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20 Jul 2006
Mackay or Fabricio - one of those two will occupy Dani Mallo's place as the second goalkeeper. Caparros said that Aouate is his preferred choice as starting goalkeeper but admits there are other options, too.

Dani Mallo has left Deportivo, after 10 years and only four games in Primera Division. And it seems like he will be replaced by another goalkeeper from the youth. It will be either Ian Mackay or Fabricio Agosto. Caparr�s confirmed this during the team's stay at Isla Canela and thereby it is clear that only one new goalkeeper will arrive at Riazor. The one that will arrive will be guaranteed the "number one", Mackay or Fabricio will be on the bench. The question is: Mackay or Fabricio? "They showed hard work, passion, spirit and good skills. One of those two will be the number two goalkeeper for sure," Caparr�s was quoted. "I'm very happy with both of them."

Last season Ian Mackay was the starting goalkeeper of Fabril, Fabricio the starting goalkeeper of the Juveniles. Caparr�s words motivate the two young goalkeepers who know what is at stake for their career this pre-season. "We are working for staying with the first team, it would be a dream. We are both very young and we have to try to make this dream reality, this dream that is being a professional player in Primera Division", Mackay said. Asked about the effects of Fabril's missed promotion to Segunda B, he answered: "These are things of the past. You shouldn't think about it time and again. What I want is to concentrate on the present and work hard."

Mackay wants to take advantage of the possibility that is presented to him now. "I know that my team is Fabril", he acknowledged even if he is preparing the season with the first team. "I've already trained a few times last season with the first team and it helped me a lot. Molina, Dani Mallo and Munua - all those helped me with their advices, although right now, when they aren't there anymore, it's time to put those advices into practice. But there is a big difference between Primera and Tercera Division. The shots are harder, faster, the execution of the game plays much quicker, but we are here to get used to it, to learn and improve."

This seems to be the best way of "making the team" since the competition isn't weak. Apart from the rapidly-improving Fabricio, another goalkeeper was invited to make the pre-season at Isla Canela - Asturian goalkeeper Guillermo from Marino Luanco (Segunda B).

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