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04 Nov 2012
Depor’s trainer admitted the possibility of making substitutions ahead of the clash against Mallorca, something unusual on him; among the changes is the entry of Oliveira claiming the spot of Bruno Gama.

Joaquín Caparrós is not only one of the four men that have been sited at Depor’s bench within the past fifteen years, he’s also the active coach with more matches at Primera División: 421. In the history of la liga the Andalusian man is the ninth trainer with more matches at the elite of Spanish football, a list commanded by Luis Aragonés (757) and Javier Irureta (614).

Despite been criticized for his defensive views and for not clinching any title –just a promotion with Sevilla CF- the true is that Caparrós has never been sacked from any Primera club. At Sevilla CF he completed four full seasons at liga BBVA –plus one at Segunda- at Depor he completed two, plus other four with Athletic Bilbao. At RCD Mallorca he just completed 32 matchdays on the past season, but it was because he arrived in order to replace Michael Laudrup.

The only two times in which he was sacked before the end of the regular season were outside of la liga; firstly in his second year as a coach after been fired from Villarreal CF, club where he only completed seven matches at Segunda. Later in his wild adventure at Swiss Neuchâtel Xamax FC, club where he only lasted five games.

As a way of comparison, José Luis Oltra has just completed 69 matches at the elite of Spanish football.  This is the fifth meeting between these two coaches playing for la liga; the last one just took place four days ago as Depor and Mallorca drew 1-1 at the Riazor as part of the Copa Del Rey tournament. Finally to remember that Oltra was sacked from Almeria UD after a defeat at home against Caparrós’ Athletic Bilbao back on the season 2010/11.

Depor’s coach gave his press conference on Saturday’s morning; he talked with reporters for twenty minutes. He started explaining the importance of the meeting, “This isn’t a new game against Mallorca. This week we are facing Mallorca for the liga season 2012/13, so we must win and must give everything in order to achieve the goal. We must deserve the victory and add the three points, which would help us to live a different situation compared to the present.”

He also explained why Bodipo was picked for this game, “Anticipating what can occur in the game I have a fixed lineup in my mind, later I pick multi-functional people for the bench in order to have alternatives. Bodipo isn’t necessary a multi-functional player as he’s a player for a specific position, but he can be helpful at a certain point. Clearly he has experience and can bring a lot of things in case I need a striker, for this reason I have picked him. Yes, we’ve more options with the entry of Bodipo, but it doesn’t mean that we’ll do it.”

Then the Valencian man defended Bruno Gama after the latest criticism against him, “I don’t see that the lights are off for him, as you wrote today, I see him as a skillful player, we’ve high expectations on him and has a great potential; a player that with his attitude is always bringing a lot of stuff. I see him ready to do the right things, perhaps he hasn’t been fine in some games, but he’s important at this team.”

Asked about the association between Valerón and Juan Dominguez; he commented that, “With them you have goal and ball possession, though you lose other things. Perhaps you have other players that can be safer at defense; if you put a more defensive player you can steal more balls, but later you don’t know what to do. We don’t have Abel [Aguilar] or Jesús [Vázquez], but could opt in playing with André [Santos] or with Marchena, who became an international player performing in that position, or even Aythami and Ze Castro, they have also played there; we would earn some stuff, but will lose what I think is a virtue at this team: a playing style and a philosophy.”

He has a clear picture of what to expect from this game, “The other day wasn’t a test for tomorrow’s match; truly their team and ours are going to be different, because the competition is different as in Copa you have 180 minutes to decide a tie, but Thursday’s game wasn’t an exam in which I was putting players thinking of Sunday. Both are different games in which though we were playing with the same style. Tomorrow the idea in our minds is that, probably, the weight of the game will be at our side. Mallorca has a solid defense and counterattack; they are strong in set-pieces and are living a comfortable situation.”

Oltra admitted the possibility of playing with Riki on the right wing, “Yes, it’s a possibility we can use for any game, because he has played there before. Evidently you lose aids in defense; it’s similar to what Irureta was doing with Luque; actually Riki played there in Getafe, though they were playing with three centre midfielders, which balanced the team. In any case it’s a possibility as he’s a powerful player that can bring speed. I don’t know if we can use this option since the start of the games, but it’s a possibility.”

Later he was insisting that this game is going to be completely different from the clash in Copa Del Rey, “Both games are going to be different, but we are going to keep playing with our style. We’ll try to counteract their skills with our ideas and displaying our style, this in order to impose ourselves.”

Then the Catarroja-born tactician said that he isn’t worried about the possibility of seeing Mallorca putting a special mark over Valerón, “Caparrós isn’t fooling anyone, they could opt in marking Valerón, putting more pressure on him, but there’s a referee that will judge if these actions are correct and, secondly, we’ll seek for another alternatives in order to harm them. Deportivo isn't only Valerón.”

He’s conscious that Deportivo needs to improve the balance between having a powerful offense and to allow so many goals, “I judge the work of the team in terms of the goals that we have allowed, the other days we allowed one, but we also have a strong offensive potential. In past times here you were playing with five men at the back, five defenders and a defensive pivote, or four defenders and a two defensive pivotes; there are lot of ways to improve, and using these schemes I understand that we would win things in defense, but will probably lose other virtues that are converting us into an attractive team. As soon as we find that balance we are going to win the games, and that’s what we all want.”

Finally, Oltra admitted that the team feels the pressure to win, but is confident of his players’ experience, “We do have people with experience and quality; so I hope that we’ll show our best version and that the team will play with determination, always searching the victory since the first minute. As long as we’re more worried of the result, thinking of what the draw or the defeat will mean, it will be worse for the team; we need to be focused in competing, if we are focused in our jobs then we’ll be closer to achieve the victory, but if we are thinking in what the draw or the defeat would mean, then we’ll transmit more anxiety and nervousness, aspects that cannot be at the players’ minds.”

Mallorca’s coach didn’t give a press conference before the meeting; his team spent the end of the week in A Coruña and just attended to Abegondo on Thursday’s evening in order to complete the last training before the match against Deportivo.

After the session he was visited by the Depor’s peña called “Peña Joaquín Caparrós” from Santa Comba (A Coruña); he received a commemorative plaque; later the Valencian trainer published a message on his website, “It is very comforting that after all these years they are keeping intact the love and enthusiasm put into the creation of the peña and, above all, the way Francisco (the president of the peña) and all his partners are supporting me. Moreover, this time they had the detail of giving me a commemorative plaque, something that has been a great joy for me. From here I want to thank all the components of the peña and all the residents of Santa Comba for the love they give me every day.”

The last time he attended the media was after the Copa clash with Depor; he was happy for breaking the negative streak of defeats, “We have broken the negative streak of defeats and besides there as an additional component: we knew how to react. You know me, I´m always positive and you always need to search for the positive view. The tie remains open, and now we are going to define it in Majorca.”



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