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01 Nov 2005
The absence of V?­ctor has been one of Caparros' headaches during the season. He has proved options like R??ben Castro, De Guzm??n and the same Munitis in order to cover the right wing. Now it seems that his prayers have found an answer since the Madrilian winger ultimates his return to the fields.

On Monday it was possible to see V?­ctor training with normality, the same situation happened with Pablo Amo and Momo meaning that Taborda and Andrade are the only injured players in the squad. The participation of the Madrilian winger with the squad is one of the most expected returns for Caparr??s since he had to improvise the position of right winger during the current campaign.

Asked about the situation of the three players Caparr??s answered that he saw them in "a very high level". However, V?­ctor is the only one that seems with enough chances to participate with the squad against M??laga. It must be remembered that Pablo Amo was discarded by Caparr??s in the pre-season and Momo had only a few chances to play.

This situation is confirmed with the words of the Sevillan coach answering about the chances of V?­ctor for the game at La Rosaleda: "The player has high hopes and it's a phenomenal choice that we have. I have a lot of confidence in him since he has enough experience and a level that we are needing, specially in a position that we had to reconstruct."

On Monday Caparr??s continued with his special training sessions dedicated to the young categories. On this opportunity it was time for the strikers. Aridane, Capelo and Efr?©n (Deportivo A juvenil); Dani Bea and A?±??n (Deportivo B juvenil); Carballeira (Deportivo A cadete); ?lex P?©rez and Iago (Deportivo A infantil) were the boys called in order to train at Abegondo.

The Sevillan trainer expressed his satisfaction with the work of Fabril so far and he wanted to emphasize one more time the importance of the young squads: "The boys are important to us, Tito Ramallo (Fabril's coach) use some of the player coming from the 'Juveniles' category and I do the same with the boys of Fabril, we are winning games and the things continues to happen. The ascend of Fabril to Segunda will be important because the jump into the first team will be less difficult for the players."

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