17 Jul 2006
Fabi�n Estoyanoff arrived to Deportivo hoping to prove that he is ready to shine in Spain. The Uruguayan winger talked with newspaper <i>La Voz de Galicia</i> and related the adaptation period that he lived in La Liga during his past season participation with C�diz. Estoyanoff didn't want to promise a certain number of goals, but he said that he will contribute with several assistances during the new campaign.

Q: It seems that you are coming here with great expectations.
A: Yes, the truth is that you are right on that. I have played 32 matches with Uruguay and I am coming from a big club in my country, but Valencia is still waiting to see me adapting to La Liga. Last year I learned the differences with the Uruguayan football. Now I am ready and I think this will be a great year for me and for Deportivo.

Q: Curiously, the Uruguayans always talk of difficulties in order to find an adaptation to the Spanish football.
A: Yes, that�s because in my country we play in dry pitches and the grass is taller. For that reason football is slower, totally different. Here you must be used to see the ball coming faster, there is no time to think . You could spend six or seven months learning this facts, maybe for this reason the year that I spent in C�diz was useful. Besides I meet there an Uruguayan coach, V�ctor Esp�rrago, he helped me a lot.

Q: Who by the way is very well appreciated by Caparr�s. I guess that he asked for special reports about your progress.
A: I believe he did. The coaches talk and ask a lot of things about the players. Esp�rrago has taught me a lot of things, he gave me clear ideas, and you learn a lot in this way. Now I hope that I can exploit this year and that Depor will end in the highest position at the end.

Q: We had a lot of Uruguayans in the recent times: Mun�a, Pandiani, Taborda...
A: The Uruguayan player never gave a ball as lost, he likes to run and help the squad. I believe that the Uruguayans like to leave their life on the pitch, it's our characteristic: push and run. For that reason you see a lot of us in the European market.

Q: It's a speech that remind us to the one of Walter Pandiani.
A: I know him. I also know Taborda, who had bad luck with the injuries. But he is also a player as I described before, one that always helps the squad. It's the mentality that we learn in Uruguay and that's what we try to do. For this reason I can't say if I will live a good year here, I can only say that I will give my life for a team that has trusted in me. I will give everything for this squad.

Q: Frustrated for not been able to play in the World Cup?
A: Yes, it's one of the worst things in my career. Uruguay for its history, has to be in any World Cup. We missed a lot of goals against Australia and we still hurt for that defeat, but life goes on and we can't stop now. We must look beyond.

Q: Left or right wing?
A: Right wing...

Q: And those tells about your multifunctional skills?
A: Esp�rrago used me in that position and with Uruguay I also occupied the left wing, but I prefer to perform in the right.

Q: Will you promise a certain number of goals for the next season?
A: No. We will see later. I made a similar promise on the past year and I didn't fulfil it. What I promise is to make a lot of assistances.

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