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19 Jan 2013
On Friday a report from Marca informed that Valerón is thinking in leaving Deportivo at the end of the season, and the Canarian player jumped immediately and expressed his anger during a press conference. He didn’t deny it, but was pretty upset.

Weird picture on Friday at the Riazor, Juan Carlos Valerón offered a press conference after the training session and he was very upset. An unthinkable image  after the thirteen years spent by the Canarian playmaker at the club, somebody that’s known for having a peaceful behavior inside and outside the pitch. The reason for all this was a report at Sportpaper Marca signed by journalist Juan Yordi.

The reporter believes that Valerón is having disagreements with president Lendoiro and his board of directors, mainly for the way in which Oltra was fired at the last day of 2012 and other issues like the line of work with the youth teams. To remember that Valerón ends his contract at the end of this season and he later he will join the club’s staff, though Lendoiro always said that the playmaker is free to choose if he wants to continue playing.

Valerón’s response was totally unexpected; he didn’t want to  deny the rumours and instead looked upset with the source of the news. “I don’t want to lose time with this. Simply, after all these years here at the club, and with my commitment to serve, I don’t deserve to be here giving you further explanations.” He said with an obvious annoyance.

Asked if he’s having disagreements with the decisions made at the club, the Canarian man responded that, “Disagreements with what? I’m fine, content, as always, helping the team in other things. Evidently the end of my career is coming. As it happened in previous years, I will think at the end of the season in how things were, also if I can continue helping the team on the field or not. The right moment to talk of these things is at the end of the season.”

“I’ve a signed contract and want to assure that I remain committed to the club and to fulfill the goal. I want to see people remaining quiet, because the contract signed with Deportivo is renewed year after year, and we´ll think of the next one as soon as the current season ends. I am not leaving Depor and won’t do it by the back door. Valerón is one more player at the team; I’m pretty content with Deportivo and mentalized in the team, in clinching the permanence.” He added.

Once again he was asked about his continuity at the club and once again he responded with discomfort, “I believe that I don’t deserve to be questioned on this. I have spent a lot of years on here and will always be committed to Depor, always. I don’t want to lose time on this. With all the years I spent there, and been a  normal person, and now you’re asking me about this? The time will come when everything should be over, but for now let’s remain quiet.”

Finally, Valerón sent a message of tranquility to the fans, “I ask people to remain quiet, because right now the important thing is Deportivo. I don’t like to see people speaking out things without sense, I don’t want to divert attention. I am ready for when the coach needs me.”



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