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07 Jan 2013
Happiness after the victory over Malaga, new coach Domingos and the players were feeling content and mainly, relieved. They were also convinced that Deportivo deserved the win. Pellegrini was blaming the error of the defense.

New coach Domingos Paciência commented that, “When you win then you see things in a better way. We must congratulate the players, because they did a pretty good game, with attitude, sacrifice, everybody working together. When you work as a team then you are closer to win. I also congratulate the public, because they were impressive and the players felt that.”

“It wasn’t an easy game, because the demand was pretty big, besides there was a lot of anxiety and the players were a little nervous. We knew it was going to be tough, because Malaga play really well and they’ve very good players. We knew it was difficult. This game brings confidence, we conquered the three points, but must think in the next one, and then in the next.” He added.

Later the Portuguese coach was remembering the work done by Oltra at Deportivo, “Four trainings are too little. On here there was also the work of the coach that passed through here. There are things that can be improved. Everyone has his way of playing. Some things were understood by the players, but I want more. We can do a better job and we must give a hug to Oltra for the work that was done before.”

“You must also respect what’s behind. The life of a coach is like this and if I´m here it is because the results weren’t good. The work didn’t begin now, it started during the pre-season. Right now what we must do is to improve and continue working.” He finalized.

Riki was feeling relieved as Deportivo returned to winning ways after two months, “I believe that after ending the year in the worst possible way, to begin the new one with a deserved victory, before a rival from the Champion League, is pretty good. The team competed pretty well. Each coach has his way of training, the level of intensity has been high and the commitment was there. Besides, there are players that mark the difference if they are fine.”

“We knew that we were able to hammer them up front. They, except from the play of Joaquin, never created any problem to Joaquín. We played at the top and had our opportunities and the result was even short. We must wait to see what happened with my nose, but the important thing is that we won.” The Madrilenian attacker added.

Álex Bergantiños was also feeling relieved for the result, “Finally it came that victory that we were needing. We are content and feeling confident, because we need to keep pushing in order to leave this situation. The team worked hard and the players were intense.”

“We were better than in other games. We scored first and when we go ahead then we know how to play in the counterattack. We were the first side that scored and that was important. We are content as we defeated a great rival, a team full of great players and that’s lying at the top of the standings.” The midfielder added.

Pizzi was the hero of the game as he scored the winning goal; he commented that, “It was a pretty goal, but the most important thing is that it was helpful for Deportivo in order to get the victory that we needed. I celebrated it with fury, because we were unlucky in the last games, besides we had several opportunities in the first part and it seemed that the ball didn’t want to go in. It was only a victory. We must think of the next game in order to add more points, because we need them. We’re going out reinforced from this game, we controlled the actions and we’re all content for it.”

Finally, the Portuguese winger was sending a message to Oltra, “He was an important coach to us and we love him. Life is like this and we send him a hug. We’re all with him and hope that everything will be fine for him.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was pretty content with the victory and commented that, “We needed this, we deserved and we conquered it. It’s a gift from the Magic Kings. Let’s hope that from now own we’ll clinch two or three straight victories. We did a little of everything. The team played well and we capitalized the opportunities.”

“All the fans celebrated it and we thank them all, specially the youngest ones, because they bring the special environment to the Riazor and this means to have a special place. We must celebrate it, but not too much. We aren’t saved yet, though neither we should sink.” Depor’s boss added.

At Malaga, coach Manuel Pellegrini was convinced that a punctual defensive error of his team marked the match, “Depor surpassed us in the first half, maybe they should have scored before half-time, but they didn’t. We improved in the second part and they scored a goal after a childish mistake.”

“It's always difficult to face Deportivo at their home, especially for the position in which they are. They were playing for their life. We just try to face all the games in the same way. The team ended last year with pretty good results, but it has been hard to score a goal away from home and it was the same on here.” He added.



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