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12 Nov 2012
Oltra was saying that he was content with the defensive work despite his team allowed five goals losing a two-goal lead. Pizzi believes that he didn’t deserve the red card and the rest of the players said that the expulsion conditioned the game.

Despite the team allowed five goals, coach José Luis Oltra said that he was content with the work done by his defense, “In football you can’t talk of justice after a 5-3… it’s better to shut up. My team made a game to claim the victory from Zaragoza, especially in the first part; later in the second the conditions didn’t allow us to add points. I want to congratulate the players, even in the defensive aspects. For me, defensively, my team has made a serious work.”

“Zaragoza scored five goals from nowhere; one in a penalty, two after corner-kicks, one in a free-kick and only one in a normal play. It isn’t that they scored when our team was disorganized.  It wasn’t for the way we played; in the first part we were clearly superior and were fine, having the ball possession, and we only missed to end the plays. Then the expulsion of Pizzi conditioned the game, though perhaps it wasn’t to allow so many goals.” He added.

Then the Valencian coach talked of Tiago Pinto’s debut, “He was in the same lane than the rest. I won’t give a note in public; you are the ones that make valorizations. For me he has made a serious game and fulfilled what we were asking from him.”

Finally, Oltra was upset when a reporter suggested that the team is feeling the pressure coming from the financial crisis hitting the club, “I wish to see you sitting here and that I will be making the same question; I would love to see what your answer was. The sun is going out tomorrow and I have the responsibility of preparing the next game. My job is to see that no one falls.”

Pizzi was the centre of all the criticism as he was sent off at the beginning of the second half; he complained that he didn’t deserve the second yellow, “In the play of the penalty, they touched me. I don’t know if it was enough to whistle the penalty, but surely it wasn’t to book me and sent me off. “

The Portuguese winger even assured that the stars in la liga would never receive this punishment, “This won’t be happening to Cristiano [Ronaldo] and Messi, but it happens to other players like me. Depor made a nice game and the red card clearly conditioned the result. We must stand up and continue fighting.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Aranzubia commented that, “The true is that the game was favourable with the 0-2. The penalty put them back in the fight and the expulsion is conditioning the game. They harmed us through the set-pieces, because they didn’t create danger in normal situations.”

Striker Riki was more critic with his team; the Madrilenian striker wasn’t happy at all with the way his team defended the stationary plays, “Truly the red card has marked the game. The key was there. It was that and the fact that we allowed five goals in set-pieces. To see the rival scoring four or five goals in set-pieces in meant that we did something wrong.”

Juan Carlos Valerón, who was the captain of the team, was more analytic, “We lose the games in isolated plays, punctual errors. The penalty put them back into the game, and since that point we were fine in the first part, later the expulsion conditioned the rest of the match. We were fine at defense, but suffered too much in set-pieces.”

“In those plays the referee can be right or wrong, but this is football, sometimes it’s favourable and in others it affects you. We must be clear: we didn’t lose due to the expulsion; it’s just that we weren’t fine defending the set-pieces.” He added.

Finally, El Flaco asked for patience and said that the financial crisis isn’t affecting the mood of the team, “It would be an error to say that what happened on the week is affecting us. We can’t say it. The situation will be more bearable as soon as we can achieve better results. We are doing things in the best possible way. Now we must beat Levante no matter how.”

At Real Zaragoza, coach Manolo Jimenez was saying that this was the best game on the season for his team, “It was a night to remember for the all the fans of Real Zaragoza and we must congratulate ourselves. There was a good vibe at the team after the accidental 0-2 and it isn’t easy to win after a game like this. We have achieved the comeback as the big teams.”



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