’s that an early goal always affects the planning of the games, and that’s what happened after the visiting team allowed a goal after just five minutes.

Javi Otero picked the ball at the left wing and then released a drilling cross into the box, there were three Fabril’s defenders there, but they couldn’t clear the ball and instead London-born striker Felipe Rodríguez scored the goal diving and drilling the ball into the near post of Marc Martinez.

Felipe got injured on that play and lasted ten more minutes on the pitch; he was replaced by defender César Freire; Betanzos kept the 4-2-3-1 figure, but now with Javi Otero playing as a “false 9” and with the team committed to the counterattack. Depor B was now condemned to search for the equalizer facing a team locked at the back zone.

Depor’s youngsters had enough opportunities to equalize during the first part, but it can’t be said that it played well and neither that it deserved a better outcome. The major part of the attacking efforts were focused on the right wing, with Romay and Lemos as the most active players, but in big part of the game the team missed more speed and accuracy; for this reason Deportivo B gave a sense of slowness and apathy.

More in concrete the team had three opportunities to tie the game; the first was an assist of Álvaro Lemos to Ínsua that the centre back smashed into the woodwork (22’). Then Romay headed on target a free-kick of LemosDiego López made a brilliant save (29’). The final chance was for Jorge Cano, but he couldn’t find a cross of Romay inside the area (40’).

It was expected a reaction in the second part, but it was quite the opposite, because Fabril was disappeared from the pitch and Betanzos had clear opportunities to score more goals; firstly with a shot of César Freire that passed close to the post (50’), then it came the second goal.

It was a free-kick thrown by Álvaro García at the right corner of the area; his accurate cross went into the box, and defender Jorge Rebollo was there to head the ball downwards crossing Marc Martinez

Devesa reacted with a double change as Luis Fernandez and Álex Pérez replaced Jorge Cano and Iván Garrido. The team was now playing 3-5-2 and the game turned to be more entertaining, because Fabril regained some fluidity and created some scoring opportunities, while Betanzos was still dangerous through the counterattack.

Depor B had two clear scoring opportunities, in the first left-back Ángel Martinez couldn’t resolve a one-on-one action before Diego Lopez (71’) and later a good play of Juan Carlos wasn’t materialized by Luis (74’).

It was until the final minute that Fabril was going to score its lonely goal; Romay sent a high volley to the left wing, just into the path of Álvaro Lemos, who made a nice play eluding a rival and drilling the ball into the box, no one cleared the danger and Álex Perez arrived on time at the far post to score his first goal on this season.  Depor B pushed during the stoppage time, but it never found the way to break the defense of the locals.

Fourth defeat in ten matches for Deportivo B; once again the team showed its miseries at defense while it still practicing an irregular game in attack. The only positive news from this game is the return of Luis Fernandez, who played again after months out due to a serious knee injury. This new setback leaves the team at mid-table, only three points below the promotion zone, but only four points above relegation. On Sunday the team visit UD Somozas, the main surprise on this season as they´re third at the standings.

Comments of Devesa: ”I do believe we had enough opportunities to win the game. We clearly dominated the match and created scoring opportunities. It’s true that we missed precision at times, but we had up to three penalties that weren’t whistled by the referee. We were fine in the second part and had more chances, but only concreted one of them.”

Betanzos: (4-2-3-1) Diego López - Marcos Botana, Javi Angeriz, Jorge Rebollo, Jacobo - Michi Leal, Cata - Javi Otero (Litos 89’), Javi Vispo (Xoel 75’) Álvaro - Felipe (César 17’).
Deportivo B:  (4-2-3-1) Marc Martínez - Iván Garrido (Álex Pérez 63’), Róber, Insua, Ángel – Sidibé –  Álvaro Lemos, Juan Carlos, Teles, Jorge Cano (Luis 63’) - Romay.
Goals: 1-0: (5’) Felipe, 2-0: (55’) Rebollo, 2-1: (89’) Álex Perez
Referee: He showed yellow card to Botana, Javi Angeriz, Michi Leal, Vispo and Ínsua.
Venue: García Irmáns (400)
Stats: Attempts to score (5 – 11); Corner-kicks (1 – 6); Fouls committed (18 – 11)




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