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01 Dec 2012
Mixed readings from the returning leg in Copa, for some journalists believe that Deportivo played a boring game, for others the less habitual players left a positive impression. The consensus is that Depor never wanted to continue alive in the competition.

La Voz de Galicia: Good-bye to the Cup. Depor’s team was eliminated in the first round of the Cup after a bad game in which, despite everything, it deserved a better fortune. The appearance on the field of Valerón and Bruno Gama meant the final push against a slacker opponent that got the top prize with the minimal effort. The true is that they only really decided to push as the clock ran against them and when the rival begun to caress the pass to the next round, where Sevilla wait for them. Oltra’s men still have the league, the tough course that will mark their final note to the season.

In a vulgar match both teams practiced a fruitless game at midfield, because they barely stepped into the rival’s area. As in the double meeting a month ago at the Riazor, Depor felt more comfortable having the ball possession, but barely knew what to do with it, and Mallorca gave up openly, because they feel stronger playing close to their goalie. They also were aware that the initial tie automatically meant the qualification for them, thanks to a draw in the first-leg at the Riazor with the goal of Geromel in a set-piece.

Their trick to bring down the Galicians turned to be the same. Because at Depor, side that still missing their injured players and full of unusual starters with only Lux, Pizzi and Aythami repeated regarding the squad of San Mamés, it choked at the moment of generating football. They played and played away from the local area, but only demanded Aouate in a few opportunities. In the first half only Juan Dominguez, after an elegant play of Pizzi, gave some problems to the former goalie of Deportivo, and after the break the commitment of Camuñas, who provided a cross to see Bodipo heading close to the post.

In the final stretch, Oltra unleashed Bruno Gama, the fitter player at Deportivo, and Valerón, on his return before the fans that applauded his debut at Primera fifteen years ago. The heroic end, with Aythami playing as a striker, was useless. The last change, with Riki on the bench, meant to see the coach calling Tiago Pinto, he was sending a message to his players: The Cup isn’t the war of Depor. Pedro Barreiros

La Opinión A Coruña: Depor chose the League. Deportivo fell in the knockout stage of Copa Del Rey at the Iberostar, in a game in which the team struggled to overcome the defensive wall of Mallorca, side that knew how to seize the valuable draw in the first-leg (1-1). The Galician team had the ball possession and the chances to score, but it lasted too much to go out with everything for the game.

With more heart than head Deportivo sought the goal from the first minute, but when the uncertainties dominate the game it’s difficult to obtain something positive from the insulting percentage of ball possession enjoyed by the Galicians. Oltra’s outfit was moving the ball over the grass, but couldn’t disturb the goal of Aouate.

Deportivo decided too late to go out for the game, until the stoppage time. The Galician team, with Aythami almost playing like a central striker and Jesus Vazquez helping Insua, besieged again and again the area of Mallorca, side that was pulling out the ball the best they could.

Even the cracks left behind by Deportivo weren’t encouraging Caparrós’ men to attack, they were more aware of reserving the strength for the league. It was the reward for the slacker football against a Deportivo that aroused and wanted to amend its lack of bite in search of success during the final minutes. Bodipo had the chance to redeem himself, he forced Fontàs to divert his shot. Again and again the Galicians collided with a wall. In the end, out of the Cup without losing a game, but with the feeling that the team could have done more. End of the crossroads, Depor chose the league. Zeltia Regueiro

Deporte Campeón: Luck doesn’t drink from the cup. The Cup is dead, la liga is on. No more KO competition for Deportivo, unfairly and prematurely, because in both, the aggregate and yesterday’s game, Deportivo was superior to Caparrós’ team. The men of Oltra jumped into the grass with clear ideas and with the feeling that, from the first minutes, it was more concentrated than the opponent. It was necessary to win and the Galicians sought for it.

Despite not moving the scoresheet the true is that the first part was clearly favourable to Deportivo. It was the team that carried with the weight of the match, it played better, with more fresh ideas, and had a couple of opportunities, something that Mallorca didn’t even smelled.

Mallorca, surely pushed by their coach at half-time, came out with the 'batteries' charged and locked Deportivo at their area within the first minutes of the second half. It was an ephemeral dominion though, because the Galicians quickly assumed the control over the actions. The team waited for Mallorca at midfield, but gradually progressed on the pitch, taking side at the Balearic territory, sometimes with more chances to score. The impression left was good, the less habitual played were fine, so everybody was happy despite the elimination. The match with Betis, on Sunday, is another story. Alberto Torres

Marca:  Mallorca does the minimum. It’s a lie that all goals are worth the same. It can be confirmed by Deportivo, side that was eliminated because of the goal scored by Geromel at the Riazor, something that cost the pass to the Galicians. Little more was needed by Mallorca. It did enough to seize the mattress and moved into the next round of the Cup, where Sevilla wait.

In Majorca there were no goals and very little things occurred. Deportivo was eliminated, but the world is not over. Of course it didn’t want to turn the page, but knew that what matters is not played during midweek. It didn’t move any mountain in order to pass the round. Both teams closed the case and the game only had some excitement in the final two opportunities that were missed by Bodipo. For him it was life, also for Cristeto, the youth player that debuted with the Balearic first team.

The side that needed to risk was Depor and played with the handbrake on. For Mallorca it was enough to keep order and shake hands with the mate, something that will always be present at Caparrós’ teams. The few things demanded by Deportivo to Mallorca were thanks to Pizzi, who was above the average, but Oltra didn’t let him finish the game. At the71´, Bruno Gama replaced him, yes, but he didn’t allow the entry of Riki. Sometimes it seemed that everything was the same, but Bodipo wanted to be where Mallorca is now. In the end, another drink from the cup cannot be bad. Delfin Melero



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