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21 Jul 2006
It has been highly speculated that Diego Trist�n was near to fulfilling his exit from Deportivo. President Lendoiro said on Friday that nothing is done, but the papers in Spain believe that the Sevillan striker is near to end in Portugal although nothing is confirmed. In the meantime the Sevillan striker has joined the pre-season stage with the first squad.

"Miracles can occur".  This was the phrase used by Lendoiro to describe the possible exit of Trist�n, a player that doesn't have a place in Caparr�s' new project. It wasn't an optimistic comment, but at least it was a door open to a potential deal. A deal that Lendoiro has been working on during the last hours without concretion. According to sportpaper AS, Sporting Lisbon and Benfica are the two clubs leading the bets. Lendoiro admitted that the offer previously made by Celtic Glasgow was the most interesting one, but Trist�n's failure to accept it is forcing a change in the plans.

In addition to this offers, Newspaper La Opini�n A Coru�a reported that Fenerbahce has also presented an interesting offer to the Galician club, but Trist�n denied this possibility once again. A confusing situation started when one of Fenerbahce's vice-presidents, Sekip Mosturoglou, announced in a Turkish website that the deal was ready to be signed. But the offer was finally discarded and now it seems that Sporting Lisbon and Benfica are the only competitors left in this race. Lendoiro will continue to negotiate in the next days and the main problem is the money he is asking for the striker: �2.5 million.

There are six players joining Diego Trist�n in the list of discards: Pablo Amo, Mun�a, Momo, Acu�a, R�ben and Scaloni. None of them have clear offers and their situation is starting to affect their nerves. The club has been forced to allow their participation in the pre-season stage in Isla Canela, and stage that started today.

Every case is different. Gustavo Mun�a is hoping to secure a place in the squad, as he said to newspaper La Opini�n: "I will fight for a spot. I want to succeed in the club that allowed my arrival to Europe. I want to start from zero, like I was a new signing. I never thought of leaving the club and it's time to make an effort."

Meanwhile Momo and R�ben Castro are begging for an exit. R�ben explained his case: "It's clear that I am not part of the project, they don't count on me. For this reason, I want to go out. I don't know what's the best for me: A transfer or a loan spell. I just want to play and I want to do it in Primera." Momo admits that he will like to play in Segunda and has appointed that he is starting to be angry with the club: "Its' normal to be pissed off. Weird things happened in the past season. The important thing now is to solve this situation as soon as possible. I just want to be in a team and have the opportunity to train with normality."

Deportivo has signed so far nine incorporations, but there's one that still missing: the goalkeeper. The main candidate continues to be Dudu Aouate (28), but the confrontation with Racing Santander persists. The positions are clear and both clubs seems to be holding positions.

Lendoiro said yesterday that Racing has a clear offer for Aouate. According to the media in Santander, Depor's offer consist in �1 million plus one player (Acu�a, Momo or R�ben Castro). Racing's officials don't accept this offer and they are asking for an exchange Aouate-Pedro Munitis. A possibility that Caparr�s himself has refused to accept. In this way the negotiation is blocked and both clubs are waiting for novelties. In the meantime the Israeli keeper continues to put pressure on the Cantabrian club hoping to accelerate his exit to La Coru�a. Who will win this battle?

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