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26 Jul 2006
President Lendoiro continues to rid the club of players he doesn�t feel count for Deportivo. This list includes names from Fabril like Senel, the striker who has been transferred to M�laga. Meanwhile, the futures of Trist�n, Mun�a, R�ben Castro and Momo continue to be uncertain.

Jos� Manuel Lafuente Garrido 'Senel' will spend the next two seasons with M�laga B. The Andalucian club performed well in the Segunda during the last campaign, but the relegation of the first squad means that the team will have to play in Segunda B in the new season. Senel knows that Caparr�s doesn't count on him, and for this reason he decided to search for a new team. Apparently the operation between Deportivo and M�laga consists of a transfer, but the amount hasn't been revealed.

Other Fabril players who have left the squad are Dani Cancela (Fuenlabrada- Segunda B), Antonio (Ourense- Segunda B), Xavi Seco (L�Hospitalet- Segunda B), Ram�n (Cerceda- Tercera) and �scar (Portonovo- Tercera). The cases of Iv�n Carril and Xisco are a bit different.  Caparr�s decided to loan them out to Vecindario for one season.

In the first squad the situation is more complicated. The club is still searching for new teams for Trist�n, Mun�a, Momo, R�ben Castro, 'Toro' Acu�a, Scaloni and Pablo Amo. The player closest to the door is Diego Trist�n. Benfica is still interested in the striker, but the Portuguese club is currently in the middle of negotiating with Valencia for Simao, so it's expected that they will contact Lendoiro after this deal is complete.

Other players who are calling the attention of teams are Momo and Mun�a. Las Palmas is still interested in the Canarian winger, while Albacete and Almer�a are trying to negotiate the Uruguayan keeper�s signing. The main problem is that both clubs are trying to negotiate a loan spell as they don't want to assume Mun�a's entire salary.

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