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19 Dec 2012
The point added against Real Valladolid wasn’t enough to satisfy the aspirations of Oltra and his players; they know that they should have won. In the meantime problems outside the Riazor as the fans are getting desperate.

Coach José Luis Oltra wasn’t impressed at all with the result, though he believes that his team improved compared to previous matches, “The feeling I have is the same of everyone: dissatisfaction. Especially for the result and after a long week of work in which we tried to improve searching for the victory. The team improved, but was unable to win.”

“The team was much more solid and played better in defensive tasks; we had our options up front, but the true is that we didn’t harass them. They also had their opportunities, a few of them, and it wasn’t enough to claim the three points.” He added.

The Valencian coach also tried to chill out the situation as he believes that Depor aren’t passing through a critical state, “We must insist and work hard. This is a starting point. Now we need to try to add the three points against Espanyol, points that we missed today. Truly this isn’t a good situation, but neither is critical nor wrenching.”

About the fact that Aranzubia was a substitute, he said that, “Everyone wants to play and enjoy continuity at their positions. I’m in pain for taking the decision; Dani isn’t the guilty one for the bleeding of goals, but in the quest of improving at defense I understand that it was the right moment to change the keeper. It’s a concrete position and don’t like to make a change there.”

Finally, Oltra was a little upset when he was asked about his continuity at the club; he said that, “I have the feeling that from the inside nobody is questioning my work and I’m calmed. I trust in the group and the group trusts in me. I’m not important, the important one is Deportivo.”

Riki wasn’t content with the final result, but emphasized the clean sheet, “We knew it was a game against a rival that defends pretty well and I believe we tried to win. Clearly things would have been different if any of our opportunities would have entered, especially the chance of Salomão, but within the result the good thing is that we added a point and we clinched a clean sheet, though it isn’t enough. I believe we were a solidary team and it was reflected on the pitch; it’s also important to clinch a clean sheet. “

The Madrilenian striker was replaced at the end of the game; the club reported that he picked a hamstring problem, but the ex-Getafe man explained that he’s okay, “I know myself and that’s why I requested for the substitution. For the moment I am okay and let’s see what happens tomorrow.”

German Lux was the big hero with his three key saves, but he wasn’t happy with the final result, “The true is that it wasn’t a good moment; neither I am happy. The team could have won but could have also lost. We played tensioned in the second part, perhaps we were tired. The sacrifice was only good to add a point, now we need to rest in order to face Thursday’s game. My performance only helps to add a point, because I can only help to clinch a clean sheet.”

“We are making a bad season, but the mentality of the players is to go forward with this, extracting the positive things, pulling out the teeth and start adding points. We must be brave; we, the players with experience, need to transmit things to the others. We see ourselves at the bottom and it’s complicated, but the team needs to be positive and we must only think of Espanyol.” The Argentine goalie added.

Álex Bergantiños commented the fact that the fans whistled the team after the match, “It was an important game; we fought hard and had our options, but the ball didn’t want to enter and must continue forward. People want to see the team winning and they have the right to say whatever they want. They support us during the games and have the right to say whatever they want after the final whistle.”

About the game, the Galician midfielder said that, “It was a game against a rival that knows how to move the ball; I believe that we were better in the first half compared to the second; in the second half the team was, perhaps, broken as the draw wasn’t a good result and they felt more comfortable with that result., The draw could be fair as Salomão missed a great chance and later they also wasted an opportunity.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro commented that, “The reality at this point is that we weren’t able to add the victory and truly this was an important game; now we have the chance to seize this draw with the game in Barcelona against Espanyol. It’s demonstrated that there are no little enemies, which was shown by Espanyol with their draw at the Bernabéu. It demonstrates that, taking off Real Madrid and Barcelona, with the exception of Atletico Madrid and Malaga, there are little differences. Our current situation is tough and invites us to think carefully, but we cannot deny that the team gave everything today.”

“We have lived pretty good first rounds and later bad second rounds, and also bad first rounds and later solid second rounds, so I believe that we need to think of what we have, sometimes from a more positive point of view. In this game we could have won, but could have also lost, so the result cannot be considered as unfair, though it’s also true that we aren’t having the luck at our side at the decisive moments. I don’t have any doubt we are going to surpass this moment.” He added.

About the possible exit of Oltra, Depor’s boss didn’t want to offer any comment, but he left a hint that new signings will be made in January, “We will do anything possible in order to get good players, in this sense it is painful to realize that some people that are helping aren’t getting what they [Jorge Mendes] deserve; they didn’t collect any euro and some people are pointing to them. I have plenty confidence of what Jorge Mendes could do in order to have a solid team.”

At Real Valladolid, Miroslav Djukić was satisfied with the performance of his men, “The team made a decent job in defensive tasks and we only missed more ambition up front. The rival was pressing a lot too, it harassed within the final minutes and I’m content with the work done. This is a tough place and it’s important to add points playing on the road.”

“Valladolid is a balanced team that plays in the same way no matter is performing at home or away. We always play in the same way, with our style of playing, our philosophy and for that reason we already have 22 points. We all know how difficult is to face Barcelona, the best team in the world. It’s a great test for us, to enjoy and see where we are standings.“ The Serbian coach added.

Riazor is known for been a peaceful place, but it was a different picture on Monday’s night. The public at the stadium lost the patience after the final whistle and the players were whistled when they were trying to thank them for their presence. Chants of “cowards” and “you don’t deserve this shirt” were heard.

Later a small group waited for the players outside the stadium and there were some tense moments. Mainly when Diogo Salomão and André Santos were leaving. There was a report that the winger was “pushed” by some people . Aythami and Abel Aguilar also had some exchange of words with some young fans when they tried to leave by a different door. More peaceful was the situation with Álex Bergantiños, Riki and Valerón; El Flaco even shared his opinions with some fans. The police was there and there were no more incidents.



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