21 Feb 2013
Diogo Salom„o gave an interview to Armando Palleiro from newspaper El Ideal Gallego; the Portuguese winger believes thatís possible to win 8 of the last 14 games in the league season, and also wants to earn a spot a the team

Q: How about your feelings within the last two games?
A: I am content in a personal sense, because things have been fine for me lately. Itís always bad when the results are negative as we didnít add the three points, but we must be confident in throwing this forward.

Q: Paradoxically the best moment in the season for players like Riki and you and coming together with a collective decadenceÖ
A: Itís a situation affecting the whole group, when you are wrong you must look at the group, not only a player, the important thing is the block. We didnít match the objective in the last games and it is complicating our life. Sometimes we make good games, but only at some precise moments; in other moments we are fine as a group, while in others we are confused and lose the sense of the game.

Q: In your opinion, whatís the thing missed by the block in order to the reach the dreamed balanced team?
A: I believe that a little of consistency, something we have missed in the last games. Sometimes weíre competing, then there are errors or lack of concentrations and we end suffering a goal that condemns us in every game.

Q: Do you think thatís  necessary to switch the system in order to stop the bleeding of goals?
A: I donít know, thatís a matter of the coach, we have an idea and need to share it, we must believe in the same thing and row in the same direction.

Q: How about the new coach?
A: Well, heís adapting to the club and we are trying to see him engaged as sooner as possible to Deportivo. We want this to be a quick adaptation, so we can start adding points.

Q: And on Saturday Madrid lands...
A: Very difficult game against a very strong team, weíve to be united to make a good game.

Q: Do you think they will arrive with the mind in the Copa and the Champions League?
A: Not at all, they will come here to win, thatís for sure; theyíll come with the intention of taking the points and complicate our lives.

Q: Are you hoping to face global cracks as Ronaldo?
A: Of course, itís always good to play against the best, right now theyíre icons of football and I am thrilled to have the opportunity.

Q: Have you been annoyed by the chants of the fans against the Portuguese players?
A: I donít want to talk about it, the fans are not happy with the results of the team, but I wonít enter into the subject. We give the best of ourselves to Deportivo, we donít mind the nationality of each one.

Q: Is it possible to win eight of the fourteen games remaining in the league?
A: Itís not impossible, let's try. The only way is to believe thatís possible, let's try it because it is what we have left. We have to be united to win.

Q: What are your goals until the end of season?
A: On a personal level, to try to win my spot at the team; since the beginning of the year I had injuries and some difficulties. With the new coach I had little chances, but now Iíll try to give my best to achieve salvation.



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