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03 Feb 2013
Painful defeat in Madrid; Depor played with one more man for forty-nine minutes, but never knew how to face the situation and fell down after the expulsion of Abel Aguilar. Deportivo remain as the last place at Primera División.

Big surprise as coach Domingos picked Jesús Vázquez as a starter in the game, which meant to play with a 4-3-3 figure. The other news was that Kaká was making his debut at Deportivo. He’s the 15th Brazilian player that performs at the elite of Spanish football wearing the Blanquiazul shirt.

Aranzubia was at the goal, Manuel Pablo covered the right side of the defense, Evaldo returned to the left, while Ze Castro and Kaká were the centre-backs. Álex, Abel Aguilar and Jesús Vázquez were the pivotes in the formation, Bruno Gama and Pizzi attacked from the sides and Riki was the central attacker.

At Getafe, coach Luis Garcia Plaza left new signing Fede on the bench as Rafael López ‘Rafa’ was the chosen one to perform at the centre of the defense, but Sergio Escudero was debuting playing at the left sidee. The references in attack were Barrada, Diego Castro, Gavilán and Colunga. At least 200 fans of Depor were at the stadium supporting their team.

Deportivo had anything in favour in order to have a peaceful game after Moyá was sent off at minute 10; but Domingos’ team never knew how to face the rest of the first half and committed a huge error that cost the equalizer. Later it never found the way to complete a shot on target despite having the ball possession.

The first minutes were calmed, both teams were stuck at midfield and there were no shots on target within the first ten minutes -actually there were no shots on goal in the whole first half apart from the two penalties that were whistled- The first goal attempt in the game was a direct free-kick of Pizzi from the left side of the area that missed the target (6’). The locals responded with a corner-kick in which Diego Castro sent the ball over the crossbar (8’).

And the first decisive moment in the game arrived at minute 10; Pizzi threw a new free-kick from the left, Kaká headed the ball inside the box, it allowed Riki to face Miguel Ángel Moyá one-on-one, the striker was about to elude the keeper, but he was fouled first and referee Paradas Romero whistled the penalty and showed the red card to the ex-Mallorca keeper.

Luis Garcia replaced Gavilán with Jordi Codina and Pizzi scored his seventh goal on the season shooting from the penalty spot.  Now, Depor was having a very favourable situation, leading in the scoresheet and having one more man for the next 80 minutes.

Depor seemed comfortable on the pitch, it had the ball possession and even pushed for a second goal, but then the problems at defense appeared again and a big collective error led to the equalizer for the Madrilenians. Depor were having a corner-kick in favour, it tried to retreat, but Manuel Pablo made a bad pass and Getafe began the counterattack, it ended with the ball passed to Barrada inside the area, and then Ze Castro and Evaldo fouled them inside the area.

A new penalty was called and Diego Castro didn’t miss and scored his 5th goals on the league season. The goal awoke the locals despite been playing with ten men. Now they were giving a lot of problems with their quick plays, mainly with Barrada and Diego Castro penetrating by both sides. Still, Depor’s only attack in the next minutes was an attempt of Kaká in a new corner-kick, the ball ended in the hands of Codina.

Deportivo was a crippled team; the players never knew how to attack and their plays never surpassed the local defense. But the big actor of the first half was Paradas Romero, who whistled two penalties that were clear, but also showed five yellows and one red card in just 35 minutes. The true is that it wasn’t a violent game. It reduced the pace of the actions for the final fifteen minutes.

Perhaps the biggest sin of Depor was to look as a nervous team, it had the game at a very favourable situation, but they simply never knew how to play it. A clear demonstration was the fact that, despite playing with one more man for 35 minutes, it only completed one shot on target in the first part –the penalty- while it allowed two-on-one plays at the back zone, a shocking fact taking in mind the numerical advantage at defense. Deportivo pushed within the final five minutes and was close to score after two straight corner-kicks, but neither Riki nor Ze Castro found the opposite goal.

And the dream became a nightmare. Horrible. No other word to describe the performance of Deportivo in this half.  Domingos and his players never knew what to do and fell down just minutes after Abel Aguilar was sent off. Important setback in the quest for the permanence.

Domingos switched the draw trying to seize the numerical advantage, in this sense Javier Camuñas entered in order to replace Jesús Vázquez. The draw was now a 4-2-3-1with Camuñas performing as the playmaker in the scheme. It never worked out as the scenario of the first half didn’t change.

The first goal attempt was a cross of Manuel Pablo that Riki headed wide (48’), at the same time the rain of yellow cards continued as both Escudero and Diego Castro were booked in a just a few minutes, and then it was Álex Bergantiños. In the end Paradas Romero showed eleven yellows and one red card in a game that had 33 fouls. Too much, though it cannot be said that his performance affected the result of the clash. Instead, it was Deportivo’s squad the one committing the suicide.

Then Valerón replaced Álex and the draw was looking like a 4-1-4-1. Depor were still having the ball possession, but it never found the way to penetrate the defensive line of the Madrilenian outfit; to make things worse Getafe were looking more dangerous in the few chances they had. And this taking in mind that they were forced to make a new substitution after Varela suffered an injury. Fede debuted and replaced him, but still they never gave a chance to Depor’s offense.

And if Deportivo were having big problems to attack with one more player on the pitch then it was worse after the game turned to be a fight of ten men against ten men. And it’s that Abel Aguilar was sent off at minute 70 after jumping for the ball before Borja. The true is that it was a rigorous call, the Colombian saw two yellows in similar actions. It’s the fourth time in five games with Domingos in which Depor end a game with one less player.

Suddenly Deportivo were playing without pivotes, just when they started the game with three. That’s why Domingos changed his mind. And it’s that Paciência was about to allow the entry of Nélson Oliveira, but then he sent André Santos to replace Bruno Gama in order to regain some balance. Ironically, it was André who failed in the second goal of Getafe. So, Domingos failed completely in this game as his three substitutions were ineffective.

The only attack completed by the Galicians in the next minutes was a cross of Camuñas that Riki headed close to the far post (76’). And the disaster came within the last ten minutes, Álvaro Vázquez entered and scored just four minutes later after seizing a pass of Barrada. Again it was a huge mistake of the defense. André Santos lost the ball and committed a foul that meant the 11th card in the game, the free-kick was quickly taken by the locals and Depor’s defense never reacted to stop the strong shot of Álvaro from the edge of the area.

Just three minutes later, Getafe killed the game with a new quick attack, this time Barrada put the ball inside the area and Adrián Colunga scored with a strong shot from close range after eluding Manuel Pablo. Game over.

Deportivo just reacted after the third goal, though it was too late. And it’s that the Blanquiazul outfit completed 2 of their 3 shots on target in the game within the final five minutes. The first was a crossed shot of Riki after an assist from Camuñas (85’), two minutes later it was a header of Ze Castro in a corner-kick; both actions were stopped by Codina. Getafe even had the chance to score a fourth goal, but Diego Castro missed the target with his crossed shot from the edge of the area (89’).

A disappointing Deportivo paid the price for their sins; despite having everything in favour Domingos and his players never knew how to face the game; they had the ball possession, but neither completed shots on target nor knew how to defend. And when the situation was leveled with the expulsion of Abel Aguilar then the Madrilenians just needed two quick attacks to kill the game and destroy the visitor’s hopes.

It’s a big hit for Deportivo; the Galicians caressed the first away win on the season and are now sunk at the bottom of the standings after losing the first three games of the second round, the salvation is four points away. On next Saturday, Depor return to the Riazor in order to entertain Granada CF, a direct rival in the fight for permanence (22h00 CET).

Getafe: (4-2-3-1) Moyá – Varela (Fede 68’), Rafa, Alexis, Escudero - Xavi Torres, Borja (Álvaro 77’) - Diego Castro, Barrada, Gavilán (Codina 11’) - Colunga.
Deportivo: (4-3-3) Aranzubia – Manuel Pablo, Kaká, Ze Castro, Evaldo – Álex Bergantiños (Valerón 59’), Abel Aguilar, Jesús Vázquez (Camuñas 46’) – Bruno Gama (André Santos 72’), Riki, Pizzi.
Goals: 0-1: (12’) Pizzi (penalty), 1-1: (24’) Diego Castro (penalty), 2-1: (80’) Álvaro, 3-1: (83’) Colunga
Referee: José Luis Paradas Romero. He showed yellow card to Evaldo (23’), Barrada (26’), Borja (30’), Jesús Vázquez (33’), Diego Castro (52’), Álex (53’), Camuñas (56’), Rafa (65’) and André Santos (80’). Moya was sent off with a direct red card (10’). Abel Aguilar was sent off with two yellow cards (20’ & 70’).
Venue Alfonso Pérez Coliseum(9,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (33% - 67%); Attempts to score (5 – 4); Total shots (12 - 13); Shots on target (4 - 3); Saves by the keepers (2 - 1); Corner-kicks  (5 - 5); Offsides (3 - 3); Fouls committed (17 - 16); Passing accuracy (72.56% - 85.93%)




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