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20 Jan 2013
Both coaches are aware of the importance of the meeting; Domingos isn’t happy with the performance of the defense despite only allowing one goal within the last two games. Mendilibar wants to take advantage of the home condition.

José Luis Mendilibar is a Basque coach with a long career in football; he was a former player at the youth teams of Athletic Bilbao, though he never reached the first team and neither Primera División. His career as a coach began in 1994, and reached the top flight until the year 2005, and it was a short experience because he was fired from Athletic Bilbao before the end of the first round (he just coached the team for ten games).

He later joined Real Valladolid in the summer of 2006 and achieved the promotion to Primera División breaking all the records at Segunda. Mendilibar stayed there until he was fired at the middle of the liga campaign 2009/10.  He was out of business for one full year until returning on February 14, 2011 replacing Camacho at CA Osasuna.

And he proved to be a success, because Osasuna found some stability ending 9th that season and 7th on the campaign 2011/12, just missing the European zone by one point. But this season things are different, his team ended the first round at the last place and he has been already questioned by part of the fans and the media. This is his first meeting against Domingos Paciência.

Depor’s coach offered his press conference on Friday, just after the training session held at the Riazor. He talked with reporters for sixteen minutes. He starting saying that, “It’s normal to see that we want to win a game against a rival that’s also at the bottom, it’s important; it’s also important to consolidate the work that we have been doing so far, now we know the difficulty is high as this is a tough rival .We need to make a strong work in order to go there and win.”

About the state of Marchena and Riki, he said that, “We’ll see; both have trained today and let’s see how they are tomorrow. What I can tell you is that only the men that are 100% fit are going to play. It’s what I ask: to be 100% ready to play.” [Later on the day the club confirmed that Marchena isn’t fit to play]

Then the Portuguese trainer explained the reason of midweek’s friendly game against Racing de Ferrol, “I normally do this; I believe the players without minutes need this in order to improve. I always do this and will probably continue doing it on here; it’s useful in order to gain confidence. I extract conclusions from it. Besides, I don’t know too much of some of the players, as example Juan Dominguez and also Javi [Camuñas], Nélson [Oliveira] hasn’t played too much and neither Diogo Salomão.”

About the next game and the current situation of Deportivo, he said that, “It will be important to win, later we know that they’re a team that’s trying to leave the last places and they did great against Real Madrid, so surely they will play in the same way: with attitude and aggressiveness before their public.”

He didn’t seem too concern of the weather conditions expected for the game, “We are prepared for the rain, but for the snow we’ll see [he laughed]. It’s complicated; you and the players already know the environment that we’ll meet there, so everyone should be prepared. We should be ready for a hostile environment.”

What Domingos confirmed is that Sílvio and Assunção will play in the game, this after been asked if Sílvio or Ayoze are going to perform at the left-back position, “They are better; they were part of the friendly match and performed for 45 minutes. Having in mind the casualty of Evaldo, and that Ayoze is just coming back, then Sílvio must play there, probably Assunção too, because we have the casualty of Abel [Aguilar].”

On Friday, newspaper La Opinión A Coruña published an interview with the coach and he confirmed that the club is trying to sign a new centre-back and a striker, “If we take a look to the squad we’ll see that we’ve three players for the central positions and normally a team has four. Insua is too young, he has to play at the B team, and we should remain with three: Aythami, Ze Castro and Marchena. We need one more, that’s the reality. We must look to other possibilities. We’ll see. We are discussing the possibilities. The fourth centre-back is fundamental.” He said regarding the issue.

Later the ex-Braga coach confirmed the need during the press conference, “We have three [centre-backs], Insua is too young and must continue playing in order to follow with his progression, so he will stay at the B squad, now we need four centre-backs  as we need two men per position. It’s fundamental. Then we have three strikers, Riki, Nélson and Bodipo, so the important thing is to get a centre-back, with one injury we remain with only two. Ernesto [Bello] and the president will try to do it as soon as possible. We’re looking at the market.”

Then the new coach of Deportivo explained the status of Valerón, who hasn’t played within the last two matches, “I already talked of him; Juan Carlos is a professional and a great resource for the group; you all know him and he plays fine with the ball… if the team is having confidence then it´s pretty easy for these kind of players to perform. Juan Carlos has some qualities that you can’t find at other players. The true is that the team needs the capacity to work and intensity. Juan Carlos will play when I think is the right moment to do so. I always try to do the best for the club, the players and the team, and especially the fans. I will put the best, later we’ll try to win in order to bring joy to the fans, and maybe the decisions aren’t the fairest ones.”

There are a lot of comments about the possible exit of Juan Dominguez and other players that aren’t having minutes; Domingos responded that, “It´s normal that the players without minutes are having their issues with it, but that’s a problem for the club. They must tell the club if they want to leave and I must look to the options. I will tell the player when there’s room for him at the squad, and that not only applies to Juan Dominguez, its general; I won’t be here telling lies. Right now I like all the players at the team.”

Regarding the situation in the second round, he commented that, “We have more games at home than away, ten at home and nine on the road, and those games are going to be complicated. We must win the home meetings and grab points on the road. “

Finally, Paciência was defending the job of Evaldo, who has been criticized a lot since landing at Depor, “You have seen Evaldo having good and bad games, but it isn’t only a matter of the players. You must understand why, sometimes, things happen in some way. You must see if he has aids of the midfielders, the centre-back playing on his side and Pizzi, so you must see all the scenarios. Truly Evaldo lowered his performance after arriving and neither played too much at Sporting, but surely he will grow up. Evaldo is better of what you think, he was great against Malaga.”

Returning to the interview made by newspaper La Opinión A Coruña, the coach left a couple of interesting thoughts, starting with what he thinks that Depor is missing, “We are missing a lot of things. The injuries and players dragging a lot of games are bringing a lot of troubles right now. We specially are missing a greater balance in order to have more solutions inside the squad. Let’s see if we can have a more balanced team and also more competitiveness within the squad, this in order to have two equal players per position. It’s very important for Depor.”

Then he was unpleased with the defensive work despite the team only allowed a goal within the last two games, “I am not content, because we allowed a goal at San Sebastián that I didn’t like as it was our error. When I arrived here the team had allowed 39 goals and you need to improve defensively. That’s the part that I started to improve, and you not only work with the four men at the back, or with the keeper during an additional day, but working hard with the whole team. It’s important to see the team understanding that they need to remain strong when we don’t have the ball, this is order to regain it, and you work hard on that.”

Osasuna’s coach addressed the media on Saturday; he was talking of the importance of the meeting, “We’re the last place and each day there’s less time and fewer chances to throw things forward. We know that the first round was bad, but we still there. We’ve the hope of doing a better job, especially since we’re facing a direct rival. It is in our hands and we must give everything. The beginning of the game must be strong by our side. We need intensity and that the fans realize that we are trying to win. The fans must notice that we are going out for the game and not to wait and see what the rival does.”

The Basque coach isn’t worried of the mental state of the players as they ended the first round at the last place, “I don’t see that they are in a bad state, mentally or physically. They’re training fine and are acting normally. I don’t think that the team is anxious. Perhaps we’re missing some tranquility when we are having the advantage facing the rival… we need to seek for the needed pauses. My teams are usually more accelerated rather than anxious, and maybe we need to fix it.”

Neither is he worried of the hour and the weather conditions, “I like the hour. It looks like everything is quicker. In the end you train in the morning… I think it’s the most natural thing, because you do it day after day. It’s also a nice hour for the fans.”

The ex-Valladolid coach is aware of the importance of the home condition for his team, “We must valorise the fans, but normally the factor that put the fans into the game is the team, so we need to stimulate the fans, in this way they can cheer us up, and in this way they will be one of us, because we notice when they are supporting us.”

About Deportivo, he said that, “It’s a team that’s working harder in defense, more than before. They are fine at the back zone, leaving no cracks between the lines, mainly between the defense and midfield. Up front they give freedom to the playmakers, so they don’t need too much in order to create danger.”

Finally, Mendilibar insisted in the importance of the meeting, “It’s a very important game, because if we win then we’ll see things in a different way. It will be good as we would surpass the rival and that’s good. I would like to see us having the initiative in the game. At home we aren’t playing well and now the second round is starting and a rival from our league is visiting Pamplona. We must be strong there.”



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