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28 Jan 2013
Disappointment after Deportivo lost the game at the last minute; everybody believes that the expulsion of Sílvio changed the course of the meeting. Also, an unusual thing: Lendoiro complaining of the referees.

Coach Domingos Paciência was trying to explain what happened in the game, “It isn’t easy to explain the defeat, because we started losing and when you begin like that then you need to work hard in order to change the situation. Happily we did it, but committing errors that, at the highest competition, will lead you to allow goals.”

“I cannot say that the players didn’t work hard, but they committed these huge errors and playing with one less player it’s very difficult to face a team with a solid offense, it was something that complicated the things. We lost the game and it was our fault due to the errors that we committed.” He added.

The Portuguese coach also talked of the red card shown to Sílvio, “He tries to get the ball in a play that was far from the goal and it meant his second yellow card. It was the same thing that happened to Evaldo at San Sebastián. These are situations that can change a game. I fell that there’s no tolerance with us, though we cannot say that we lost due to the referee.”

Asked about the lack of intensity show by Oliveira, he said that, “We have to fix it, with Nélson and others, it must be done from the inside and analyzing his behavior in all the games. He entered in a difficult phase of the match. Yes, he could have done a better job, but he’s a responsible person. I won’t give names and neither will make personal analysis.”

Finally, Paciência believes that things can change in favour of Deportivo, “I am feeling sad for not been able to offer the triumph to the fans, but a lot of points still to be disputed and we need to change our luck. We can do it and also need to start ending the games with eleven players on the pitch.”

Riki scored a brace, but it wasn’t enough to add points; the Madrilenian commented that, “We did the most difficult thing, which was to achieve the comeback and the expulsion was the key. It forced us to retreat and Valencia have players that can combine and make good plays. We’re leaving screwed, because we see how all the hard work done in the week didn’t get the proper reward.”

Dani Aranzubia made several key saves, though he also failed in the first goal. He believes that the first expulsion was the key for the defeat, “The team worked hard throughout the match, but the expulsion conditioned the rest of the game. It was time for the suffering. We tried to hold on the result and it wasn’t possible.”

“Clearly we are missing a lot of things, that’s why we are so down at the standings, but when you lose things are always very dark. We need to fix several things. The team needs more tranquility at certain moments in the game. This time the expulsion was very important. We were facing a great team and they locked us at our side of the pitch until they scored the third goal.” The keeper added.

Captain Manuel Pablo got ten stitches in the face after a collision with Guardado; he commented that, “We’re committing errors that turn to be really expensive. We were able to resolve the game, but cannot control our emotions. They went out for the game and it cannot be that their attackers end up alone before your keeper, just when you are playing for your life.”

“The fans were great, as always, they were supporting the team. But we cannot handle our nerves at the moment of facing certain situations. We need to control our emotions, because if not then things will be worse. It was more painful to lose as the goal came at the last minute.” The Canarian defender added.

Álex Bergantiños was another player pointing to the expulsion of Sílvio as a decisive factor in the game, “Things turned to be more complicated with the expulsion and we defended more having one less player. They refreshed the wings and had scoring opportunities. We also had a few chances, but were unable to score. “

“We need to see again the images. We had some games in which, in case of doubtful plays, the call is always made in the other way. They never give things to us, there are some attitudes that aren’t the correct ones, and these things affect you throughout the game.” The midfielder added regarding the referees.

Normally president Augusto César Lendoiro doesn’t talk of the referees, so it was surprising to see him complaining of the treatment gave to Depor, “Football is like this, the referees are like this… The defeat wasn’t fair. Others cry and things are fine for them, while we shut up and they never help us.”

At Valencia, coach Ernesto Valverde said that, “Right now nobody can think that you’ll have several scoring opportunities and the rival doesn’t. Depor was looking for our back and the second goal came after a counterattack in which we could have done a better job and must have anticipated the fact that they can harm us. We also missed some aim to define the plays. In the second half they suffered the expulsion, but we had to play against ten and scored at the end just when we had clear opportunities before.”



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