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21 Jan 2013
First defeat with Domingos Paciência; horrible game of a Deportivo that only reacted for the final 20 minutes and just when it was already losing 0-2. Still, the Galicians had enough chances to rescue the result, but Oliveira wasted two clear opportunities.

Domingos Paciência presented the expected formation in Pamplona; Aranzubia was at the goal, Manuel Pablo covered the right-back position, Sílvio debuted as a starter performing at the left side of the defense, while the central positions were for Aythami and Ze Castro.

The ‘trivote’ at midfield was composed by Álex Bergantiños, André Santos and Paulo Assunção, this last player was also making his debut as a starter. Bruno Gama attacked from the right wing, Pizzi did it from the left and the central attacker was Riki.

At Osasuna, coach José Luis Mendilibar presented two novelties. Firstly, Ricardo was on the bench and the starting goalie was Andrés Fernández, then Nino was the playmaker leaving De Las Cuevas on the bench. The other attacking players were Kike Sola, Cejudo and Armenteros. It was raining in Pamplona and the temperature was 9 degrees centigrade, but the pitch was in good conditions and there was no snow. Around 300 fans of Depor traveled to Reyno de Navarra for the game.

Horrible first part for Deportivo; it left the impression of been a team trapped into the web of Osasuna, because the Galicians were running a lot, but always in vane as they never had a clear chance to score. To make things worse they missed several passes, many of those inaccuracies committed by the defenders, something that complicated the defensive work.

The game was moved from the kick-off, with both sides attempting quick attacks, the first clear opportunity came at minute 4, Cejudo got the ball after an error of Sílvio, the winger attempted a curved and strong shot from the right corner of the area, but it went out. Three minutes later Riki got a long pass that placed him alone before local goalie Andrés Fernández, but his chipping attempt was ineffective.

The ball was passing midfield territory without any problem, but both sides were failing at the moment of stepping into the rival’s area. Depor were relying in the counterattack though it was unable to create any dangerous play. The offensive power of the Galicians was reduced to seven crosses into the area, all of them going directly into the heads of the rival.

Osasuna, meanwhile, were attempting combinative plays and quick passes, but they were unable to surpass the rival’s defense, and when they did it, mainly after several bad passes from Ze Castro and André Santos, they always failed at the moment of making the final pass. Still, they were able to capitalize their main opportunity.

At minute 21, Nino got the ball in a counterattack for the locals, but Ze Castro cleared the danger before the striker could face Aranzubia one-on-one, and four minutes later they scored the first goal of the match and again in a counterattack action.

It was after Deportivo threw a corner-kick, the ball was passed to Armenteros, who ran to the left wing to end releasing a cross that went into the path of Kike Sola, the striker connected the ball in an acrobatic position, the ball hit the right post of Aranzubia and entered into the net. The true is that the play should have been disallowed as Armenteros was offside when he ran looking for the ball.

There was no reaction from Deportivo; it was the first time that Depor was in disadvantage after the arrival of new coach Domingos Paciência and the true is that the Galicians never found the way to surpass the rival’s defense. At minute 30, the locals were close to reply with a shot from the edge of the area completed by Nino, but Aranzubia made the save. At minute 40, Kike Sola was close to score his second goal in the game after heading on target a corner-kick of Cejudo, the ball hit André Santos and was later cleared by the defense.

Depor’s accuracy in the passes during the first part was only 71.36%, the worst on this season. It clearly explains the problems on this game, because Osasuna just needed to wait for an error in order to create danger. Sílvio was also failing a lot at the left-side of the defense, a position that seems ‘doomed’ after the exit of Filipe.

Deportivo didn’t improve in the second part and allowed a second goal, again after a distraction. The team improved within the final minutes and scored an important goal. Despite the grey impression left, Domingos’ men had enough chances to conquer a positive result, though it would have been undeserved.

The situation didn’t change for the second part; Depor were running a lot, but without any idea of what to do before a rival locked at the back. As result Domingos Paciência only lasted nine minutes in making the first modification: Nélson Oliveira replaced André Santos, a move that switched the draw into a 4-4-2 figure.

At minute 57, Álex Bergantiños picked the ball at the edge of the area after a corner-kick, but his attempt missed the target. It looked like Deportivo were improving, but then it came the second goal for Osasuna, and again it was a big error of the team. Álex fouled substitute Joseba Llorente, and Lolo was wiser enough to make a quick pass chipping the ball into the area, Nino was there to score the goal with a strong shot that was impossible for Aranzubia.

The play was the resume of the disappointing game of Deportivo: everybody standing and just watching how Deportivo was suffering a new defeat. The second goal was a shocker for the visiting team and Osasuna was even close to score a third, but Llorente missed the target from close range (63’)

Javier Camuñas was the second modification in the game as he replaced Bruno Gama, who was unnoticed throughout the game. Neither the ex-Osasuna winger did too much, though he was going to score at the last minute.

The big chance in the game for Depor came at minute 73, a long pass of Álex from midfield was found by Nélson Oliveira, who had enough time to define the one-on-one play before Andrés, but his strong shot just hit the body of the local goalie and was later cleared by the defense. And six minutes later the Portuguese striker missed again a similar action, this time after a bad pass of the keeper. Osasuna capitalized their chances, Depor’s don’t. That’s the resume of the game.

Then Valerón replaced Riki as he was dragging an ankle sprain, the modification switched the draw into a 4-2-3-1. The Canarian brought the needed peace to direct the attacks of the team, in this way Depor looked more dangerous within the last ten minutes than in the rest of the game. Ze Castro (81’) and Sílvio (85’) had chances to score, but they missed the target.

Despite the disappointing game of Deportivo, the true is that Domingos’ team had the chance to rescue a positive result, firstly because Javier Camuñas scored a goal in the first minute of the stoppage time. The goal came in a free-kick from the left after a foul of Arribas over Pizzi, the Portuguese winger put the ball in the box and the Madrilenian just had to push the ball in from close range.

Later, In the final attack of the game, Pizzi had a free-kick attempt after Nélson Oliveira was fouled at the edge of the area, the shot of the winger hit Assunção, but the referee whistled corner-kick. Still, the Galicians were unable to capitalize the last cross into the area.

Deportivo return to the last place at the standings after a poor presentation in Pamplona; the players never displayed an effective strategy before a rival that was well planted on the field. The locals just capitalized two distractions, while Oliveira wasted two clear opportunities. Camuñas scored his first goal at Depor, a goal that could be important as it meant to win the tie-breaker to Osasuna (3-2), something that could decisive in the quest for the permanence.

In the meantime Depor is again the last spot at Primera División, though only three points below the safety zone. On next Saturday, the Galicians return to the Riazor in order to entertain Valencia CF (22h00 CET).

Osasuna: (4-2-3-1) Andrés Fernández – Bertrán, Rubén, Arribas, Damià – Lolo, Puñal – Cejudo (Joseba Llorente 59’), Nino (Raoul Loe 81’), Armenteros – Sola (De Las Cuevas 74’)
Deportivo: (4-3-3) Aranzubia – Manuel Pablo, Aythami, Ze Castro, Sílvio – Assunção, André Santos (Oliveira 53’), Álex Bergantiños –Bruno Gama (Camuñas 68’), Riki (Valerón 79’), Pizzi.
Goals: 1-0: (26’) Kike Sola, 2-0: (60’) Nino, 2-1: (90+1’) Camuñas
Referee: Miguel Ángel Pérez Lasa. He showed yellow card to Bertrán (15’), Damià (32’), Puñal (36’), André Santos (46’), Arribas (90+1’) and Rubén (90+3’)
Venue: Reyno de Navarra (14,135)
Other statistics: Ball possession (48% - 52%); Attempts to score (6 – 8); Total shots (8 - 17); Shots on target (4 - 5); Saves by the keepers (4 - 1); Corner-kicks  (8 - 6); Offsides (5 - 4); Fouls committed (17 - 19); Passing accuracy (75.00% - 77.59%)




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