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03 Nov 2012
The papers criticized the performance of both teams and even questioned the importance of the Cup tournament; the goal of Manuel Pablo impressed everyone, but it wasn’t enough to save a game destined to be forgotten.

La Opinión A Coruña: Training. The first half looked to me like one more training session. It was something to forget. Deportivo had the ball possession, but without creating scoring opportunities. It combined the short with the length game, but the latter went wrong due to the conditions of the pitch; many driving plays and only a few combinations and aids. The second half was worth to see the goal of Manuel Pablo. Later there were many cracks at defense and the team lost the ball possession. Then Mallorca dominated, but after their goal it was the opposite: Deportivo created many chances but with some haste. In the visitors’ goal Depor counteracted itself due to the bad strategy, the rival had already warned three times with the same play at the near post. I was disappointed by the individualistic behavior of Oliveira. He always played backwards and without looking for support. Luis Rodríguez Vaz.

La Voz de Galicia: It wasn’t the night of the forgotten. The game of the forgotten players didn’t fulfill the rule you would ask: to leave some memories. The only thing accomplished, not to be picky, was to keep the doubts about the outcome of this first assault of a tournament that offers no interest for such faithful fans that last night didn’t cover the half of the capacity at the Riazor, place where on Sunday the show will be repeated (?) this is a phrase, because if something is imposed on this tournament is not exactly the quality of the game, but the emotion with the uncertainty of knowing which one of the two teams will pass to the next tie, something that you cannot anticipate in the interim. Depor could have taken the advantage, but Mallorca never failed in defending their area, with a very attentive Aouate and with the rest of the team sending long balls to attack. It was an uneventful first half. The second half started pretty well with a great goal (9’) of Manuel Pablo, but the advantage only lasted a quarter of an hour; a 1-1 tie that leaves a negative impression ahead of the trip to Mallorca. Patience. Vicente Leirachá

AS: A draw to almost nothing. It is said that every game is a story, and yesterday is a good example. It was poor, boring, but left a goal which wasn’t included in the more risky bettor's betting. Manuel Pablo, the great captain of Deportivo, released a great shot from outside the box and into the top corner of Aouate. The whiplash may be one of the great goals of the season, but it’s more valuable when the author had no less than nine years and ten months without scoring. It was on January 30, 2003 at the Condomina, interestingly in another Cup match, interestingly in another great shot from outside the area, though it was with his right leg, his good leg.

In the negative balance, unfortunately, there are also some stories. The most worrying thing is Uche. The Nigerian young man returned after eight months out due to a right knee injury. His joy, playing again, lasted eleven minutes. Then the big scare with Jesus Vazquez, although it seems that the shock of the Andalusian pivote isn’t serious. Last night he passed new scans in order to rule out any problem. They were joined by Ximo, who will pass new scans today.

Between several scares and a great goal there was a Copa game, which was quite boring for the 17,000 brave fans that were at the Riazor leaving only a few conclusions. The clearest one is that Mallorca, thanks to a goal from Geromel, has a slight advantage for the second-leg at the Iberostar.

What was sawn on the pitch could be partially explained by the many changes made by both coaches. Perhaps there was motivation in the less habitual players, but also they are lacking pace, are loosely coupled and it was noticed some anxiety to win the spot. Deportivo was perhaps a little better, but only slightly. Luis de La Cruz.

Marca: The Copa had a better taste for Mallorca. Joaquin Caparrós fished a goal at the Riazor as he planned; a goal that could decide the tie due to its double value. The one that scored the equalizer was Geromel and the cup match finished better for Mallorca.

It wasn’t a good football match, but Los Bermellones took something to the mouth on a cold and rainy night. It was a game to be locked at the back and that was what Mallorca did, a team that covered itself thinking that the best thing to do was to keep the warm instead of searching the joy, although it had that corner-kick in favour that went into the near post and that ended with the header of Geromel at the 71 '.

Before, there were was the goal of Manuel Pablo, who released a shot with the soul from the edge of the area, surprising Aouate, who didn’t anticipate the shot of a player that was missing to score within the last nine years. It was at minute 54 and turned to be an accident. The match wasn’t an exchange of blows.

Oltra and Caparrós seized the game trying to clear out the horizon for the less habitual men, players that populated both teams. Little more was demonstrated. The game started rough, but it was a hoax. It was difficult to be at the stadium without yawning in the first half, the peace was only altered by Uche’s injury and the inadvertent hit to Jesus Vazquez, who lost the consciousness and left the meeting before the break. Delfin Melero

Diario de Mallorca: As the match practice on Thursday. Make no mistake. The KO tournament isn’t called like that because one of the contestants is eliminated, but because even the most faithful spectator ends knocked out. If we accept the training game on Thursday as a normal thing, okay. A training game at the Riazor as an appetizer to Sunday's game, much more serious, important and I fear very different in all aspects.

If it was a matter of breaking the losing streak or the dynamics of defeats, the goal was partially covered. The injuries of Uche and Ximo complicate the life of a Caparrós that, on the bench, was also more easygoing than usual. But Mallorca equalized a balanced game from mediocrity, a match that only supports individual readings.

If something caused surprise was to see Aouate playing in a smaller tournament. Even more strange that, after the injury of Uche, Fontàs left the centre of the defense for the benefit of Bigas to return to midfield, the kingdom of Pina.  The Majorcan made a nice job and the ex-Barca slightly improved, but without dazzling. Neither Giovani shone in his condition of attacker, only visible in the free-kicks. Arizmendi's interesting contribution, at least in terms of effort, commitment and solidarity. Not too much from Alfaro, as usual clumsy and slow to satiety.

Beyond these specific conclusions there is not much to notice except the error of the goalkeeper in the goal of the Galicians and the flat lane of the rest of the team, acceptable at defense and totally wrong in the counterattack that was practiced.

Within three days the locals, with Juan Carlos Valerón and strikers Riki and Pizzi, certainly will offer another face. The question is whether Mallorca with Victor, Hemed, Nsue and Pereira will be very different from last night, I dare to say that not. Maybe the train has not served too much. Or maybe yes. Alejandro Vidal



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