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06 Feb 2013
The federation of peñas released a statement on Tuesday; it criticized the attitude of the players in the liga season and, at the same time, it asks for commitment and unity in order to clinch the target of the permanence.

One day after the incidents at Abegondo, the federation of peñas released a statement that was also pointing out to the players. There was no mention of the incidents at Abegondo, but a lot of criticism towards the players and their performance, which was described as a “brutal disrespect” for the fans. The press release also leaves an open door for “redemption” as it is hoped that this could be a turning point in the season of Deportivo.

The following is the translation of the statement:

Just months ago, it didn’t pass through our minds to have to release a statement similar to this one, neither by the dates of the season in which we find ourselves nor from the feelings of rage, anger, surprise and above all by the embarrassing spectacle that has been offered by our team.

R.C. Deportivo La Coruña is a sports club with 106 years of life and we demand that anyone coming to work to our club should be aware of what the fans of Depor represent; that whoever defends the shirt should do it with pride and race, because we don’t want to feel more shame.

It is not logical the level shown by the squad and the brutal disrespect manifested by the major part of you –the players- towards the fans of our team and what we are suffering in this sad season.

It is not logical, not even a statistically, that the team is doing a pitiful season, with a background as deplorable as the numbers say: 22 games played, with only 3 wins and 48 goals conceded. The fans don’t live of projects, but of realities as is to acquire the memberships (even in the economic situation in which we live), they go to the stadium, making very expensive trips due to the geographical situation, encouraging their team hoping to reach the next game to enjoy it and not to witness the next "defeat" as we're used to watch.

Even with all the bad things exposed, we want to remain optimistic and hope that the current situation of been the bottom club will transform us into a team that fights and makes the final effort. Hopefully everything we are experiencing will make ALL of us to think (club, players and coaches) and that from now on, this will be the turning point that will make us all row in the same direction, that the team will make us to feel proud of them again, that the fans will continue to respond as it has been done so far and soon, the joys could return, something that not so long ago roamed and that was felt in our hearts.

The fans demand maximum commitment, facts and not promises, but above all we will fiercely defend our colors.




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