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23 Jul 2006
The number of players that Caparr�s has in Isla Canela (31) is a fact that worries him. The Sevillan coach wanted to have a smaller group (23 or 24), but the circumstances are forcing him to take a new approach to the project. Also the possible exit of Trist�n is still in the headlines.

Coach Joaqu�n Caparr�s expressed his worries about the presence of the discarded players in Isla Canela: "Maybe it's time to think twice about the ideas we have. I'm talking about delaying the project, it should be known a long-term work." The Sevillan trainer seems with good eyes the arrivals of young and 'hungry' players, but he is still worried about the presence of some men that ended their period with the club: "Since April we are working with the president and the club's officials in order to establish who was going out and who won't, because we wanted to sign new players. We still have one month to begin the competition."

But Caparr�s assures that he is a man that works for the club. In this way, he will try to make an adaptation of the work to the new circumstances. He also reminded that his objective is to obtain the best performance from his men. The Utrera-born trainer also admitted that he was wrong when he refused to admit the discarded players in Abegondo, a fact he did during the past week: "We lost some days with them, and the truth is that they deserved to be there since these men belong to the club."

Caparr�s also said that he will love to count on Duscher and Munitis for the new season. These two men are still to be linked to a possible exit in the summer market. Finally, Depor's coach also repeated that he doesn't count with Mun�a and that he still waiting to fulfil the incorporation of Dudu Aouate.

Sportpaper AS wrote that Sporting Lisbon, Benfica and now Porto are the three Portuguese clubs asking for Diego Trist�n. It was expected that the Sevillan striker would talk with reporters about his work in the pre-season, but later it was announced that the press- conference was cancelled since Trist�n is waiting to know the details about his probable departure.

The striker joined the pre-season stage in Isla Canela, but he could change his routine as soon as he receives fresh news. His father and agent, Jos� Antonio Trist�n, said to AS that Deportivo hasn't communicated any offer to them, but he assured that the striker is calm about this situation: "The important thing is that Diego is working and training. That�s the logical thing and we are  maintaining the calm." It was previously reported that Trist�n didn�t want to go to Portugal, but now his father is denying this situation, as he responded when he was asked about the possible interest of the three Portuguese clubs: "These are great clubs. Who will not accept an offer for them? There will be no problem."

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