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17 Feb 2013
Five straight defeats in liga for Deportivo, but new coach Fernando Vázquez and his players want to remain optimistic; they think that the Galician team must continue fighting until returning to winning ways.

Fernando Vázquez debuted with a defeat; he admitted that Sevilla deserved the victory in this match, “I saw that Sevilla were better than us, also that we were pretty bad in the first part as they were easily reaching our area. We were unable to surpass them in several phases of the game, but the true is that our team never surrendered, though when a team is superior then it ends happening this. We must work harder and better, but I believe the players are fine.”

“We were always far in the scoresheet, but were close to score the 2-2 and later the 3-2, though we didn’t make it. We accept the defeat and must continue working. Perhaps we need more time, and truly we didn’t have time, because within these first days I gave the players a lot of information, but never had the proper time to train. We went out trying to stop Sevilla in a particular way; we were unable to do it and everything fell apart. They hammered us by the wings. If we wouldn’t allowed so many attacks by the wings and if we would have avoided the large number of crosses, then we wouldn’t have allowed the goals and things would have been different in the second part.” He added.

He was also making calculations of what his team needs in order to clinch the permanence, “We need eight victories and the team will try it, it doesn’t matter if these wins come now or at the end. We have ahead a complicate month, it’s tough; we know and accept it, but will fight to achieve it; we need to seek for the first victory and we’ll never surrender; actually I think that, today, the team never gave up.”

Finally, the Galician manager was trying to be positive taking in mind the complicate calendar in the coming weeks, “It’s very important to win the games, and the next month will be tough. The players know it; we know where we are standing and know what we must do, so we’re going to fight until the end. We must achieve that first victory.”

Abel Aguilar was trying to remain optimistic, “We must have hope; we cannot fall down and neither can give up; not a chance; we must work hard and try to do our best. The team must assume as soon as possible what the coach wants.”

“Mentally we must remain strong; we need to work harder and with more intensity; there’s no margin for errors and must pull things forward; there’s no other way. Now the next game is difficult. There’s no margin of error, so we must change things as soon as possible, because if the rival continues to score goals so easily then it would be harder.” The Colombian midfielder added.

Pizzi was feeling sorry as Deportivo didn’t capitalize the opportunities had in the second part, “We could have scored in the second part; we tried in every possible way, but always found out with a great keeper. It was a pity.”

Striker Nélson Oliveira entered in the second part and was close to score through a header; he commented that, “I believe we were fine in the second part; we could have scored more goals, but the keeper of Sevilla had a great performance. We cannot be talking of bad luck when we lose the games, but unfortunately the true is that we have missed a dose of fortune in order to win.”

At Sevilla, coach Unai Emery expressed his happiness for the final result, “It was a pretty match, with an open game and with opportunities for both Sevilla and Deportivo, but must also have self-criticism, because we need to keep the control over the game and have more consistency at defense. “

For the first time in his career at Spain Gary Medel scored a brace; he said that, “These three points are very important for the team; they needed the victory, but we managed the game and transformed the opportunities into goals. Sevilla must always demonstrate this intensity and pressure since minute one. It gives you the opportunity to score a goal and it happened like that.”

The other scorer in the game, Ivan Rakitic, said that, “For everybody it’s important to score a goal, not only for the striker. We all must help. I hope to continue like this, working hard in order to add points. I would sign to not score more goals but to see the team winning everything."


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