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04 Feb 2013
Huge criticism towards Deportivo after a disappointing game; the media blamed the players for their lack of ideas and intensity in a game that, after what happened at the initial minutes, should have been won by Depor.

Deporte Campeón: Depor make a fool. Deportivo looked ridiculous in Getafe, they stepped to Segunda Division showing their darker side and proving once again that there are players who simply don’t have the needed quality for Primera or are no longer for these jogging.

Domingos bet with Jesus Vazquez at midfield as he joined Abel Aguilar and Alex Bergantiños. He played with a sort of 1-4-1-4-1 in order to add men at the centre of the pitch. Besides, he placed Kaká alongside Zé Castro, debuting in the Blanquiazul outfit. Still, this team is having many failures, lacks of concentration, and loses the ball in situations without a clear explanation for it. It was ridiculous. On Saturday, against Granada, we will see what the Riazor thinks. This looks fatal. Alberto Torres

La Opinión A Coruña: Lost and aimless. Deportivo were needing a morale boost to deal with the matches lying ahead after the disappointing loss on last week against Valencia, and now the team returns from Getafe  with a more painful loss, if it’s possible, after taking the lead at minute 10 and contemplating the possibility to play the remaining of the game with one more man. They couldn’t, or did not know how, what is perhaps more worrying, to manage the superiority against an opponent that had lived the last two months without a win in liga and that was revived yesterday as it happened before with Osasuna and Valencia, deeply depressed after their round of matches with Real Madrid.

During the week players, coaches and club’s officials had launched disconsolate and melancholy laments about the misfortune that seems to follow the path of the team. Whenever something happens, came to say, either the referee or bad luck, are putting Deportivo in disadvantage. Someone must have been listening, because yesterday at the tenth minute of the match the referee whistled a penalty on Riki after a mischievous action of the striker that was placing him with the chance to take the lead on the scoresheet, the result was the chance to play the rest of the game before an opponent in disadvantage.

It happened, however, that although Pizzi scored from the penalty spot, the advantage and good fortune did not hide the shortcomings of a team that the major part of the time walks on the pitch without any direction, inclined to indolence, desperate and with the feeling that the slightest wobble makes them snort, because Getafe only needed some courage to start twitching the nerves of Deportivo.

The equalizer uncovered the indecision of Manuel Pablo, who hesitated making a bad pass with the whole defensive line still ahead of the ball. The captain’s hesitation infected his peers and the failure of the side defender led to collapse when the referee whistled a penalty of Evaldo or Zé Castro, no one knows for sure who, but Paradas Romero accused the Brazilian. Diego Castro put the tie and uncovered the miseries of a Deportivo without anyone to assume the responsibility of the game.

Not even Valerón, after Domingos completely abandoned his initial idea, brought the needed clarity for Los Blanquiazules to win the game and Getafe still had time to score two more goals to confuse the direction of a lost team. Marcos Otero

La Voz de Galicia: Depression in Getafe. Deportivo reached the bottom at Getafe, place where not even the favourable circumstances helped them to add points. Getafe came from behind and even could have ended scoring more goals despite suffering a penalty and an expulsion at the 10th minute of the match. Pizzi claimed the lead in favour of Depor from the penalty spot, but the numerical advantage, the lead in the scoresheet, and the support of the fans at the stands weren’t enough. Another big defensive error (Kaka’s debut didn’t solve the problems at defence) and then Depor was an exercise of impotence. By the moment when the expulsion of Abel Aguilar arrived, the tie was already a tight result according to what was seen: in numerical equality Getafe got the award for their effort and the quality of Álvaro Vázquez and Colunga sentenced a team exceeded by depression.

Domingos Paciência’s team skipped the opportunity, his revulsive effect is diluting in a worrying way. His choice of the eleven men for the battle, with Abel Aguilar and Jesus Vazquez tucking Alex Bergantiños, melted and ran out of ideas when the game, despite being in their favor, was twisted with Getafe's draw, side that was rearmed in defense, giving the ball to Depor and the Galicians didn’t know what to do with it. Neither the expected return of Abel Aguilar nor the debut of Kaká, who wasn’t seen too much, were enough. Another good production of Riki was wasted, he generated the play of the penalty and the expulsion and was the only one able to create some danger, with two attempts in in the second half, the only ones of his team. Manuel Piñeiro

Marca: Deportivo revive Getafe. Deportivo La Coruña missed in Getafe a golden opportunity to get their first away win on this season. It was in their hand when, at the tenth minute, Moyá dropped Riki inside the area and was sent off, but maybe it was so close that it shrugged the team, it gave for free the tie and eventually ended surpassed by a triumphant Getafe that thanked the return of Abdel Barrada into competition.

Pizzi claimed the lead for the Galicians, but Getafe would find the equalizer when they were still stunned by the penalty and the expulsion. Manuel Pablo failed in his anticipation and Zé Castro “ate”' the pass from Colunga to Barrada and then, between him and Evaldo, overthrow the Moroccan when he stepped into the area. Diego Castro converted the penalty and Luis Garcia's men found the plan they were looking for in order to fight against the inferiority: to be locked at the back waiting to see the nerves of the rival growing up and seize the moment to give the last strike.

Getafe found in Barrada the absent leader in 2013. The Moroccan was concentrated with his national team since the first week of the year, returned to the team with only two points more than when he left to the African Nations Cup. A team fighting for Europe hesitated with the relegation and now, thanks to this win, visits the Nou Camp on Sunday without any urgency. Both forces were equalized in a questionable expulsion of Abel Aguilar, who saw two yellows in two jumps with Borja, but what unbalanced the games was the changes made by Luis Garcia. He launched a clear message to go out for the win and his men obeyed well. Álvaro Olmedo

AS: With Geta and Faith. "I want 18 men leaving their soul." The phrase was shouted in public by Luis Garcia the day before the match. Yesterday, his kids responded giving what he asked: manhood. They achieved one of the most complex comebacks remembered at the Coliseum. At the 12th minute, Deportivo were winning 0-1 thanks to a penalty and the red card of Moyá. Getafe was facing a tough game, but eventually achieved the comeback and the Coliseum erupted in ecstasy after the final whistle of the referee.

Such was the need for Getafe and Deportivo that both sides presented two newcomers at the starting lineup: Escudero and Kaká. Escudero was correct and knew how to stop Bruno Gama, he sought and insisted. Also dared to shot on goal, hooking a ball that demonstrated the quality in that left foot. Similar was the presentation of Kaká. Very serious at the back (he looked good) and shinning with his long runs. As he can, he raises his head and sends the ball to the front.

Getafe and Deportivo were only something in set-pieces. Much at stake, but nothing about football. The first goal came in a collision inside the area between attackers and defenders looking for an aerial ball. The game was looking too long for Getafe, the result against them and 80 minutes ahead with one less man. The expulsion ended the plan A of Luis Garcia. The B was a 4-4-1 draw with Escudero as ahead as possible. There was not much time to think when Getafe found the equalizer. Ze Castro couldn’t cut a pass of Colunga to Barrada and between him and Evaldo ended up knocking off the Moroccan player. Penalty, no red card (yellow for Evaldo) but goal anyway.

Slowing the pace of the game due to the continues fouls, the match degenerated with the interruptions and turned to be a match with long passes into the box, always in set-pieces derived from the large number of fouls. No matter how far or close they were releasing the set-pieces, they always put the ball into the area hoping to find a fortunate event, as anyone pushes the wheel.

Deportivo, with Getafe having one less man, should have opened up the field trying to create opportunities. However, the ball only lasted three seconds on their feet. They were losing it pretty easy. Getafe put more heart to the match, with Borja and Xavi Torres doing the work of three at midfield and Colunga was dizzying the opponent. Football is a world of opportunities, of twists and turns as Getafe staged today, team where Borja and Colunga were starters, two players that one month ago were close to be transferred. Yesterday both were the two best men.

Deportivo should have assumed more risks and didn’t do it. Subsequently, Depor were reduced to ten by the expulsion of Abel Aguilar in a second yellow that was pretty rigorous, it seemed as the compensation after the first red card. At that time, Luis Garcia was released in a rush for the game and took a gamble by bringing striker Alvaro for Borja, a defensive midfielder. Getafe wanted more than the draw, they wanted to win and pulled the teeth. Depor, however, every minute that was passing was putting a candle asking for the draw. Francisco Javier Hernández

El País: Courageous Getafe, impotent Deportivo. It took nine games, seven in liga and two in Copa, to see Getafe returning to winning ways, It had to be Deportivo the side arriving to the Coliseum in order to show all the values that pave their way to the pit, unable by their own demerits to end the games with eleven men, suffering when they get an expulsion and ineffective to seize when it happens to the rival. Yesterday they played an hour in numerical superiority, with the lead in the scoresheet thanks to a penalty and the expulsion of Moyá. Not even in that way the Galician side was able to win in one of those matches that mark a campaign, as few defeats can be more painful, glaring the inability of a team that wants but that can’t do it, probably they don’t even know how.

Merit and praise for Getafe, courageous and willful, beaten since the start by their problems to defend the balls going into the box. In one of them, after a lateral free-kick, debutant Kaká headed the ball with more will than intention to assist Riki, who entered like knife in butter between the defenders, Pizzi seized the chance, so that Deportivo had a goal. But they didn’t have more. And it’s that Deportivo lacked football at midfield, something crucial not only to win a game, but even to control it. Domingos doesn’t seem to be concern in what happens in that part of the field, which quickly becomes a way station. But at least for once, with the narrow score and with one more player on the field, his team didn’t make an exercise of authority in that jurisdiction. Getafe had it, though neither was too much, but at least they coupled with dedication to their numerical disadvantage and found the prize in a disastrous defensive error committed by Deportivo, one more into the account on this season that shows that the sides are a black hole. Manuel Pablo failed badly at the moment of measuring a clearance and gave the advantage to the opponent, Evaldo did it after fouling Barrada inside the area and promote a penalty in which Ze Castro also collaborated; the team also failed allowing a counterattack to an opponent that was with a man down, a detail that’s paradoxical with so many  midfielders on the field.

Diego Castro equalized and Getafe emerged, the locals controlled the ball and felt comfortable in a game that was stuck, woven by fouls, interruptions and ominous warnings of a horrible referee. Everything turned into a tense and horrifying scenario, a duel in which the only way to reach the area was by the direct route. Colunga could have scored in this way after indecision of the centre-backs. Courageous and tenacious, few thing could be reproached to Getafe, and many to Deportivo, side that entered the game knowing they needed three points, they had them, and suddenly  lost two and felt helpless as the players felt that a unique opportunity to win was passing. Their coach felt that way too and he unshielded the team calling Camuñas and Valerón in less than half an hour to find out that none of the three midfielders that were starters were on the field, Jesus Vazquez and Alex Bergantiños were replaced, while Abel Aguilar was sent off for two jumps with Borja in which the referee saw two elbows that were nothing more than a dispute for the ball. Paradas Romero's inability to interpret the game devoted the match into a joint of heads and tails ending with Riki missing the winning header before  Álvaro Vazquez scored with a phenomenal shot from the edge of the area, and the sentence came with Colunga and his a sublime move inside the area. Juan L. Cudeiro 



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