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21 Jul 2006
The ninth signing for the season 2006/2007 was presented on Friday. Sergio Rodr�guez Garc�a 'Rodri' is a 21-year-old defender that came on a free transfer from Barcelona B. He expressed his satisfaction with the operation, the Catalan is happy and wants to fulfill a positive career in Deportivo; his new home for the next four years.

The contract signed with Barcelona is really complicated. Firstly, the Catalans have two buyout options over Rodri: one that can be used after the first year in Deportivo (�700,000) and the other one at the end of the second campaign (�1.5 million). Barcelona will also enjoy the 30% in a possible sell operation. But Lendoiro complicated the deal with another clause: if Barcelona uses the buyout option, Depor will have a new buyout option over the player, and if Rodri is sold for the second time, The Galician club will later get the 30% of the difference between the sale price and their buyout option.

Rodri signed a four-year contract and expressed his satisfaction with the deal: "I'm happy to make this big jump. I come here in order to triumph and I want to reach the highest level in a collective sense. Right now I can only think of Deportivo. " The Catalan defender described himself as a "strong defender that likes to control the ball." You can check more information about Rodri here

Rumours coming from Turkey have appointed that Diego Trist�n was on his way to Turkey. Apparently Fenerbahce SK has been close to signing a deal with Deportivo in order to take the Sevillan marksman to Istanbul. The Turkish club will celebrate its centenary in 2007 and they are preparing a strong squad since they are fighting to achieve a place in the Champions League.

It's well known that Diego Trist�n doesn't count for coach Joaqu�n Caparr�s and president Lendoiro has been trying to negotiate his exit since some weeks ago. The possibility of Fenerbahce isn't new since this rumour was previously informed a couple of months ago. On that occasion Trist�n commented that he didn't want to go to Turkey and that his near plans were related to find a destination in Spain. Apparently  the Yellow Canaries have been pushing in the last hours in order to take Trist�n to Turkey.  

But Lendoiro refused this possibility in the last hours. Depor's president said during Rodri's presentation that the exit of Trist�n is still in a 'dead point'. He also reminded that the best offer so far is coming from Celtic Glasgow, an offer that Trist�n didn't accept.

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