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04 Feb 2013
Sadness and impotence after an incredible match in which Deportivo had everything in favour in order to claim their first away win. Domingos was feeling sorry because, one more time, his team suffered an expulsion.

Coach Domingos Paciência was feeling sorry after his third straight defeat, “There still life and we need to improve, we must try to do things better. We’re doing everything and always something is happening to us, in the end we don’t achieve the results. We try, but always something happens and in the end we lose. It was a game under control, we were having one more man. Later everything changed and it was our own fault. A pretty bad game for us, pretty bad.”

“It isn’t difficult to analyze the game. We began winning, but later committed a mistake, and were playing with one more man on the pitch, but were unable to create scoring opportunities and in the end, as it wasn’t enough, the game turned to be equal and they were more effective .We lost a game that shouldn’t have been lost. Pretty bad.” He added.

He was looking upset as, one more time, Deportivo ended with one less player, “It’s always the same. Today, against Valencia, in San Sebastián… we don’t find the way to end with a full squad. We must analyze both yellow cards shown to Abel and let’s see if there was a reason for been booked. I won’t say more.”

Daniel Aranzubia commented that, “It was an important game in Getafe. Things were favourable at the beginning of the clash, but incomprehensibly we weren’t superior to them just when we were winning and having the numeric superiority.”

Deportivo’s goalie was feeling sorry for the fans that traveled to Madrid to support the team, “We feel sorry for the fans, especially for the ones that made the trip to watch us. When a team is so low then everything is twisted. Everything is darker after losing a game like this one. Now we can only think of defeating Granada-“ He added.

Juan Carlos Valerón commented that, “The true is that it is tough... for everything. The game started well, but then things twisted off and we suffered a new loss. Things were looking good at the beginning and I believe we had a big chance to win. Later everything fell apart in two quick plays.”

“We could have hammered the rival having one more player, it was a pity. The expulsion affected us and lost strength on the pitch. Lately a lot of things are affecting us during the games. It’s normal to see the people upset, we are the first ones that would like to see things in a different way. We assume the responsibility. We lost the game, it's over, now we must believe that we cannot lose more games at the Riazor, it's vital.” El Flaco  added.

The other captain at the team, Manuel Pablo, was sad and commented that, “The current situation is stronger than the whole team, we aren’t playing well; we don’t have confidence and the only way to change that is adding victories.”

The Canarian defender also had words for the fans, “They are feeling sad, which is normal as we haven’t brought any joy throughout this year. Now we must try to do it on Saturday playing against Granada at the Riazor.”

At Getafe, coach Luis García Plaza couldn’t believe how his team walked away having the three points inside the pocket, “Things were hard for us in the game. To play for 80 minutes with one less man, and with the score against us, it’s pretty difficult. I don’t know why they didn’t score four times against us. It as a spectacular effort from our players. I’m pretty content, because the boys deserved it. It changed the dynamic ahead of the visit to the Camp Nou.”

“Xavi, Borja, Adbel and Diego were fine. Later we opted for Álvaro as we had the chance to win or lose and ended winning. To do it against any team and at Primera, playing with ten, it’s very complicated. Barrada is an important player, he can plays backwards, but I want to emphasize the work of Codina. It isn’t easy to be the shadow of Moyá and he certainly brought tranquility.” He added.

Adrián Colunga killed the game after scoring the third goal; he said that, “There are players that have been for a while without playing, like Borja, and they are offering a great performance, so there are enough players to yield at the top. We won because we fought until the end.”


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