26 Jul 2006
�lvaro Arbeloa joined Deportivo in a curious situation � in the middle of the match against San Roque de Lepe. Prior to this, the Salamanca-born defender talked to <i>La Voz de Galicia</i> about his expectations of his new club.

Q: Are you hopeful about joining Deportivo?
A. Yes, very hopeful. I accomplished my objective, to play in the Primera, and I hope I do a good job during the five years on my contract.

Q: There will be tough competition for a place in the first squad, because Depor has several central defenders
A: Yes, that�s true. But I feel I have enough skills to play. I had other offers and it seemed that it would be easier to play with those teams, but when Depor called me... it's a big club and I believe I have the capacity to play here.

Q: What other offers did you receive?
A: Zaragoza, Espanyol and another team. But Depor's offer was the most interesting, although it will be harder for me.

Q: Are you exclusively a central defender or can you perform in other positions?
A: I started as right wingback, but since my promotion to Real Madrid B, I played as a central defender. Maybe now I'm more comfortable in that position, but I don�t mind playing both sides.

Q: What are your aspirations?
A: To have a good season. Depor has made good signings, young people. But I must go step by step, because it's a long way. What I want is to play and succeed at the club.

Q: The team seems to have lost some steam during the last few seasons and failed to qualify for European competition.
A: We must return to Europe, because Depor is one of the biggest clubs in Spain � it only makes sense. We have a solid team and a good coach, and we will fight to qualify for those competitions.

Q: What's your opinion about Caparr�s?
A: I�ve heard good things about him, because several team mates on the national team came from Sevilla. Sergio Ramos said great things about him, that he is a good person and that he helps you a lot. I hope he will give me a hand too.

Q: Do you already know any of the players?
A: I�ve played with Arizmendi and Riki before.

Q: Are you disappointed with Real Madrid?
A: No, I must thank them. But it's also true that I wanted to play there. It was complicated because you see better players coming and I realized that it would be harder to break into the first team.

Q: It seems that Capello doesn't trust youngsters?
A: We know him. Caparr�s trusts the youngsters and Capello prefers the veterans,
especially in Madrid and at a time when he needs to win a title. So, it's logical, although it isn't right. There are cases like Mej�a or Pav�n, they played and showed their value, so why doesn�t he trust them?

Q: Somebody in Madrid should envy your arrival at Depor.
A: There is one person, a Galician player -  Diego L�pez.  Depor is looking for a keeper and he is at the same level as Casillas.

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