14 Dec 2012
Midfielder Paulo Teles is leaving a great impression on this season at Fabril; he was interviewed by Jorge GarcŪa of and analyzed his arrival to the club, the current situation of Deportivo and the players that could have a future at the first team.

Q: After a trial period in the summer, you convinced Josť Luis Devesa and stayed at Fabril, been a starter since the first game. Impossible to have a better adaptation, isnít?
A: Yes, I feel great. When I joined Fabril I always thought that I was staying, because I liked the city, which is very nice, and the club, which is very good. I came here in order to reach the first team and I'm working on it.

Q: Tell us about your contract, because Depor didnít give too many details of the operation. You came to Depor on trial. And from there what?
A: Iíve a three-year contract plus objectives. I have at least three years at the club. I had a contract with Benfica, also for three years, and they wanted to loan me out, but Depor wanted to sign me in a permanent deal and not on loan. The two clubs negotiated; it was a complicated operation. After a week on trial, I signed here with the same contract that I had there.

Q: What encouraged you, at the age of 19, for leaving your country?
A: It's hard to leave friends and family, but at the age of 15 I had already traveled from the island of Madeira to Lisbon. That was more complicated, because I was very young. Now that I left Benfica it wasnít so hard, because I came in search of a dream, because I love Spain and I want to make a career in this country.

Q: For many years, Benfica has had one of the best talents academies in Portugal, while Deportivo isnít so advanced in the development of the youth teams. Are there many differences in the care of youth football between these two clubs?
A: Benfica are a great club, but I think Deportivo also have the conditions to work well and get many homegrown players. The facilities are the same and for me things at Benfica arenít better compared to Depor, actually is the same. I think the work at Depor with the youth teams is pretty good.

Q: As for Fabril, you have improved a lot compared to the start of the season, and now you are living at the promotion zone. How do you see the team?
A: We started winning, losing, drawing and being irregular. The team has all the conditions to reach Segunda B, everything in favour. I think we should work to string three or four straight victories. It is true that now weíre much better than before. Maybe we need a bit of luck in order to win consecutive games, because almost always we play better than the other teams. The team, when itís winning a game, doesnít know how to suffer and endure the result to end the match. We have to improve on that.

Q: Being a player who likes to combine and move around midfield, have you been favored by the philosophy and style of playing implemented by Devesa?
A: Yes. Right now I'm playing in a different position, more as a centre midfielder than as a playmaker. I like both positions. I love what Devesa asks from me and is useful in order to play well. Iím very happy to play this way and Iím slowly improving.

Q: In your debut against Celta B, Abegondo was full. Were you surprised that there were more than two thousand fans for a game at Tercera Division?
A: The true is that yes. I jumped into the field, looked at the people who had attended and thought "buff, itís impressive." I love it. Playing with so many people is a motivation, especially in my first game and I had to do my best. Also, I was dragging a problem at my right leg and without having pace, but people welcomed me and it was helpful. It also made me a little nervous [he laughed]

Q: During the last month, you trained for several days with the first team. How was the experience?
A: I like to train with them, because that's my goal. Everyone welcomed me pretty well and they didnít see me as a child, but as one more player.

Q: Who was the player that surprised you the most?
A: Valerůn. He's awesome. He has a lot of quality. Heís a player that has endless possibilities of creating plays to score goals. He never misses the ball, heís pretty good and I love him. I had heard great things of him, but when I saw him I asked, "How old is he?", and I found him amazing.

Q: Are you among the ones that argue that 'El Flaco' should always be a starter?
A: Maybe not all the time, but he should always be a starter, because heís a player who makes the difference. When Valerůn is playing, the team is different.

Q: If thereís a position in which thereís competition at Depor is midfield. For you who should be the centre midfielders at the first team?
A: Abel Aguilar must always be there, because heís a pretty important player for the team and is very noticeable when heís off. He does an amazing job. From there, I think anyone can play at midfield.

Q: Like you, Andre Santos came to Depor from Portugal, in theory, being an outstanding player. Are you surprised that he isnít participating too much on this season?
A: Yes.  I didnít know him in Portugal, but wonder why he hasnít been picked, but that's up to the coach. Thereís a good level at Depor midfield.  He could be a playmaker, but itís very difficult with Valerůn there.

Q: One of the most exciting additions to Deportivo during the summer was, undoubtedly, Nelson Oliveira. How do you see the future striker of the national team?
A: Definitely. He's fast and very powerful. He needs to grow a bit because is very young. In two or three years heíll be the starter. I wonder why he didnít play too much on here, but Riki is fine too. Nelson is a forward  that can score a lot of goals. They could play together.

Q: Whoís already settled at the first team is Pablo Insua. Do you think he has already reached the level to be a starter with some frequency at Depor?
A: I love him as a centre-back and he has all the conditions to do well and settle with the first team.

Q; Inside the squad of Fabril, what players do you see most likely to reach the first team, along with Insua?
A: I really like Romay, Jorge Cano and Juan Carlos, who are players of great quality. Also, Angel is a very important player at Fabril and has played every minute. Right now I donít see anybody else that can reach the first team in the short term.

Q: How do you see Depor? Do you think they have enough squad to achieve the permanence at Primera Division?
A: theyíve more than a team. I've seen other games of other clubs at Primera Divisiůn and Depor play a lot better. They have a team to be higher, but are missing some luck.

Q: What are the differences between the proposed style of Oltra and the one of Devesa?
A: Both are similar. I also like the proposal of Oltra. Perhaps the first team is more offensive, while at Fabril the first thing is to defend well, also to defend with the ball possession, and know when to attack. I think there's a big difference there.



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