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22 Jan 2013
The media is disappointed with the performance of Depor at the Reyno de Navarra, though it also believes that the failures of Oliveira plus the misjudgments of referee Pérez Lasa contributed to witness a new defeat. Sílvio was also criticized.

La Opinión A Coruña: Stumble, trip and fall. On the less desirable stage to do so, even if there is still any due to the situation of the team at this point in the tournament, Deportivo returned to losing ways after a disappointing match in which they gave life to Osasuna and ended penalized by the mistakes, their own and those of others. The negligence, lack of aim by Nélson Oliveira and the gift of Pérez Lasa and his assistant in the first goal of the locals put in tray the victory to Osasuna, side that’s already above on the standings leaving the Blanquiazul side as the bottom club at the very beginning of the second round.

The causes of stumbling, awkward though deserved, lie in the error of the referee, but also in the miseries of a Deportivo that, at times, reminded the team of a few weeks ago, which roamed the pitch prior to the arrival of Domingos Paciência to the bench. The landing of the Portuguese coach emphasized the virtues and masked part of the weaknesses, converting the team into a more solid block. Yesterday, however, Los Blanquiazules behaved as anyone can expect from a team that’s the last place at the standings. Marcos Otero

Deporte Campeón: Depor save the goal-average. Many people expected for at least a point in yesterday’s game, at least one. Unfortunately the team is returning empty-handed, with a painful defeat and with a goal that at least saves the goal-average, because Osasuna lost in A Coruña with a 2-0 score. The 'victory' is for leaving this meeting with the tie-breaker in favour, something that, in case of a tie, would always put Depor above the Navarrans. But the current reality is a new loss. Deportivo left the Reyno de Navarra with the feeling that  it could have achieved something more than a narrow defeat. Alberto Torres.

La Voz de Galicia: Osasuna transferred the red light of the last place to Deportivo in a dramatic duel in which the Galician side only got the consolation of winning the tie-breaker before a direct rival. Camuñas saved it in added time after Nélson Oliveira missed both one-on-one actions before the local keeper. It was in the second half, when Depor reacted to the poor arguments of the first part and was launched with everything to the abyss of the 2-0,  a goal that disabled the containment plan of the Blanquiazul outfit, exploiting the weakness of Silvio and, finally, behind the innocence of the Galician defense in the second goal.

Domingos Paciência’s plan met its worst nightmare. Embracing austerity, the hard work and sacrificing the most talented players in the wide area of the field, it was not hard to imagine that the outlook would be too uphill with the score against them, something that was avoided in their first two games. Osasuna exposed the structural defect in the scaffolding of this new Depor, in a match that didn’t stand for its football, played at the edge of survival for both teams. The ball was in the middle of a pinball between Depor and Osasuna, with Cejudo as the most skilled player in the pinball machine, someone able to guide the ball to the most hidden recesses.

At the edge of abyss, falling to the bottom place with the defeat and about to lose the particular goal-average with Osasuna, Depor pulled of Camuñas, Nélson Oliveira and Valerón. The Portuguese striker had two chances to put the team back into the match. Zé Castro first and an error of Osasuna’s defense left him alone twice before Andrés. Nélson failed both times, prey of anxiety and diffident, far from the quality and exuberance of his goal against Osasuna just a few months earlier.

Oliveira’s errors took on a more dramatic look when Camuñas, after a cross from Pizzi, pushed the 2-1 in added time. Even Pizzi kicked violently a free-kick that was sneaking around after hitting the wall. It was the swan song by the poor Depor witnessed in Pamplona, because not even the reappearance of Valerón in the last quarter brought air time to the team. Beyond that, it was Álex Bergantiños who brought oxygen to the visitant side, also a symptom of where the game is pulling Depor, a team that must be reset in their faith to leave the pit. Miguel Piñeiro

Marca: The last place is no longer red. Five months after their first meeting, Osasuna and Deportivo crossed paths in La Liga as the last and penultimate places. A duel for everything and Los Rojillos left the clash with heads held high after a 2-1 win against the Galician side, now they’re the bottom club at Primera División.

The major impetus of the Navarrans, the errors of Pérez Lasa and above all, the mistakes of both, the defense and attack of Depor, condemned Domingos Paciência’s men. The revulsive effect of the Portuguese coach seemed to vanish in Pamplona, place where there was a battle that can be the key to the season finale in order to define things at the drop zone. At least the last-minute goal saved Deportivo at the moment of the tie-breaker with a direct rival, just in case.

Osasuna was superior from the opening whistle, pushed by Cejudo, who needed four minutes to find a vein on the right side of Silvio. The Portuguese completed a dire first half, always out of place, overwhelmed and unfocused. By his side came most of the danger in the first part. Cejudo ran at ease thanks to the collaboration of Marc Bertrán. Together both players gave a lot of problems to Silvio, who made good the absent Evaldo. Fran Villalobos

El Pais: Affected on this season by several refereeing errors, Osasuna received a candy from Pérez Lasa that cemented their victory against Deportivo (2-1). A victory wrought in the punch of Kike Sola, Nino's cunning and Andres’ saves, decisive in the final stretch of a pulse that allows the Navarrans to see the light at the end of the quagmire, place where the Galicians are now sunk, stuck at the bottom of the standings.

Reactivated since Domingos landed at the club, the formula didn’t work for Deportivo at the old Sadar stadium. Jammed in midfield, cloudy in the creation of game and brittle whenever the opponent stepped into their area, the Galician team was the best medicine for an opponent that faces a lot of problems trying to find the opposite goal. Osasuna, without aim on this season, found it now, mainly on the right flank defended by Silvio.

Spurred at the changing room, Deportivo awoke in the second part. Bruno Gama was plugged and Bergantiños intimidated, but the cunning of Nino knocked down them again, just when it seemed they were gaining momentum. The Galicians, who bared their teeth with the entry of Oliveira, were close to spoil the local party. Then it emerged the silhouette of Andrés, colossal in a double confrontation with the striker, just before Camuñas-ex-Osasuna and applauded by the fans- reduced the distance with a precise touch that brought a final dose of suspense. It didn’t change the script, however. Depor are now stuck; while Osasuna breathe with relief. Alejandro Ciriza.

Diario de Noticias (Navarra): Osasuna comply and suffer. Mendilibar’s team is linked this season with any type, shape or form of suffering and, before their yesterday’s opponent, what it was an easy victory left them choking with fear and lacking confidence, feelings that coexist with tenants of the lower places at the standings and that prompt unprecedented situations.  Deportivo, with a tiny baggage in attack, forced Andres Fernandez to become into the key for the victory. In two face-to-face duel before Nélson, the Rojillo goalie made two crucial interventions, two demonstrations of agility. The goal in the stoppage time by Camuñas gnashing of teeth...

No matter what, Osasuna took the valuable loot of the three points that don’t break the distressing thesis on this season, but serve to complete the task in this first test of the second round. Los Rojillos are on the fight against relegation and, as it’s a matter of staying alive until the end, no one can object to the importance of the victory and neither are reasons to question the merits. Only the goal in injury time, which tangles the final accounts with the tie-breakers, fueled the nervousness around a victory that should restore the confidence.

Osasuna was better than Deportivo, it did more things to deserve the three points, walked more alive for more minutes and had their reward. Mendilibar's team, however, was slow enough to run the engine and give a higher pace to the game. Los Rojillos -with the undeniable cooperation of a very weak rival-produced many minutes of inaccuracies, bland game, in the absence of danger, but little else can be asked to these two gripped teams, burdened by the weight of their horrible position at the standings. Javier Saldise



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