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22 Dec 2012
Oltra was blaming the injuries and still believes that the current situation can be reverted; Javier Aguirre, meanwhile, was content, but said that the draw would have been the fairest result. Aythami was blasting the players.

Coach José Luis Oltra gave his impression on the game, “It was a match that was equal, both in the game and the scoring opportunities, but it was different in the scoresheet and the definition. Sort or less we had the game under control during the first part and it seemed that it was us the closer ones to the goal, but in a set-piece one of their smaller players scored. Football has these things.”

Despite the terrible impression left in the second half, the Valencian coach was defending his team, “In the second part the team demonstrated that it wanted to do the right things; they tried and for that reason we threw twelve corners, but without any offensive conviction. What marked the difference is the definition. In the end we suffered a negative result and there’s no other way than to get up.”

Later Depor’s tactician blamed the injuries and confirmed that Camuñas wasn’t fit to play, reason why he didn’t enter. Also that Riki was vomiting, “The changes are always trying to bring improvements to the team, but we aren’t lucky enough. Yesterday we lost Ze Castro and Laure. Camuñas wasn’t fine. Riki was vomiting at the changing during half-time… I wanted to play with two strikers, but I didn’t have them.”

As he always said after the latest defeats, the coach believes that the players are committed to the club, “I saw the players feeling hurt inside the changing room, screwed for the defeat; we all are worried for the situation and want to change things; I’m sure that when you want a change then the dynamic will change, and that happens as soon as we can win a game and start getting speed.”

Finally, Oltra is convinced that he still can change the near future of Depor, “I have the confidence of the players and the club. I don’t know other way to leave this situation than to work hard and I’ll do my best. Depor have much to improve. We must change the dynamic now, but people should know that we´re feeling responsible. We will do all we can.”

Álex Bergantiños was feeling sorry for the result and at the same time defended the performance of his team mates,  as he told to Radio Cadena COPE, “History has repeated itself and we lived the same of past games. With little they scored twice. I don’t believe the team was disconnected and we had the ball more time than them.”

More critic was Aythami Artiles, who blamed the players for the result of the game, “We need more commitment, from everyone, not to see everyone trying to save their own ass.” Hard words the Canarian said at Radio Cadena COPE. There were no more comments as the players were already on vacations and the club doesn’t allow interviews within the period.

At Espanyol, coach Javier Aguirre was content with the result, but believes that his team needs to improve, “We need to improve, because we haven’t made the definitive step. Everything is hidden under the nebula of the triumph.”

“The team needs to attack and defend better, we didn’t have the ball possession and neither wanted it, and I saw the cracks at defense, something that it shouldn’t happened. Perhaps a draw would have been a fair result. It has been the more open game that we had so far, the most disputed one, but it’s necessary to understand that the situation of both teams lead us to play for everything.”



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