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12 Feb 2013
The numbers cannot lie: Deportivo is making their worst season at Primera División after only clinching 3 victories in 23 matchdays. There were five seasons when the team had lesser points at this height, but only due to the value of the victories.

Deportivo La Coruña have only added 16 points after 23 matchdays at Liga BBVA 2012/13, the record achieved by the Blanquiazul outfit  is terrible: 3 victories, 7 draws and 13 defeats. This means the worst performance, statistically, after 42 seasons at the elite of Spanish football, at least until this height of the competition.

Only in five previous occasions the Galician team had the same or a lesser number of points, but in all of those five Primera tournaments the record was better than the present one, the situation is that in those seasons the victories were still awarded with only two points and not with three. That’s why the present campaign of Deportivo can be labeled as the worst one performing at Primera División. Besides, to notice that in those previous opportunities Depor always ended relegated to Segunda.

For the season 1944/45, Deportivo were penultimate at the standings after matchday 23 having the same number of points than in the present Primera tournament, but the record was slightly better: 5 wins, 6 draws and 12 defeats. In that opportunity the team only added one point in the next three games –the last ones on the season- and suffered the first relegation to Segunda.

One decade later, Deportivo became the “elevator” of Spanish football as it was clinching the promotion at Segunda just to suffer the relegation in the following year. It happened four times and in all of them the team presented very weak numbers.

On the campaign 1956/57, Depor were the last place at the standings after matchday 23; Los Herculinos only collected 13 points in those meetings, but still the record was better than the present one as the team coached by Diego Villalonga had six victories and one draw plus sixteen losses. Somehow the team reacted and clinched four wins within the last seven matchdays, but it wasn’t enough to clinch the permanence.

For the season 1962/63, Deportivo have only added 15 points after 23 matchdays, but again the record was better than the one of the current season: six wins, three draws and fourteen defeats. At the time the team was coached by Rogelio Santiago 'Lele' and neither clinched the salvation despite winning the last four games in the tournament.

Two years later –season 1964/65- Depor were back at Primera and was once again in deep trouble at matchday 23 as it only have added 15 points. But once again the record was better than the present one as the Galician team had clinched five victories, two draws plus suffering sixteen defeats. In this opportunity the team coached by Luis Carniglia could only add a victory within the last seven meetings in the tournament and ended at the last place, five points above the penultimate spot.

And the last opportunity something similar happened was on the campaign 1966/67 as the Deportivo coached by Dagoberto Moll was penultimate with only fifteen points added in 23 matchdays. Once again the record was better than the present one: six wins, three draws and fourteen losses. The ending of that season was disastrous as the Galician side only added three points in the last seven matches. It was the last time Deportivo ended a Primera season at the last place of the standings.



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