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20 Nov 2012
The media recognized the sacrifice of Deportivo and also the misfortunes that led to a new defeat in la liga. This time the papers didn’t complain too much of the performance of the team and preferred to list the circumstances of the match.

La Voz De Galicia: Against the adversity, the fans demonstrated the support for the club with a human chain, and in the second half the fans resurrected a team in need of faith that was wiped out in the first half. Even when Alex Bergantiños had to go under the posts, the stands never fainted and make believe their players that the goal was possible. But Levante was at the other side, a real bone, which eventually led the three points to fly away from the Riazor.

Levante is armed with the same patterns as many clubs aspiring to glory in regional leagues: A bossy goalkeeper, two central defenders beyond been forceful, a midfield sector that’s ordered and balanced, a great specialist in set-pieces and a striker capable of running one hundred meters in ten seconds. And order, much order. Juan Ignacio Martinez successfully projected football with this model and has given so much joy on the hard fields across Primera and Europe. In the first half Levante didn’t concede any opportunity and approached to the area of Aranzubia with danger. Deportivo played what Juan Ignacio Martinez wanted. Deportivo was absent. It cried for the pause.

In the second half, in an isolated play, the script of the game changed completely. A clear penalty from Pedro Lopez ended with Riki willing to draw the game from the penalty spot and with the visiting player going to the shower. But the striker sent the ball over the crossbar. The move did little to level the match, but it lighted the Riazor. The stadium awoke the team from their slumber infecting it with unwavering faith.

That's when the game started to be played according to what Depor wanted, or at least to what works best for them. The Galician outfit felt the embrace of the fans and was launched into the epic. Oltra ordered the third substitution with Bodipo replacing Juan Dominguez and enjoyed clear opportunities before Munúa's goal. The whole team furiously pushed in the attacking half. It deserved the draw. It just missed the aim. Fran Balado

La Opinión A Coruña:  A string of misfortunes. This time you cannot blame Deportivo for anything. Only the collective lack of concentration in the 0-1. It gave everything and did everything humanly possible to overcome Martins’ goal, but bad luck, sometimes, and excessive anxiety, in others, condemned the Galician team to a new defeat, victim of a string of misfortunes that started early, with the early injuries of Marchena and Zé Castro. Neither helped the unsettling work of Perez Lasa, an old sheriff too eager to be protagonist, and the misfortune of Riki from the penalty spot.

Levante didn’t fool anyone. It did what it knows best: to hold on at the back, patiently waiting to meet one of those opportunities that are rarely missed by a striker as Martins. He missed the first, because he lasted too much to define the play and Laure was faster (18’). In the following one, the Nigerian made no mistake. He simply had to pick up a ball from Munúa to ride along and sign the goal (40’). Excessive passivity from the Galician team and jackpot for the Granota outfit, used to extract oil from such actions. Pure Football primitive, direct, without combinations, but effective enough, that's what counts.

It’s not that Deportivo had made a great first half, but it didn’t deserve to go into halftime with the disadvantage in the scoresheet. Levante had the game where it wanted. It only remained to dig deeper into their area and look for another error from the rival to finalize the game with a second goal. With what they didn’t count was to remain outnumbered at the very beginning of the second act.

Without Pizzi, absent through suspension, it was Riki who went into the penalty spot. He assumed responsibility convinced he was going to score after missing one penalty the opening day, against Osasuna. That time he opted for placement and found the post. Perhaps that’s why he opted yesterday for the strength. He released a powerful shot, but into the clouds. He could have amended the situation three minutes later with a one-on-one action against Uruguayan Munúa, but he miraculously made the save. Again, luck turned his back to the Madrilenian.

It didn’t matter to lose by a goal or to do it by two or three. It was a matter of risking trying to get something positive. Depor understood it that way, so it went out for the equalizer. It tried to widen the field hanging balls and also trying from the centre. It found few spaces, enough to create some chances with more heart than with the head, but enough to not lose. Levante, hanging from the crossbar, miraculously survived at such offensive onslaught. Laure, Bruno, Ayoze, Camuñas, Abel, Valerón, Riki, Bodipo... Even Aythami joined the attack without complexes. Many people close to the penalty area. And they didn’t watch their backs. The ideal scenario for Levante in order to kill the match as Barkero did, with a tight shot (0-2). Difficult for any goalkeeper. Impossible for the good of Álex. There were eight minutes remaining. Deportivo didn’t surrender. It tries, it remained scoreless, but at least it showed that’s alive.  Eugenio Cobas

Marca: There are mornings when the best it's to not get up. It was what Deportivo discovered at the Riazor against an effective Levante that fulfilled its mission by a great striker called Obafemi Martins. The Nigerian managed to make life difficult for Oltra, the coach watched helplessly from the sidelines as things got twisted from the very beginning.

The coach lost his centre backs before the first quarter hour. Marchena suffered a new injury after 7 minutes and Zé Castro called for the change at the 14 'due to a hamstring problem. Aythami and Abel Aguilar went into the pitch and the Canarian plus Alex Bergantiños formed the improvised centre of the defense. The experimental defense of Deportivo swallowed a long throw and the Nigerian took the gift to beat Aranzubia. This time it was clear what he had to do and got rid of the goalie with a quick move to the left. After the break, the match erupted.

A cross of Bruno Gama coming from the right was finished off at the far post by Camuñas and Pedro Lopez cleared the ball with the hand. Second yellow for the side defender, expulsion and penalty in favor of Deportivo. With Pizzi suspended, Riki was responsible for the penalty. And he sent the ball into the clouds, like Ramos or Neymar. It wasn’t the day of Deportivo’s striker, who failed a one-on-one action before Munúa at the 58 'and after a pass from teacher Valerón.

Oltra allowed the entry of Bodipo replacing Juan Dominguez searching for an equalizer, but found no more changes available when Aranzubia tackled Martins outside the area at the 70th minute. Bergantiños was placed in goal and from there he saw how his team went above searching for an epic comeback. Ballesteros stopped two great actions inside the area.

Levante knew that Depor was playing without a goalkeeper, but could not reach the area. Martins was pretty tired and made room for Angel before Barkero proved to be the smartest guy. At the first chance he placed the ball around the post making it impossible for Bergantiños. It was the end of a miserable match for Depor leaving Oltra in the pillory. Fran Villalobos

El Mercantil Valenciano: Lethal verticality. No matter the stage or the rival, Levante UD is a recognizable team, a harsh opponent that will not notice its limitations, hidden with an enormous capacity for sacrifice that always makes it competitive. Since the defensive strength, the necessary doses of good luck, and vertical football with the spark of quality from Obafemi Martins, yesterday Levante UD knocked down Deportivo at the Riazor. Three very sweaty points,  like the rest of those that will come, the same ones that put Juan Ignacio Martinez’s team in the European orbit and open a lovely distance of ten points above the relegation zone.

Deportivo, great rival, poured in a continuous siege without reward, without surrendering to the strength of the rival’s defense and against its own misfortune, with two substitutions due to injury before the first quarter hour, a missed penalty and the expulsion of Aranzubia in the final stretch, forcing Bergantiños to occupy the goalkeeper’s place. Martins collapsed all the Galician dignity with a goal that breaks his drought away from Orriols and also provoking the red card of Aranzubia.

The injuries of Marchena and Zé Castro didn’t alter the will of Deportivo to move the ball and to be the dominant team. Levante UD retreated the lines and took off all the danger generated by the locals, very sharp on the wings, with Bruno Gama and Camuñas. The aerial work of Ballesteros and David Navarro, observed very closely after all the controversy with Real Madrid, was flawless throughout the match. Vicent Chilet



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