07 Feb 2013
Striker Riki offered an interview to journalist Juan Jordi from Sportpaper Marca. The Madrilenian striker admitted that the players are the main responsible for the current situation lived by Deportivo. He admitted a lack of attitude in some games.

Q: The Federation of Peñas has issued a strong statement, what do you think about this?
A: Clearly there are limits. We know that the situation is complicated and that the limit is ending. It’s normal to see people unhappy. It’s time to be united and reverse the situation. It's what we have to do to go ahead.

Q: Who’s ultimately responsible for the situation?´
A: Blame it on the players, because we aren’t matching the level that we should. We are the most responsible ones. You need to link it with the things happening outside the pitch, everything influences.

Q: Afraid that it might be a rupture between the team and the fans?
A: During this season the fans have been well above the team. They were instrumental in obtaining the promotion. If that union is broken, then we all will be losers. They’re very unhappy with the team and with good reason. The situation is tense. Inside the squad there are attitudes that cannot be allowed, but everything changes if we achieve victories.

Q: What do you mean?
A: For example the other day in Getafe, when we didn’t match the circumstances. We feel shame for the people who traveled there and for who suffered with what happened.

Q: You always speak about the team and that it isn’t competing as it should. What do you mean exactly?
A: We don’t compete for the full 90 minutes and it condemns you at Primera División In elite football, if you're not competing then you’re dead. I mean aggressiveness and concentration. There comes to mind the goal at Pamplona. Playing for what it’s at stake you cannot allow that kind of goals.

Q: Do you think it can also influence the fact that you’ve spent the last five months without been paid?
A: To me, when I play it doesn’t influences, but truly it is a lot of time without been paid. Some are affected more than others.

Q: Do you know when you will start receiving your payroll?
A: Valerón and Manuel Pablo are taking care of that issue, especially El Flaco. So far we know nothing and we’re waiting to see what will happen with this situation. It's been three weeks since the club is in administration and we are waiting.

Q: Do you receive timely information from Augusto Cesar Lendoiro and the administrators?
A: We don’t know the administrator, just for his photo.

Q: But the club has signed three players in the winter market, what do you think of this decision?
A: These are matters of the club. If they’ve decided to make signings it's because they thought it was necessary. They’ll know if there is money or not to make signings.

Q: The fact that there are many players ending contract, can it influence on their performance?
A: Whether you've a contract or not, you have to be professional. The fact of been in a relegated team it has a negative significance. Also, if you don’t play well then you will have more difficulties to play at your team. The implication should be the same.

Q: How's the issue of your renewal?
A: It’s a subject that I don’t want to talk much. Not good for anyone. These are situations that we must live.

Q: Do you think this Deportivo has enough squad to clinch the permanence and continue another season at Primera División?
A: I think so. You’ve to work as a team and we're lacking this factor in recent games. Every game you miss the victory represents to live a  more complicated scenario. What we do know is that at home we cannot fail, and on the road you need to win at least a game or two.



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