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03 Nov 2012
Oltra and the players weren’t content with the final result, though many of them believe that Depor deserved a better luck in the game. Lendoiro, meanwhile, showed his gratitude to Manuel Pablo and said that the club is open to renew him.

Coach José Luis Oltra was giving his impression of the game, “In the first half we have missed pace, fluidity and punch. It was a match without scoring opportunities, thick, competitive, but without football and opportunities. In the second part we were slightly better, for this reason we found the goal through a great shot of Manuel Pablo.”

“It seemed the game was where we wanted, then they equalized through set-pieces; later we sought for the second goal, but weren’t fine and turned to be complicated. We had the ball and more attitude, but without the depth and determination needed at the final meters. We missed the last pass, a one-on-one play and only created a few opportunities; neither Mallorca did it; they scored in a set-piece poorly defended by us.” He added.

About the poor impression left by several of the players, the Valencian coach commented that, “Individually, any of them could be a starter at this team. The problem is when you gather too many people without pace.” He also defended Bruno Gama, who still disappeared on this season, “Probably he isn’t living his best moment, but always bring some stuff and is fulfilling the demands of the coach.”

Finally, Oltra admitted that Mallorca have the advantage in the series, and also that the Copa isn’t the target of Deportivo, “The series is open, but would have loved to clinch a clean sheet, because now we are forced to score. It’s better for them, because they play a home. Both sides did things thinking of Sunday. We don’t want to rule out the Copa, but there are other priorities. Our aspiration isn’t to win the tournament, though we’re competing for it.”

Manuel Pablo scored an amazing goal; he was remembering the play, “Well, I watched the keeper going out for the ball and didn't think twice. I scored a similar goal some time ago, now I guess my next goal will be scored playing for the veterans [he laughed]. Everybody embraced me, not even God could believe it.”

About the game, the Canarian defender admitted that Depor had a plane performance, “The true is that it was a bad game; we were better in the second part and were closer to their area, but after the goal they forced us to run and then they scored, then we went up again but found five or six players defending at their area. Still, the series is open and we are confident in passing the round.”

Roderick Miranda debuted with Deportivo; he commented that, “We were a little unlucky, because we couldn’t win, but I am content for debuting. All the people wanted a victory and missed more luck; now we’re going to wait for the second-leg and see if we can continue in the competition. I have been training with the team since a while, besides the team mates helped me a lot, so I am really content for debuting. We deserved to win and must travel there in order to win the game.”

Javier Camuñas wasn’t happy with the final score, but it’s confident in Depor’s chances for the second-leg, “We don’t like the result; it wasn’t what we wanted as we were wishing to clinch a favourable result at home. They’re a difficult team and I do believe that we deserved the victory. They just had the opportunity of the goal, while we’d some more chances, but well… the rivals are damaging us in every attack.”

“Still, we do have big options. They came here and clinched a good result. Probably they can’t believe the result that they have achieved; now they’ll feel comfortable at home. They were locked at their area waiting for the passing of the minutes, while we were better in the second part. It’s going to be a similar game over there as the 0-0 is good for them, but Deportivo will have chances to score goals, so we are confident in passing the round.” He added

President Augusto César Lendoiro wasn’t impressed at all by the performance of both teams, “It was a game in which both teams were trying to win, a match where both sides were trying to please, but in the end it won’t be one of those games that will enter into the books of history; what we lived were several situation related to injuries, which indicated the difficult conditions on the pitch after the rain. There were several injury cases, though no one can say that the players were rude. Now everything is open for the second-leg, actually we knew it was going to be a complicate series. Let’s hope we can’t win there.”

Then he was asked about Manuel Pablo’s great goal and surprised the journalists answering that Depor’s captain has an open door in order to renew his contract, “Manuel Pablo has a guarantee to revise his contract every year, because if there’s anyone... the only one I fell that deserves it is him, this after he was close to be transferred to Real Madrid. Perhaps the only player to whom I feel in debt is Manuel Pablo, so he’ll always a chance to guarantee his continuity, because he has shown his love for the club in many ways, in the worse moment for everyone, there’s no doubt about it.”

At Mallorca, coach Joaquín Caparrós was affirming that Depor and Mallorca were prisoners of their current situation in liga, “It was the classical game in Copa, with two teams living a complicate situation in the league. There were no clear scoring opportunities, the goal of Deportivo came after a great shot of Manuel Pablo, and ours after a corner-kick, nothing more.”

The ex-Depor man was at least content as Mallorca broke the negative streak of four straight losses, “We have broken the negative streak of defeats and besides there as an additional component: we knew how to react. You know me, I´m always positive and you always need to search for the positive view. The tie remains open, and now we are going to define it in Majorca.”


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