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17 Dec 2012
Depor’s coach thinks that Deportivo need a change, though it doesn’t necessarily mean to change the players at the lineup. The tactic of Valladolid’s trainer, meanwhile, is to make believe his players that they have the same needs than Deportivo.

Miroslav Djukić is a well-known former player of Deportivo La Coruña that completed 212 league appearances at Primera División wearing the Blanquiazul shirt, which is among the top ten  marks in the history of the club. He played six years in La Coruña and was considered as a solid fullback that was one of the figures during the years of the ‘Super Depor’ era.

Unfortunately, many people will only remember him as the player that missed the penalty at the last matchday of the season 1993/94, this after Brazilian striker Bebeto didn’t’ want to assume the responsibility; that error cost a liga title to Deportivo. After his stage in La Coruña, the Serbian went to Valencia CF and ended his career playing for CD Tenerife (2003/04).

As a coach, Djukić started working with the national teams of his country; the first club under his command was Belgian outfit RE Mouscron, then he landed in Spain for the season 2010/11 as he was hired as the coach of Hércules CF, club that was fighting to survive at Primera. He left a positive impression there, though was unable to clinch the salvation.

Djukić was hired as the coach of Real Valladolid for the past season and clinched the promotion to Primera through the playoff; currently the Serbian is doing a great job putting his team closer to the European seats than of relegation. This is his third meeting with José Luis Oltra after the two draws of the past season.

Depor’s trainer offered a press conference on Saturday’s morning; he talked for reporters for fifteen minutes; despite Deportivo is the current last place at the standings the press conference was very peaceful, without tough questions and with Oltra showing a calm mood.

He started talking of the status of Oliveira, Ze Castro and Marchena, “The three of them have the medical okay; the three of them are fine and are ready. They’re players with experience and it’s important to regain people, so the only player ruled out is Saul. I feel happier as I have more people to choose from. You aren’t free to choose when you have so many injuries and suspensions.”

For the Valencian coach this is an important meeting, though he didn’t want to describe it as a final, “It’s a very important game; don’t know if it’s the most important one or if it is a final. You could describe it as you wish. I believe it is a very important match. We need the points in order to leave the bottom places.”

About the rival, he was praising the performance of Real Valladolid during the league season, “We are facing a rival that’s very good; it’s one of the surprises of the year. They’ve the same base and the same coach. They’re playing pretty good and are well organized, always trying to regain the ball possession. I’ll try to do the best in order to win the game, always putting the best starting eleven that’s possible.”

About the possibility of making changes after the latest defeats, Oltra said that, “Every time there’s a defeat people start searching for the guilty person; we need to search for solutions; you start thinking of changing seven players, because you think the solution is going through there, but during the week, as you watch the players train, especially in a week like this one, you see things in a different way and now I have a clear picture of the team that will play. I will try to put the best, maybe it could mean to make changes, maybe I will give continuity to the normal team. I won’t tell you.”

“In past seasons you saw me changing the squad; sometimes it was different when we were playing on the road. I won’t tell you if I´m going to make changes, but if I would be thinking that the solution is to make changes, then you should know that I would make those changes. I wouldn’t care in making seven changes.” He added.

Asked about the large number of goals allowed on this season, Depor’s tactician said that, “There are many things that can influence in the large number of goals allowed, which is our weakness. The characteristics of the players, their character, possibly I haven’t been able to transmit the ideas to the team. What I know is that the solution is passing through hard working and persistence.”

An interesting moment was when the Catarroja-born coach said that Depor need to search for a change, though not necessary a change in the players at the lineup, “Last year we had the same problem at the beginning of the season; I cannot explain it, but there were a couple of changes of players, not a change in the style, that was the key. It isn’t to blame someone, but sometimes the mere act of making a change could make a difference. The solution could be a change in the players. In other opportunities you could need a change of style. Other times it could be a matter of having confidence. It isn’t a matter of expecting for the changes, but searching for the changes.”

“I always said that I believed the team has lesser points of what we deserve, but we cannot stand there waiting for the changes. We need to search for those changes, this in order to change our run, which could start with one single result.” He added regarding the issue.

He was asked about his possible destitution in case of losing on Monday, and the response was, “In the first place I am not thinking of that, because we will win on Monday; later I don’t feel questioned inside the club; I cannot control anything else. We will try to defeat Valladolid and hopefully it will bring the change that we need.”

Depor’s trainer insisted that the current situation isn’t good, but emphasized that it isn’t desperate, “The situation isn’t good, but neither is critical. It isn’t good, nobody wants this; neither the club, nor the players, nor the coaches, nor the fans, nor the media. It wasn’t what we expected, but neither is critical. You surpass this situation winning games. We’ll make a further analysis after the game.”

There’s the rumour that Lux is going to be the starter on Monday; questioned by reporters the coach hailed both keepers and admitted the possibility, “Each week we talk about everything; to change the style of playing, though in the end those changes aren’t materialized. Lux is a great player, he always showed a great level when he played; and Dani [Aranzubia] is a keeper that cannot be questioned; he means a lot for Deportivo because he has experience. I have thought of the change before.”

Finally, Oltra said that he has plenty of confidence on his players, “Talking about intensity, yes, I don’t have any doubt. Perhaps you can have one bad game, but in a general sense I don’t have any doubt. I rely on this team and don’t have any complain on this regard. We need to give more, but it doesn’t only depend on the players. I would be more worried if I would be seeing that the team isn’t giving their best.”

Valladolid’s coach offered his press conference on Friday; he told to reporters that he expects an intense Deportivo, but that his team will have the same intensity of the rival, “For them this game is a final, but it’s the same for us, because it is a direct rival and we cannot allow having a team without tension. It would be foolish. We must go out for the game since the first minute, having the control since minute one.”

“They are living a difficult situation, just what we lived before and our obligation is to obtain the three points. Right now our main goal is to clinch the permanence, and until we get the 45 points we won’t talk of anything else, because the second round is going to be tougher. Our main strength is the defense, because if you aren’t intense then you won’t clinch the goals.” He added

Before the press conference, Djukić offered an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia, despite what he said in the press conference this time he admitted that Valladolid won’t try to be an offensive force at the Riazor, “All the teams searching for the permanence depend on their defensive work, and it isn’t only a matter of the defenders or the keepers, it’s a matter of the whole team.”

“The main virtue of the teams fighting for the permanence is the defensive work and all of us live of what we can do on this facet. Only a few teams, like Madrid or Barcelona, can live of their success in attack, then the rest of us must rely in our effectiveness at defense.”

Comparing the evolution of both teams from past season, the Serbian manager believes that the current financial problems are affecting the performance of Depor’s players, “My team is basically the same. We’ve the same philosophy, always trying to carry on with the weight of the game and clinch the victory through the ball possession. Meanwhile Depor is facing some issues. They also have the bad luck of the injuries, economic problems, and that’s noticed, it affects a lot.”

Finally, Djukić admitted that both teams will be under a lot of pressure on this game, “Definitely this is a very important game for Depor, but also for us. A lot of things are at stake facing a direct rival and to add points in A Coruña will bring us tranquility; it would keep us out of the danger zone and we would leave a direct rival down there.”



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