16 Jul 2006
Iago Iglesias is the only promoted player from Fabril that has won a place in the first squad. The youngster did a good job in the past season and coach Caparr�s trusts in him. The Galician midfielder talked with newspaper La Opini�n A Coru�a and shared his view for the new season.

Q: It's sure that 2006 is a year that you won't forget.
A: Personally, yes. I never imagined that I would see my debut with the first squad, to play the Teresa Herrera, with Spain's U-21 squad... it's difficult to forget. Collectively, it was a year in which we should improve, especially Fabril's end of season.

Q: Which one is the strongest moment that you keep in mind, debuting in Primera or the deception for not reaching the promotion to Segunda B with Fabril?
A: Everything is linked. You remember the good things and also the bad moments. I keep paper cuts in my home in order to remember everything.

Q: Did your life change during these months?
A: Not at all, it keeps the same. The only difference is that my ideas about football have changed. It isn't a hobby anymore, it's now my job. The rest continues to be the same, I still have the same girlfriend, my studies and my friends.

Q: With Dani Mallo going out of the squad, you are now the only Galician boy in the team, the only reference that Riazor will see.
A: This situation depends on the circumstances. If I don't play, the people will search for another reference. Somebody with charisma, it happened before with Scaloni, a guy that doesn't come from Fabril, but that had a special relationship with the fans. No matter what, the fact of being the only player coming from Fabril in the first squad is an honour and not a responsibility.

Q: Do you feel the support and the love of the fans?
A: Yes. I don't know why this happens, maybe because I played some games, or maybe because I was the first going out from Fabril since a while ago. In any case I am very happy.

Q: You have to remember that Riazor is very demanding.
A: But it�s a step that everybody should make. Every player felt the same. I want to pass this test, if I don't make it...

Q: You enjoy playing football, it should be hard now that you must enter to the pitch as an obligation.
A: If I were seeing this as an obligation, I won't be capable to do it. I don't even see it as a job. It can't be compared to other activities.

Q: It means that you will play with the objective of just having fun.
A: But taking in mind that I have a responsibility and following the orders indicated by the coach. It's clear that it isn't an obligation, it will be too heavy for me and I can't carry this weight. We must be on the pitch without thinking of the repercussions. We play football in order to have a good time, to win matches of course too, but especially to spend a good time. There are other interests, but for me it isn't a responsibility.

Q: What is more complicated, to be the symbol of the team or to be trying to enjoy the game?
A: It isn't a matter of being a symbol, is about going out without thinking of what will happen.

Q: There are a lot of signings arriving to the club, but you ended as starter on the past campaign and Valer�n still out. Does this tell you something?
A: It's my first year, I have to learn a lot of things and try to improve. I see that the team now has an important balance and if these guys are coming here it's for something. What happened on the past season won't be worthy for me, what matters the most is your daily work and nobody can beat me there.

Q: It seems that this squad is very young.
A: Young and hungrier to make things in football. The coach wants people compromised. Young people waiting to grow up.

Q: It seems that the number 10 is waiting for you.
A: It's a number that I like, but I also want the number 41. But I don't really care, the important thing is the shirt that you wear, not the number.

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