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03 Dec 2012
A terrible and punctual decision of Oltra meant to lose three new points at home; the coach weakened the defense trying to obtain the victory, but ended suffering a new loss at the Riazor. Riki scored a brace, just like Rubén Castro.

No surprises in the lineup presented by Oltra; only Aythami and Pizzi were repeating their presence compared to the team that played in Copa Del Rey. Aranzubia defended the goal, Laure played at the right-back position, Ayoze performed on the left, while Roderick was joining Aythami at the centre of the defense.

Colombian Abel Aguilar and Juan Dominguez performed at midfield, Portuguese Bruno Gama was attacking from the right wing; his compatriot Pizzi did it from the left, Juan Carlos Valerón was the playmaker in the draw and Riki was the central attacker.

Betis was presenting some novelties in the 4-2-3-1 draw; Ángel wasn’t fit to play and therefore coach Pepe Mel sent Javi Chica to perform at the right-back position; Jorge Molina was also a novelty joining ex-Depor Rubén Castro in attack. Rubén acted on the right wing and Molina at the centre of the attack. It was a cold day in A Coruña; the temperature was 11 °C. Still, there was a solid attendance to the Riazor.

Pure irony at the Riazor. Deportivo deserved much more, but Betis just needed one opportunity to score and claim the lead. Besides, the goal was scored by Rubén Castro, an ex-Depor player that already scored seven times on the Primera season, just when Deportivo have been looking for a goal-scorer within the last decade.

The first chance to score was an error of Abel Aguilar that almost left Rubén Castro alone before Aranzubia, but the keeper was faster and got the ball first (3’). That was one of the two errors committed within the first forty minutes. Deportivo was having the ball possession and soon began to search for the opposite goal.

Betis, meanwhile, was locked at the back waiting to release a counterattack, but Depor’s defense defense was alert, while Álex and Abel Aguilar were controlling midfield territory, reason why the visitors weren’t stepping into Depor’s area.

The first shot on target turned to be a great opportunity for Deportivo; Bruno Gama made a great play on the right wing and entered into the area trying to drill the ball into the penalty spot, but it hit a rival and changed the trajectory going into the path of Riki, who fired from the box, but visiting goalie b>Adrian San Miguel made the save (14’). In the resulting corner-kick Roderick sent the ball over the crossbar.

At minute 18, a quick play at the edge of the area ended with Valerón assisting Ayoze, who fired from long-range, but he missed the target. Just two minutes later Valerón hit the crossbar after a wonderful play at the edge of the area. It just confirmed the dominion of the locals. At minute 22, Álex fired from the edge of the area after a corner-kick, but his drilling shot was too easy for Adrian.

Betis had a clear chance at minute 23; it was a counterattack in which Rubén Castro drilled the ball to Jorge Molina, who fired from the box, but Aranzubia made the save. Depor were still attacking and having the best chances; Riki was pretty active moving at the centre and on the wings, while Valerón looked accurate with his passes. The team was focused at defense and was looking pretty dangerous, but it missed the main thing: to score a goal.

At minute 38, a great combinative play of Depor ended with Riki making a long run on the right wing to end sending a strong shot that Adrian cleared to corner-kick. And then Betis were going to score the lonely goal in this half, it was only the second error of the defense within the first 40 minutes. It was a counterattack on the right side that ended with Nacho releasing an accurate cross that Rubén Castro met at the far post.

Ayoze and Roderick were just standing at the area watching how the Canarian striker crossed Aranzubia with a surgical header. The goal changed the game for the remaining six minutes in the half, because Depor were transformed into a disorganized team, while Betis became more dangerous and even had the chance to increase the lead with a drilling shot of Jorge Molina that was stopped by Aranzubia (44’).

“To swim to end dying at the border” It’s a common Spanish expression that clearly resumes what happened in the second part. Depor suffered the big hit of a second goal and replied quickly scoring twice, but the error of Oltra hurrying the entry of Bodipo and leaving the defense with only three players allowed the resurrection of Betis and the great goal of Campbell.

The second part started with Deportivo hurried in attack, while Betis were putting a lot of pressure at midfield. For this reason the Andalusians were stealing the ball close to the Depor’s are and were looking pretty dangerous, but Depor were also attacking with quick moves.

Therefore it wasn’t surprising to see both teams scoring three goals within seven minutes; first a repetition of the first goal. Nacho lead a counterattack on the right and released a new precise cross that surprised the whole defense and again Rubén Castro crossed Aranzubia, this time with a precise drilling attempt.

But Deportivo just needed six minutes to react; firstly Bruno Gama tried to release a cross that hit a rival, the ball turned into a high volley that was headed into the area by Laure, it surprised the visiting defensive line and Riki headed the ball past Adrian.

Five minutes later Pizzi throw a free-kick from the right; his high cross went into the area and couldn’t be cleared by the visiting defense, in the end Valerón threw himself into the ground to make a short assist to Riki, and the Madrilenian drilled the ball into the far post with an accurate touch.

The madness continued and both sides had the chance to score again; at minute 64, Álex Bergantiños stole the ball at the edge of the area and released a high shot that was saved by Adrian. Two minutes later Campbell unleashed a quick counterattack that ended with a crossed shot of Molina; it just missed the far post by inches.

At minute 69, Pizzi fired a strong shot from the left side of the area, but Adrian made a great save.  Then Oltra went out for the game and switched the draw into a 3-5-2 as Bodipo replaced Roderick.

It was a terrible decision and the explanation to Depor’s defeat, because despite Pepe Mel allowed the entry of a more defensive Rubén Pérez [big whistles against him] replacing attacker Jorge Molina, the visitors were looking pretty dangerous in the counterattack and the exit of Roderick just made things worse. Álex retreated and was trying to help Aythami, but it didn’t fix the things and Depor were looking broken in two pieces. Besides, Bodipo barely touched the ball and his only contribution was a foul in favour of the Galicians.

And the third goal of Betis was the demonstration of the error; it was a counterattack in which Beñat didn’t face any problem to end assisting Joel Campbell, who released an impressive shot from the left corner of the area that was impossible for Aranzubia

Deportivo’s players were mad and they were tried to attack, but were facing big problems to pass midfield, reason why Betis was more dangerous attacking a defensive line with only three men, the Andalusians should have killed the game, but  Campbell incredibly missed the target after a great assist of substitute Vadillo (73’) and later the attempt of Rubén Castro was an easy catch for Aranzubia (81’).  Still, The locals had the last chances in the game, but the shot of Ayoze went wide (90+1’) and later Pizzi smashed the ball into the barrier during the last free-kick (90+5’)

It can’t be said that Betis didn’t deserved the victory, after all it was an intelligent and brave team that knew when to strike, but neither Deportivo deserved to lose. It was the best side in the major part of the clash and had clear chances to score, and it just paid an expensive price after Oltra switched the draw leaving the defensive line with three men, just what Betis needed to end clinching the victory.

The result leaves Deportivo again in relegation, this time penultimate at the standings and just one point above last place RCD Espanyol. And on next Sunday the team must visit powerful Atletico Madrid (19h00 CET), and to make things worse Aythami is suspended after picking his fifth yellow card on the league season.

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Roderick (Bodipo 71’), Aythami, Ayoze – Álex Bergantiños, Abel Aguilar – Bruno Gama, Valerón (Camuñas 80’), Pizzi – Riki.
Betis: (4-2-3-1) Adrián - Chica, Amaya, Dorado, Nacho - Beñat, Cañas – Rubén Castro, Salva Sevilla (Vadilla 62’), Campbell (Nosa 87’) – Molina (Rubén Pérez 68’)
Goals: 0-1: (38’) Rubén Castro, 0-2: (54’) Rubén Castro, 1-2: (55’) Riki, 2-2: (60’) Riki, 2-3: (76’) Campbell.
Referee: Carlos Del Cerro Grande. He showed yellow card to Ayoze (41’), Aythami (43’), Rubén Pérez (82’), Salva Sevilla (61’), Abel Aguilar (76’), Beñat (87’), Adrian (90+2’) and Dorado (90+3’)
Venue: Riazor (28,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (57% - 43%); Attempts to score (11 – 12); Total shots (17 - 12); Shots on target (7 - 7); Saves by the keepers (4 - 5); Corner-kicks  (12 - 5); Offsides (3 - 3); Fouls committed (9 - 16); Passing accuracy (82.44% - 76.85%)




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