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15 Jan 2013
The coach and the players were content for the result, firstly for been playing on the road and later for been playing with one less man during the second part. They also believe that the red card of Evaldo was unfair.

Coach Domingos Paciência commented that, “It was a very difficult game, but it was also a match in order to gain confidence. It’s hard to clinch an away victory and I believe that this point could bring confidence to the team. The true is that we had chances to score more goals during the first part and a second goal could have made things different. “

“We were fine in the first part; in the second, after the expulsion, everything changed. As long as we were eleven against eleven, we weren’t inferior to Real Sociedad. The draw is a fair reward for the work that has been done. I just arrived two weeks ago and things aren’t yet at the point that I want.” He added

At the same time, the Portuguese coach was feeling sorry for the red card saw by left-back Evaldo at the beginning of the second half, “I didn’t see any motive why Evaldo deserved a second yellow card. I don’t believe that Evaldo did something so serious to deserve a second yellow.”

Asked about the future of Jesús Vázquez, who was a starter in the game, he said that, “Jesús is part of the team and anybody should be prepared to play. Anything can happen with Jesús from now own and until January 31, but it’s just the same compared to the other players at the team.” Finally, Domingos talked of the debut of both Sílvio and Assunção, “They were fine, surely they will be more helpful in the future.”

Jesús Vázquez was content with the final result, mainly for the circumstances of the match, “We must understand that the draw is a positive result for us. It is a tough field and we played with ten men for a while.”

Later, the Andalusian midfielder denied the rumours linking him with a move to Segunda club Hércules CF, “I am content for the confidence of the coach and for helping the team. I want to stay and fulfill my contract. There’s nothing with Hércules.”

It was a similar speech to what Carlos Marchena said regarding the circumstances of the match, “The team was solidary and we were fine. It’s something to be content as we played with ten for a while.” About Evaldo’s sent off, the centre-back commented that, “I was far from the play, but I believe that Evaldo never touched him.”

Portuguese midfielder André Santos was commenting his contribution to the team, “I am content for been playing, but the important thing is the team and to achieve the victory. I try to help the striker and also the other centre midfielders, because we need to be together.”

Paulo Assunção made his debut with Deportivo; he was one more player saying that the draw was positive, “I was feeling fine on the pitch; it seemed that I have been playing for a while with my new team mates. I think that the red card was a turning point, and I don’t think that Evaldo deserved a card for that foul. I believe the draw was fine. Now we have to think of Osasuna in order to conquer the victory. “

Pizzi scored once again the goal for Deportivo, but for him the victory would have been more important, “It’s important to play, but more to win the games. The coach gives me freedom in attack and I believe that, within the last two games, I have also helped at defense. It was great to win on the past week, but today we didn’t clinch the victory. I believe that if Evaldo wouldn’t have been expelled then we would have won.”

Finally, Aranzubia commented that, "Clearly the draw is good, what happens is that it's important to add the three points when you are at the bottom. We had our chances to win, but still we must think that the draw is positive. The team was fine and we weren't able to add the three points, but must remain with the positive impression left by the team. It was a tough game, it was raining a lot."

At Real Sociedad, coach Philippe Montanier was feeling sorry for not winning the game, “We were expecting for more. It was a disappointment; we lost a great chance to end the first round with 28 points, something that would have meant the better mark of Real Sociedad within the last decade, and I believe that it was caused by the lack of precision. We lost a great chance to win a game in which the rival played with ten during the second half.”

“We fought until the end, keeping a positive attitude and mentality, but it’s also true that we failed in the definition of the plays. We had our opportunities, though only a few clear chances. We’ll work on this week in order to improve this issue.” The Frenchman added.



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