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16 Feb 2013
Fernando Vázquez debuted with a defeat; same errors and same result; there was a reaction within the final fifteen minutes, but Depor didn’t capitalize the local errors and the Galician side remains as the bottom club at Primera.

New boss Fernando Vázquez debuted with a trivote figure at midfield: Álex Bergantiños, Pablo Assunção and Abel Aguilar. The other big novelty was that Evaldo Fabiano was a starter at the left side of the defense. The rest of the lineup was the expected one.

Aranzubia defended the goal, Sílvio played at the right-back position, while the centre-backs were Ze Castro and Kaká. The right winger was Bruno Gama, Pizzi performed on his natural position: the left flank. Finally, Riki was the central attacker.

At Sevilla, coach Unai Emery was presenting two novelties at defense, because both Palop and Fernando Navarro were out after been doubtful throughout the week, so new signing Beto and left-back Alberto Moreno were starters, this last one is a 20-year-old youngsters that was making his first appearance with the first team. In attack, the trident Navas-Reyes-Negredo was menacing Deportivo.

If Deportivo have been criticized for something on this season is for the poor performance of the side defenders, and it was pretty evident in this game that this is the weakest link at the Galician outfit, because the three goals scored in the first part came after a poor defense in the crosses released by Sevilla’s men, though it’s also true that neither the centre-backs made the needed covering in order to avoid the goals. The result was to reach half-time mark with a new disadvantage in the scoresheet.

Depor began the game with a the line of four defenders playing in an advanced position, the three pivotes were close to them, so there were two lines with seven men defending the game of Sevilla. But it was useless as the Andalusians scored the first goal just five minutes after the kick-off.

It was a quick play on the left wing, Evaldo failed in the offside trap and Coke placidly picked the ball after a pass from Navas, then he released a perfect cross that Rakitić headed home at the far post. The fact is that the whole defensive line failed as neither Kaká nor Ze Castro nor Sílvio were able to clear the ball before it reached the path of the Croatian midfielder. Aranzubia also reacted too late at the goal line as the ball hit the hand of Medel in the process.

The goal brought the nerves at the visiting team, just three minutes later Sílvio missed trying to clear the ball and the action ended with Navas releasing a drilling cross from the left that went into the path of Kondogbia and his short-range attempt was saved by Aranzubia.

With the passage of the minutes Deportivo was forced to push up front, Sevilla was waiting at midfield trying to take advantage of the desperation in order to reply. The Galicians only created some danger in set-pieces, while the locals looked more dangerous, but their only clear attempt at the middle of the half was a counterattack after a corner-kick in which Aranzubia made the save before the attempt of Negredo.

But Sevilla just needed a new push to score the second goal, and again the goal came by the left side defended by Evaldo. This time Navas made the play easily surpassing the Brazilian to placidly drill the ball into the path of Gary Medel, then the Chilean just had to push the ball in from the penalty spot.

Deportivo was knocked down, but luckily the Galicians found a goal almost immediately. Beto failed to control an attempt of Pizzi, the loose ball was found by Abel Aguilar, who drilled the ball from the right and into the box, and Riki was there to push the ball in. It’s his 9th goal on the season, his highest mark ever in a campaign at Primera División.

The Galicians looked better after the goal and Riki was close to tie the game, but his shot from the right corner of the area just missed the target by inches (37’). And as it happened in previous games, the Galician side paid the price in the next play as the Andalusians scored the third goal in the next play. Again a similar action to the previous goals as Alberto Moreno released a high cross from the left that Medel found inside the box to score the goal from close range. Nobody marked him. It’s the third goal scored by the Chilean against Depor on this season.

Deportivo improved in the second part, but there were no goals, mainly due to the great saves of Beto and Aranzubia. The entry of Salomão energized the game for the final fifteen minutes, but it wasn’t enough and Depor suffer a new defeat in liga.

The first minutes of the second part were really calmed; Depor were looking too passive and Sevilla continued to be the closest side to score a goal; at minute 50, Reyes found the ball inside the area when he was alone before Aranzubia, but Sílvio arrived on time to clear the danger. 

As it happened in the first part, Deportivo were only arriving in set-pieces; at minute 53, a free-kick for the Galicians ended with a cross of Pizzi that Evaldo headed wide. At minute 56, Navas got the ball at the edge of the area and attempted a drilling attempt that was saved by Aranzubia.

Then Fernando Vázquez switched the draw replacing Álex with Valerón. The figure was now a 4-2-3-1, but Depor continued to be a ghost, missing strength and that never put pressure to Sevilla, therefore the locals were feeling pretty comfortable and just seemed to be waiting for the final whistle.

Nélson Oliveira was the second substitution as he replaced Assunção, again the modification switched the draw as Deportivo began playing 4-1-3-2, relying on long throws and the direct game. Deportivo spent a lot of minutes without creating a clear opportunity, it was until minute 72 that Pizzi seized a long run of Oliveira, but he missed the target from close range.

Then Salomão replaced an exhausted Riki and that modification added the depth that Fernando Vázquez was looking for as the Portuguese winger became into a dagger that almost helped to reach the equalizer. And it’s that the visiting side lived its best moment within the final fifteen minutes, creating enough opportunities to tie the actions before the passive attitude of the Andalusian side, the difference was that Deportivo never capitalized those opportunities.

The first big chance to score in the second half was for Bruno Gama; Evaldo assisted Salomão and he released a perfect cross from the left, just into the path of Bruno Gama, who connected a perfect header, but Beto made a great save using only one hand (76’), five minutes later the Portuguese goalie made another great save after Oliveira headed on target a corner-kick of Pizzi, this time the local goalie punched the ball and it hit the crossbar, luckily for his side the ball went out.

Salomão made a great play at minute 85, but his cross didn’t find a receiver. Sevilla also had their chances to score and showed up to deny the Andalusians. First defecting with the leg an attempt of Rakitić (86’) and then deflecting to corner-kick a fast counterattack led by Navas (90+3’). A new defeat, but at least the late reaction invites to think that the players still believe in the salvation.

A match defined by the errors. The mismatches of Deportivo at the sides were really expensive in the debut of Fernando Vázquez as his team allowed three goals in 40 minutes. The team improved in the second part, mainly after the entry of Salomão, but both keepers were brilliant enough to avoid more goals. Sevilla committed errors too on the sides, but the big difference was that the local goalie made the saves. It’s the fifth straight defeat for the Galician outfit playing for la liga, the last time this happened was in November of 1964.

There was an improvement from previous games as the players showed more will and desire, still this is a new defeat and the Galician side remains at the bottom of the standings with one more matchday less in the schedule. On next Saturday, Deportivo return to the Riazor in order to face Real Madrid (20h00 CET)

Sevilla: (4-2-3-1) Beto – Coke (Botía 46’), Fazio, Spahic, Alberto – Medel, Kondogbia (Stevanovic 79’) – Reyes (Manu Del Moral 71’), Rakitić, Navas - Negredo
Deportivo: (4-3-3) Aranzubia – Sílvio, Kaká, Ze Castro, Evaldo – Álex Bergantiños (Valerón 56’), Assunção (Oliveira 66’), Abel Aguilar - Bruno Gama, Riki (Salomão 74’), Pizzi.
Goals: 1-0: (5’) Rakitić, 2-0: (27’) Medel, 2-1: (32’) Riki, 3-1: (39’) Medel
Referee: José Antonio Teixeira Vitienes. He showed yellow card to Abel Aguilar (13’), Kondogbia (36’), Coke (42’), Assunção (43’), Botía (64’), Rakitić (73’), Medel (73’) and Spahic (90+2’)
Venue: Sánchez Pizjuán (27,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (63% - 37%); Attempts to score (11 – 8); Total shots (20 - 13); Shots on target (9 - 7); Saves by the keepers (5 - 6); Corner-kicks  (6 - 7); Offsides (1 - 2); Fouls committed (21 - 4); Passing accuracy (88.20% - 78.34%)




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