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20 Nov 2012
Oltra and his players were convinced that there were a lot of circumstances that allowed Levante to pick up the three points from this game. Lendoiro, meanwhile, couldn’t believe how Depor missed to achieve a positive outcome.

A serious José Luis Oltra attended to the press room trying to explain how the defeat happened, “Today the defeat can only be explained due to the circumstances of the game, which are pretty clear. By minute 12 you already have the two starting centre-backs out injured, after eight minutes in the second part you miss a penalty having a numeric advantage, which was the possibility of the tie, and when you are pushing harder then it occurred, the expulsion of the keeper.”

“Still, I want to remain with the game displayed by the team, we literally passed over the rival in the second part. It’s hard to explain how did we allow two goals, also why you didn’t score having things under control since the start and after having so many opportunities in the second part… but this is football, it’s time to get up and since tomorrow to think of the visit to Bilbao.” He added.

Despite the current situation at the standings, with Deportivo living inside the drop zone, the Valencian coach assured that he remains optimistic, "I have plenty of confidence in my team. I would be worried if I wouldn't see enough arguments, but we remain hopeful. “

Finally, Oltra complained of the referee, “If there are rules, and if the protest against the referees aren’t allowed, then it’s great, but it shouldn’t be only against Pizzi and Aranzubia, but also for Hélder Postiga and Martins; or the players of Valencia and Racing Santander at Segunda; it should be the same for everyone. Before the game you were talking of the influence of the meeting Levante-Real Madrid, well it turned to be the opposite. I want to thing that, if we are watching errors, it isn’t on purpose.”

Juan Dominguez was feeling sorry as Deportivo didn’t find the way to pick up a positive result, “I think we tried everything; crosses into the area, plays by the centre… they never created danger, and you need to be alert before them, and we did all of this, but the circumstances didn’t allow us to get a positive outcome. It was necessary to make two early changes and it was difficult.”

The Galician midfielder didn’t want to judge the job of referee Perez Lasa, constantly criticized by the locals, “Today I don’t want to talk of the referee; people already watched what happened and nothing more. I won’t judge his decisions. We can’t think of it and there’s no explanation.”

Ayoze Diaz was feeling sorry for the different circumstances that influenced in the game, “It was a pity; the team did everything possible in order to pick up the three points. It was a pity that we had to make two early substitutions. Later we had a penalty that was the chance to put us back into the game. Everything was a pity as we sought for the equalizer.”

“It was a game of circumstances; a game in which we offered everything, but it turned to be impossible. I think the team gave everything on the pitch and the ball didn’t want to enter. The game was for us, but it was a pity. We knew it was going to be an ugly game… and well… I don’t think we deserved so many yellow cards. Now it’s time to stand up and think of the next game. We are feeling screwed. We wanted a good result in order to leave the bottom places. Clearly people are screwed inside the changing room.” The Canarian defender added

Álex Bergantiños had a very particular game, playing in three different positions throughout the 90 minutes, even performing as a keeper. He confessed that Oltra told him to be at the goalie as nobody wanted the job after Aranzubia was sent off. Later he commented that, “There were several circumstances, like the injuries and the red card of Dani [Aranzubia], later we harassed the rival and had several opportunities. We are seeing too many yellow cards and the situation is different for the rivals. Last week it happened to Pizzi and now to Dani and I believe that we don’t deserve this, but well… this things happen and we need to focus.”

“It was what we expected; Levante found a goal in a long throw, something they like. Still, we tried to attack and had a penalty in favour, so the important thing is that the team fought and we are leaving screwed as it wasn’t possible. They just seized the opportunities. I don’t know if we can say that the result wasn’t fair, because they were also fine.” The midfielder added.

President Augusto César Lendoiro couldn’t believe how his team lost this encounter, “These are the kind of games that after the final whistle you ask to yourself: how could we have lost this game? And it wasn’t only the loss, but the way it occurred, the injuries and the circumstances surrounding the match. What we can say is that the team gave everything and neither can we deny the sacrifice of the players. Levante played with the style that brought them the positive results. Surely they will resolve other games in the same way, which certainly isn’t brilliant.”

“Apart for the sorrow of the defeat, I am pleased of seeing the players and the fans been so great; in that sense you feel grateful. I believe we could leave the last places, because we remain close to the other clubs, and we should be aware that this team is strong and consistent.” Depor’s boss added.

At Levante, coach Juan Ignacio Martinez admitted that Deportivo was superior to his team, “We are very pleased. During the first half it looked like we had everything under control, but in the second part you have seen what happened, we were left with one less man and had a penalty against us. Deportivo had overwhelmed us in the game, but we managed to bail water.”

“We must recognize what happened in the game; the opponent had to change their two centre-backs early in the first half. The penalty could have tied things perfectly then the game was conditioned by their goalkeeper’s sending off. Depor have played well, although merit to Levante for not giving up. I never talk about the referees, but today Perez Lasa was worthy. He had to be cool and today he was good. He had to have enough personality to make the decisions that he believed in, whether right or wrong, and he has not wavered. He has demonstrated his expertise, and he has done very well.” The coach added.



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