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11 Feb 2013
Long and painful night in A Coruña; the incidents outside the stadium marked the post-game against Granada. Domingos said that he was ready to leave and the president had to convince him of staying. Only a few players faced the media.

Before facing the media, Domingos Paciência had a meeting with the president and the sporting director; he explained the reason for it, “I had a reunion with the president and the sporting director in order to determine what’s the best for the team and if that means to leave, then surely that would be the decision, because I am available for the club. I am the one that suggested my possible exit. I am not giving up, I just said to have a meeting with them.”

“We will continue having reunions and anything that comes out from these meetings would be communicated to everyone, but I am not worried for me, but for Deportivo, because no matter what happens, since this moment, what I want is to see the team staying at Primera. I will analyze if I was wrong coming here after leaving, if we need a change and if that means to leave, then I am at the disposition of the club.” He added.

About the game, the Portuguese trainer commented that, “We lost the game, but cannot reclaim anything to my players, because you suffer a goal like the one that came at the end of the first part and another at the beginning of the second, and that situation killed the team, though there were some moments when the team was playing well.” He quickly left the press room leaving the sense that he was close to resign.

The comments from the coach raised the alarm bells about his imminent exit. At the same time the situation was tense outside the stadium. It was reported that some people were throwing bottles as they were waiting for the players. Chants like ”Mercenaries” and ”Less Portuguese players, more Galicians” were heard.

The police arrived and locked the entrances and there was a police charge in the outside; luckily there were no reports of arrests or injured people. The incidents and the situation with the coach changed the routine of the players. Because they lasted one hour in leaving, before leaving the team’s captains, the president and the sporting director had a meeting inside the changing room. Only the president and three players addressed the media later, while the whole team had to leave the Riazor in a bus, many of them left their cars at the stadium.

Juan Carlos Valerón was the first one that faced the reporters after the meeting with the president; he couldn’t confirm if the coach was going to continue, but expressed the support of the whole team, “We want him to continue. We are content with the work done by Domingos and really want him to continue.”

“This situation is complicated; the whole team needs to face the situation and continue fighting. The coach was talking to the president trying to get the strength to move forward. We believe that things still can be lifted. At some point the luck must change. We must understand that this is a complicate situation and the coach understands that he’s responsible.” El Flaco added.

Then Augusto César Lendoiro faced the reporters, he clarified that no one at the club wants to see the exit of Domingos, but that the final decision will depend on the coach himself, “We had a meeting requested by Domingos, he told us that that, if I understand that he was the guilty for what was happening, then he was putting his job at our disposition, but I told him that under any circumstance we are wanting his exit.”

“The whole Deportivismo agrees that he should continue, so he has our support and we want to see him staying; there’s unity and in that sense it was reinforced by the team’s captains. It isn’t a situation of deadlines, but now Domingos is the one that must think and act.” It was later confirmed that Domingos will direct Monday’s training session, so he’s staying.

Before leaving the stadium, only two Depor’s players talked to reporters, the first one was Álex Bergantiños, “We cannot surrender right now. We still can surpass this situation. The changing room is in silence, but we must remain united. This was an important game for us and things weren’t as we wanted. We still alive and must continue fighting.” The midfielder said.

The other player talking was keeper Daniel Aranzubia; he said that, “This is a very complicate situation. Everything is hard and we must move forward. We are affected and it is a difficult situation. The protest from the fans? they just expressed their feelings in the way they think was right. Probably the fans don’t want to hear us now. They want facts and no speeches. We just want to break this negative streak and win some games.”

Meanwhile, Lucas Alcaraz told to reporters that, despite the final score, it was a hard match for his team, “It was a complicate day to play a game at the Riazor, because Deportivo knew that they had to put a lot of intensity in order to achieve a result that wasn’t going to increase the difference at the standing, and I believe that the game was more complicated of what the final score says.”



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