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25 Feb 2013
Fernando Vázquez and the players were sad with the defeat, but at the same time hopeful with the performance of Depor. President Lendoiro even assured that the Galician outfit isn’t going to suffer the relegation to Segunda.

Despite the latest defeat, the sixth in a row for Depor, coach Fernando Vázquez was optimistic after watching the performance of the team, “If before I was believing, now more. As the public chanted at the end: yes we can. We must grab to anything; mathematically everything is possible and there are other teams that did it before. I know that the team can improve, in all senses.”

“The team hasn’t reached its peak, not yet, that’s the reality from my point of view. We will work hard in order to transform the yes we can into a habitual victory. We’ve to play with the same intensity for the full 90 minutes. I believe we lowered the pace, then Madrid increased the velocity and we missed a little more engine. If we would have had an advantage of three or four kilometers then probably they would have caught us; we didn’t capitalize the opportunities of the first half. Ronaldo, Ozil and Khedira add other things. They accelerated the team and it was harder for us.” He added

Once again the Galician coach was defending Nélson Oliveira, one more time criticized by the fans, “He has spent a while been a substitute and probably needs a chance to be a starter. I bet on him. He’s a classy player. You must find the right click in order to see him demonstrating the great player he is. He must improve and I know that he’s asking to be a starter. We have to study that option. He should also change and bee a more complete player, which means to run straight and also backwards.”

Finally, Fernando Vázquez was praising the level of Valerón, one of the best players in the game, “I am enchanted to watch him at minute 70 or 80, because he was running back in order to help at defense. It’s an example for the other partners. The team also needs to learn from the sacrifice of Valerón. His behavior is exemplary.”

Ayoze Díaz was feeling sad for not adding the three points in the game, “We did the merits in order to clinch a positive result. We had enough chances to score more goals, but later they made the changes and scored the goals. It’s a pity, because the team deserved more."

At least the Canarian defender was content with his performance, "You work hard during the trainings in order to end playing, so I am content but also sad for losing the game. When you do a nice work and you don’t get anything possible, then you end the game with a bittersweet taste.”

Jesús Vázquez had to play as a centre-back due to the injury of Kaká, he commented that, “I and Álex are here in order to help in days like this: just when we have problems. I believe we reached a high level, mainly in the first part. We were close to win the game.”

“In our current situation we need the points, but we also demonstrated that our plans were fulfilled. We hope the next time will be the same, because we missed little things to add the points. We need to plan and read the games in the right way, this in order to add. We only missed the points, the rest was right. This is the path to follow. Playing like this the team will be closer to the victory.” The Andalusian midfielder added

Riki scored his tenth goal on the season; he commented that, “I believe we did a great game; in a personal sense I tried to do my best. My goal helped to claim the lead, later we are aware of the punch of Real Madrid and they scored the goals. Álex and Jesús had to play in different positions and they did well, but these things are also affecting us. Still, if we are screwed and only having sixteen points it is because we deserve it.”

Asked about his continuity on next season, the Madrilenian commented that, “I believe that everybody that knows me is aware of the way I think. Right now it isn’t important to talk of renewals, because we need to focus in trying to save the club. This subject is useless. What I want is to continue playing and the rest will come by itself. This year things have been good for me and that’s what I need to do in order to help the team.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was content with the performance of the team, “Deportivo fought hard and, if we continue working like this, then we’ll hardly have this bad fortune that has chased us throughout this season. We had clear scoring opportunities, but it wasn’t possible. Still, it was demonstrated that we have enough squad, but are also having bad luck with the injuries.”

“We aren’t having luck, but still alive and if we continue working in this way, then we are going to pull this forward… We aren’t going down to Segunda. We can and will move forward. Madrid had to make an extra effort in the second half. We must congratulate them, because they won rightly, but we at least deserved the draw. You cannot have so much bad luck in life.”

At Real Madrid; José Mourinho didn’t address the media, instead it was Karanka who talked to reporters, “I wasn’t surprised to watch the rival so motivated, because we knew that they were playing for a lot, with a coach from the land. The real surprise is that we could have reached half-time mark losing by more goals.” He said.

“The first half wasn’t good at all, so we had to make substitutions at the beginning of the second part. Still, it wasn’t the fact of making changes the thing that modified the game; it was the attitude the thing that provoked the comeback. I had the complaint of Di Maria, because it’s too little to send off a player. The news will be the day we can end with eleven players.” Karanka added.

Kaka was the best player for Real Madrid; he commented that, “I am improving and I believe things are also improving. I’m happy for helping the team. This game has been difficult, we were too nervous in the first half and committed too many errors. In the second we improved and clinched the three points, which are important taking in mind what lies ahead. We knew Depor weren’t fine, but they had an opportunity to change this through us.”



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