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04 Dec 2012
Oltra defended himself after the polemic change that was criticized by the media and the public; the players were feeling sorry for the newest defeat at home, while Lendoiro didn’t want to talk of the possible destitution of Depor’s tactician.

Coach José Luis Oltra was overwhelmed with questions regarding the substitution that he made in the second half and that meant to switch the draw into a 3-5-2; he said that, “The question is strange to me; I made the substitution because I wanted to win, obviously. We were dominating and putting the ball inside the area; I just pulled out the striker I had on the bench, but at that precise moment they have taken off Jorge Molina, leaving Rubén Castro alone up front, so I talked to Bodipo and also to Álex [Bergantiños], who was going to help at defense, this in order to not lose the balance. The plan was to have Valerón as the link and two strikers, this in order to win the game.”

“The modifications are always made according to the result; later the final result, for me, isn’t reflecting the merits of the team, that’s my opinion. I believe that in the first part we deserved more; the team combined and had arrivals; we didn’t have too many problems; what happens is that we’re living that kind of negative streak in which they score after enjoying the half of a chance. They scored the second goal just after the kick-off in the second part, but the players reacted and later we tried to win. El Flaco had a great chance to score as he hit the crossbar. If it is for the change, I must accept it, I am the one responsible.” He added.

Then the Valencian trainer was feeling sorry for the current miserable situation of Deportivo at the standings, “It’s worrying, naturally. I believe the team has lesser points than football, but the true is that this isn’t a matter of football, but of points. We need to add and we aren’t doing it; it’s a hard job for us; since that point we need to work and trust in our daily work; this in order to win the games and surpass this situation as soon as possible.”

He continued defending his decisions, “The team wanted to win, which is what we always try to do. Later the analysis is made according to the results. In Vigo, as example, I made other substitutions and it was too little for people, also to only add a point. I was crucified for doing the opposite to what I did today, why? Because that day we didn’t win. And why people will crucify me now? Because we neither won? These are decisions that you make, something I understood was the right thing. What if I don’t make the change and still they score remains to be 2-3? Their counterattacks came at the end, when the score was already 2-3. The third goal wasn’t cause because we had three men at the back line; it was because Campbell released a shot from 30 meters that went into the top corner.”

Finally, Oltra said that he believes is the salvation of Deportivo, “What we do is always made in order to win; I don’t want to play attractive football for the public. We don’t play for the audience; we play in order to win. I believe these are our characteristics for the players that we have and later I try to make my best decisions in order to win. We need to be united and rely in the strength of the group and the fans; the public pulled us when things were worse, and I am convinced that, united, we are going to pull this one out.”

The players were feeling pretty bad after been so close to add the points; the first proof of this were the comments of Bruno Gama, “We’re sad and disappointed, but the team needs to lift the head up and continue working. Everybody saw that we were the superior side; we tried everything, but luck wasn’t at our side and I believe that it was the only thing that we missed. We risked because we need to win games.”

Riki scored a brace, but he was feeling sorry for the chances that were missed, “The first goal of Betis was a big hit to us and we tried to score. I had one opportunity from close range and later El Flaco hit the woodwork; in the end they scored and claimed the lead, so we had to come from behind.”

“We must rely on our playing style; the team was always fine and we have made very solid matches. The team is conscious of what we are doing wrong and also of what we aren’t doing so wrong. I don’t like to repeat what happened two seasons ago, but the true is that I don’t see parallelisms to what occurred then. The team is feeling fine with this style. We need to be solid in a collective sense and seize our strengths.” The Madrilenian attacker added.

Álex Bergantiños is convinced that Deportivo is paying a high price for the punctual errors committed by the team, “We are screwed; we’re paying a very expensive price due to the defensive errors. We must insist on this. Offensively we must continue like this, because we create more opportunities than the rival. Football remains to be unfair with us.”

“The team is intense and is enjoying of scoring opportunities; I believe things would have been different if we would have scored first. Truly the team was broken after the 2-2, but they also scored a great goal that’s rarely watched. We saw that the victory was close after coming back from the 0-2, but we cannot stay with this; we need to analyze the errors and look to the future, because you cannot change the past. Fate is always favourable to the rival.” The midfielder added.

Similar was the speech of Ayoze Diaz, “We tried everything, but haven’t been lucky enough during the matches. We did enough to deserve a positive result, but the rival, somehow, always takes the lead. We need victories, which is what matters in the end. The coach risked with the substitutions, but sometimes you need to do it in order to go out for the game.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro commented that, “The true is that the game was a little strange; I believe we deserved more in the first half; we had the chances, but didn’t know how to materialize those opportunities. Betis barely had arrivals, though later, perhaps, they had more chances.  Things were 0-2 and it was difficult and then we equalized; then… there were some circumstances that explain why you lose a game that shouldn’t have been lost. You were thinking you could win, at least to draw, but it happened that way. We need to say it: Betis clinched a fair win, with great goals, one of them of top-quality, but it’s also true that we didn’t have luck. We could have won, at least to draw, which would have been fair.”

Asked if the job of Oltra is at stake, Depor’s boss answered that, “No, no [smiling] let’s not talk of these issues; we are here talking exclusively of the game. There’s no sense in talking of other things, so I believe that we must assume that we cannot reproach anything to the players after this game. They offered everything; perhaps the heart was pulling more than the head, and sometimes a point isn’t a bad result. Sometimes a point is good. We are living a negative streak, but it’s also true that many direct rivals remain reachable. There are good and bad moments, what we need to do is to understand them in order to improve.”

At Real Betis, coach Pepe Mel was feeling proud of his team, “The players at Betis are completing a spectacular campaign with the normal setbacks. The Beticismo must be proud of them. 25 points after 14 matchdays, it’s something we never dreamed during the summer.”

“The team is fighting and is united; then we’re fast in the counterattacks. Both teams were really brave at the moment of making decisions; both sides made changes in order to win the game and the luck was at our side. Now I am only obsessed of Barca. When we look beyond, five or six matches in the future, then it’s when this group commits mistakes. It’s a young group and it needs to remain focused.” He added.

Rubén Castro commented that, “I was wishing to score a goal on here and to see the team winning, especially because it was the only Primera team against whom I hadn’t scored before. And, after several years here without doing too much, it turns out that I made a great game.”


Many complaints after a twit that seems to be coming from the official Twitter account of Real Betis. It turns out that the fans at the Riazor, who have a brotherhood with Sevilla CF fans, were chanting “Sevilla is Rojiblanca”, and this message replied this chant answering that it was sung by “the rats at the Riazor” and later added “A Segunda!!!”

Several journalists and media sources criticized the action, though later the message was erased and Real Betis wrote a message assuring it was a “fake account”.  However that fake account was never found and many fans of Sevilla CF assure that they read the message when it was posted at Twitter. So far Deportivo have kept silence regarding the issue.



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